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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATES

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Magic, 482:endeavor, of the aspirants and disciples, of the initiates who sound the note for the variousMagic, 498:the final moment of withdrawal. In the case of initiates there is much more than this. There is anMagic, 502:by the intellectual type, by the disciples and initiates of the world. The exit in the heart, usedMagic, 515:learning and this is the high achievement of the initiates and trained workers of the race. Magic, 568:through a form, nor with the work of the initiates, as they act as creative magicians under groupMagic, 578:and likewise in The Secret Doctrine that all initiates must be healers; therefore, that allMagic, 578:initiates must be healers; therefore, that all initiates use the palms of the hands in the work ofMagic, 615:are the rules for the aspirant. The rules for initiates of a paralleling kind end with the [616]Meditation, 68:inner groups of aspirants, pupils, disciples and initiates. Groups that are definitely workingMeditation, 132:whispers of the masquerading one, and even high initiates have been temporarily misled. Many andMeditation, 177:and are not much used, except in rare cases by initiates and adepts, who, as a general rule, workMeditation, 198:provided by the assembled Lords, Masters, graded initiates and disciples. This channel is formed byMeditation, 200:the Probationary Path, when the percentage of initiates is greater than it is now, and when largeMeditation, 259:with fellow disciples and more advanced Initiates whom he may contact in that Master's aura, tillMeditation, 319:see, the pupil is the one in this school who initiates and does the work, superintended and guardedMeditation, 353:This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiates working through their disciples, and, byPatanjali, 21:profound significance; it is studied by high initiates who are learning the nature of the creativePatanjali, 40:the not-self have been known by this group of initiates. Now the vision of the not-self dims andPatanjali, 53:The Mahatmas are the disciples of still higher initiates, These in turn are the disciples of thePatanjali, 216:of the mystery is still only known to advanced initiates. The astral light is thrown intoPatanjali, 277:acquiring knowledge is seldom employed except by initiates and adepts in connection with theirPatanjali, 285:remain to be worked out, and when all that he initiates is freed from karma, then he can set a termPatanjali, 313:aware of the world of the Masters, Adepts and Initiates and thus contact them in full wakingPatanjali, 379:which include the two higher planes whereon initiates of the Mysteries function. 1. Incarnation ThePatanjali, 379:desire, so meditation, as practised by the initiates, is the sublimation of all the mentalPatanjali, 380:are the only ones that are practised by [380] initiates, being the synthesis and sublimation of thePatanjali, 380:of initiation and therefore are used by initiates and aspirants. Certainly, but not in the sensePsychology1, xxi:the last analysis, it is for the guidance of the initiates of the world, and will lift thePsychology1, 15:to glimpse that awful Reality. Certain great initiates, down the ages, have fulfiled their functionPsychology1, 16:but because all aspirants and disciples and all initiates up to the third initiation - as I earlierPsychology1, 20:of God" in the writings of Plato and of all initiates who laid down in ancient times the basicPsychology1, 46:also by the Father. Their mutual response initiates the creative work, and the Son is born,Psychology1, 52:not to disciples nor to those who are called initiates, for they add to the mystical vision aPsychology1, 61:written for aspirants and disciples, and not for initiates of the third degree, it is needless toPsychology1, 61:is totally unknown to all save the higher initiates. But the purpose of each ray Life may be sensedPsychology1, 105:work now being done by a group of disciples and initiates working in collaboration with the MasterPsychology1, 106:leaving the many aspirants to the care of lesser initiates and chelas. Even Their work and TheirPsychology1, 108:They have delegated much of this work to Their initiates and disciples. The bulk of thePsychology1, 153:the emerging characteristic of the disciples and initiates under training), can and does lead themPsychology1, 224:as expresses in the solar consciousness of the initiates of high degree. [225] Just as science hasPsychology1, 238:he himself is a member of the great company of initiates of the wisdom, that which is at presentPsychology1, 244:stages in the development of all disciples and initiates. They indicate place upon the Path. HencePsychology1, 287:act, the needed bodies for disciples and initiates. Under the symbol of sex, you have also thePsychology1, 297:the more rapid incarnation of disciples and initiates. Right preparation will take place prior toPsychology1, 313:of Angels and of Saints, of Masters, Rishis and Initiates, can now begin to organize itself inPsychology1, 325:this scale of adaptation is that of the higher initiates, the perfected Elder Brethren and GreatPsychology1, 354:its achievement, are to be seen in the Masters, Initiates and Disciples Who, during any race, reachPsychology1, 360:seventh ray will train and send forth groups of initiates, working in close unison with the PlanPsychology1, 361:crucifixion was the outstanding emblem, to the initiates. Philanthropy was the expression of thePsychology1, 361:will bring to the consciousness of the coming initiates the concept of group service and sacrifice.Psychology1, 395:Hierarchy, and broke away from the "law of the initiates." It was a time wherein the emphasis ofPsychology2, 13:into disrepute. Many people are regarded as initiates who are only endeavoring to be initiate. TheyPsychology2, 13:to be initiate. They are not, however, real initiates. They are those well meaning people whosePsychology2, 18:and this treatise is written for disciples and initiates of the first degree. Psychology2, 19:itself, a meaningless phrase, and one that only initiates of the third initiation can grasp, forPsychology2, 48:carry meaning to the senior disciples and the initiates of the world, who are battling, at thisPsychology2, 54:may be established. From the angle of the initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, the story of man, thePsychology2, 55:so abstruse and complicated that only those initiates whose development equips them and whosePsychology2, 55:two basic ideas with which these trained initiates work. The idea of patterns and the idea ofPsychology2, 83:may be possible, as there will be more initiates in the world, and inner vision and inner hearingPsychology2, 97:which exists on our own particular planet. Initiates know that the varying psychologicalPsychology2, 185:of influencing the minds of the adepts and initiates. These latter, in Their turn, influence thePsychology2, 186:confined to the Hierarchy of adepts and initiates, both in and out of incarnation, and to TheirPsychology2, 198:Love of Good Discrimination Soul Unity - The Initiates. 5. Group Progress New Groups New Group ofPsychology2, 241:it for the rest of those in the Hierarchy - the initiates and disciples in their ordered ranks andPsychology2, 242:Treatise is written for the future disciples and initiates, and all that is here set forth is partPsychology2, 254:here concerned with the concept of the Plan as initiates have grasped it. Psychology2, 255:Upon this we cannot here enlarge for only those initiates [256] who have, in their own lives,Psychology2, 267:and the Hierarchy. This is the goal of the initiates in the world at this time, and of all who arePsychology2, 267:via the Hierarchy of Souls - a phrase which only initiates can properly interpret and understand.Psychology2, 287:Spiritual Triad, the expression of the Monad. 6. Initiates are becoming conscious of the sixth typePsychology2, 295:for his pondering and careful thinking. Only initiates are in a position to sense, determine, orPsychology2, 302:have therefore regarded themselves or others as initiates. Their sincerity has been very real andPsychology2, 378:because only disciples of some experience and initiates will really comprehend the things whereof IPsychology2, 381:the significances of the Technique of Fusion. Initiates, who will work with the Technique ofPsychology2, 449:now is the day of opportunity for all disciples, initiates and workers, for the tide is on and menPsychology2, 485:other disciples. When he is an initiate, other initiates become facts in his life andPsychology2, 490:bad. They can include the help proffered by real initiates and adepts through their workingPsychology2, 522:That the more advanced disciples and world initiates are also energized from two sources: by meansPsychology2, 561:a degree of realization which is the property of initiates of higher degree [189] than that of thePsychology2, 576:the path of discipleship. The number also of the initiates and adepts, present in incarnation inPsychology2, 578:at this time is the group of world disciples and initiates, for these latter are responsible forPsychology2, 582:does not come under this category, for the initiates and Masters use all Their powers quietly andPsychology2, 597:his body. It is a much discussed problem among initiates today as to whether the generallyPsychology2, 686:Hierarchy of Masters is calling to all working initiates and disciples and to all aspirants ofRays, 16:of Ascension - by Their senior disciples, the initiates in Their Ashrams, and (under the same greatRays, 16:the same great process) the place of these initiates, who are thus being "raised" to more importantRays, 19:to stand before the door. For Disciples and Initiates: Within the fire of mind, focused within theRays, 19:and forget it has been made. For Disciples and Initiates: The Word has now gone forth from theRays, 20:the veiled and hidden door. For Disciples and Initiates: Dual the moving forward. The Door is leftRays, 20:thus keep the wheel revolving. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group see that all the eighteenRays, 20:in the microcosmic sky. For Disciples and Initiates: In unison let the group perceive the TriadRays, 21:the produce of the second. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group know that life is one andRays, 21:within the halls of Maya. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group life emit the Word ofRays, 21:seven upon the double circle. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group find within itselfRays, 22:can energy be wisely emanated. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group know there are no otherRays, 22:within the veils of maya. For Disciples and Initiates: The rules for work within the veils of mayaRays, 22:the fire at the midway point. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group together move the fireRays, 23:out from between the two. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates;Rays, 23:or the hidden name egoic. For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group get ready to reveal the hidden
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