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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATING

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Astrology, 221:These are: [221] Aries - Cardinal Cross - Initiating impulse - Life. Cancer - Cardinal Cross -Astrology, 344:considered) let us bear in mind their cause-initiating nature and the fact that they have a moreAstrology, 483:our Earth, produce the four streams of energy (initiating and transmitting) which lead humanityAstrology, 615:aspect, and employs it in its three aspects: as initiating his entrance into the world of souls, asAstrology, 619:1. Aries is the constellation through which initiating conditions will stream into our solarAstrology, 619:in evolution. If, however, the result of this initiating, energizing will is to produce suchAutobiography, 230:disciples and groups have been responsible for initiating other projects under the guidance ofBethlehem, 41:came to reveal the way into that kingdom. This initiating soul, as we have already seen, is calledBethlehem, 43:points of attainment, all climaxing cycles and initiating new ones. These are the first initiation,Bethlehem, 47:terms, and the issue is sure, though to some the initiating of humanity may seem a slow process.Destiny, 128:of energy; he does this by working with initiating causes, by learning the nature of the realm ofDiscipleship1, 35:owing to the material with which the initiating agents (such as myself) have to work. Any new idea,Discipleship1, 188:whole and which are already set in motion. The initiating of new endeavors when the time in whichDiscipleship1, 697:Behind this effort stands the Master - an initiating and distributing center of power. Discipleship2, 36:desire so to work. I have waited to see if the initiating impulse would come from you without anyDiscipleship2, 432:Angel of the Presence, [432] The Initiator, The Initiating Masters, is termed the stage ofDiscipleship2, 449:doing (which is in reality only an effect of an initiating cause or motive) into the world ofDiscipleship2, 736:free choice and free decision, involving direct initiating activity on the part of the disciple;Discipleship2, 736:karma but is concerned with intelligent initiating of new karma which will, in its turn, produceExternalisation, 110:page in a vast historical record and that the initiating events of which we are in search and whichExternalisation, 112:in the human consciousness. Many lesser crises, initiating specific tribal, national and racialExternalisation, 117:the rhythm of the soul, and these constitute the initiating causes of the present conflict, both inExternalisation, 117:to consider with care the first steps taken in initiating any line of action, pondering upon andExternalisation, 119:and the Law of Rebirth. Here lies the prime initiating cause of what is taking place today. Externalisation, Esoter:the wider human values. The men who inspired the initiating French revolution; the great conqueror,Externalisation, 258:seven - the base and dark parallel of the initiating Seven who lead human beings into light and whoExternalisation, 513:the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centers. These three groups converge asFire, 211:work has to be done. It is used not only at the initiating of men, but at certain planetaryFire, 489:as individualized conscious units through self-initiating purposes as does a man, a Heavenly Man orFire, 1054:its activity according to the strength of the initiating life. It is only after initiation that theFire, 1193:upon which of the three higher aspects of the initiating impulse, is manifesting. Very rarely aGlamour, 105:existence constitute predisposing factors or initiating causes in this solar system and planetaryHealing, 45:evidence to, the centers, and are in their turn initiating causes of lesser effects in the physicalHealing, 65:is that, in all probability, desire was the initiating impulse. What human beings are today andHealing, 132:puts it) "the sound, the final and yet initiating sound, concerns that which is neither Time norHealing, 262:temperaments and ideals prove the fact of some initiating world of causes. Historical conditions,Healing, 290:at the same time karma connected with the initiating of causes through world service is added toHealing, 310:cause. The subjective [310] situation is the initiating cause. Some psychological factor, leadingHealing, 375:not be for some years yet, and not until the initiating group (or groups) can work with a measureHealing, 539:unless some disciplinary, experimental or initiating karma is being tried out in his case. However,Hercules, 211:sign (as are also Leo and Sagittarius). Quality: Initiating. Beginnings. Will or Power expressesInitiation, 22:endeavor; and he has that embryonic, dynamic, initiating will which will come to a fullerInitiation, 129:work has to be done. It is used not only at the initiating of men, but at certain planetaryIntellect, 37:surfaces, of seeing through things to their initiating sources." - Overstreet, H.A., The EnduringMagic, 64:has sent forth; he then knows himself to be the initiating cause and is not subject to the effects.Magic, 108:outlined: The Solar Angel begins the work of initiating the Personality. [109] He withdraws hisMagic, 581:On the physical plane he is apparently the initiating cause and as he works with these energiesMeditation, 196:plane occurrences may be brought about. The initiating of people into the Lesser Mysteries. In thisPatanjali, 389:and learns to avoid the creation of new ones, initiating no actions which will "create organs" inProblems, 6:is the problem of gradually offsetting hate and initiating the new technique of trained,Psychology1, 77:Heavenly One The Door into the Mind of God The Initiating Energy The Ruler of the Third Heaven ThePsychology1, 78:then bring them near. Bring forth. Quality - initiating activity. God and His Angels now arise andPsychology1, 197:has group purpose and which calls to its aid the initiating wind and the insect world. This is notPsychology1, 198:influences of Those to Whom is confided the initiating of the life-forms and their bringing to aPsychology1, 198:upon the third kingdom in nature. Man is the initiating factor here, and to man is committed thePsychology1, 199:- only when man has himself changed the initiating process for the animals from that of bloodshedPsychology1, 199:ascend, and thus attract the attention of the initiating factors which wait to lead him to [200]Psychology1, 218:the energy of Will is the first effect of the initiating divine activity, whilst the densest aspectPsychology1, 223:stones. Objective agency: Fire. Fire is the initiating factor in this kingdom. Subjective agency:Psychology1, 320:two rays were responsible for the process of initiating the human evolution in this major cycle.Psychology1, 423:stones. Objective Agency: Fire. Fire is the initiating factor in this kingdom. Subjective Agency:Psychology2, 274:or the three Touches which are transforming or initiating agencies in the life of the personality.Rays, 55:puts it) "the Sound, the [55] final and yet initiating Sound, concerns that which is neither TimeRays, 453:Identity, or to the self-contained, self-initiating Individual. When he can do this, he isRays, 643:his facility in using the "light available" by initiating some new project in line with theRays, 727:only the action of the One Initiator and of the initiating group (when such a group is required),Telepathy, 14:major factors which must be considered: The initiating agent. I use this word with deliberateTelepathy, 14:as the power to work telepathically, both as initiating agent and as recipient, is closelyTelepathy, 33:be considered in all telepathic work are: The initiating agent or emanating source. The recipient
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