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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Astrology, 24:through the head center but only after the third initiation. There are one or two other pointsAstrology, 29:of the monadic vibration, after the third initiation. There are many potent influences playing uponAstrology, 31:fails to register them, but after the third initiation, there is a recognition of them upon theAstrology, 37:them all. This is part of the great tests of initiation under Scorpio. This chart is drawn up inAstrology, 39:achieving final liberation, or taking its fourth Initiation, which is the cause of certainAstrology, 50:the major initiations and upon the Path of Initiation. II. Magnetic Energy - Solar Fire The FixedAstrology, 53:effective, until after the final and fifth initiation the non-sacred planets have no effect, thoughAstrology, 55:synthesis is brought about upon the Path of Initiation. What is true of man in this connection isAstrology, 55:three major constellations can - after the third initiation - be occultly available to theAstrology, 57:somewhat clearer: I. Electric Fire - Path of Initiation - 4th Hierarchy; full soul expression;Astrology, 60:this dualism is present until the last and final initiation - present in the later stages of theAstrology, 70:pour through the planetary centers. At the first initiation, the disciple has to contend with theAstrology, 70:hinders in these lower regions. At the second initiation, the candidate comes under the influenceAstrology, 70:and throat - are actively involved. At the third initiation, the Moon (veiling a hidden planet) andAstrology, 71:released from personality control. At the fourth initiation, Mercury and Saturn again bring aboutAstrology, 71:the earlier experience. At the fifth and final initiation, Uranus and Jupiter appear and produce aAstrology, 79:angle. From the angle of discipleship and initiation. 2. Consider the energies of the three majorAstrology, 80:three major streams of force upon the Path of Initiation. These three streams of force pourAstrology, 80:Cross The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross a. Initiation Discipleship Evolution b. The Planetary LogosAstrology, 80:Logos Humanity Kingdoms in Nature c. Cosmic Initiation Solar Initiation Planetary Initiation d.Astrology, 80:Kingdoms in Nature c. Cosmic Initiation Solar Initiation Planetary Initiation d. Spirit Soul BodyAstrology, 80:c. Cosmic Initiation Solar Initiation Planetary Initiation d. Spirit Soul Body e. LifeAstrology, 83:of Discipleship (and here I include the Path of Initiation) occult rumor says that he then becomesAstrology, 84:Manifestation of Christhood The Crisis of Initiation - The Cardinal Cross The Transfiguration - TheAstrology, 84:the path of discipleship or - after the third initiation mounts a third Cross. It will underlie ourAstrology, 87:sequence. Herein lies one of the secrets of initiation, and herein are found some of the dangersAstrology, 88:the ajna center. Spiritual man to the third Initiation. The heart. The throat. The seven headAstrology, 88:seven head centers. Spiritual man to the fifth Initiation. The heart. The seven head centers. TheAstrology, 90:the ones that are prepared prior to the third initiation, at which time the man begins hisAstrology, 90:of useless information, that the fifth major initiation of our planet is the first cosmicAstrology, 90:initiation of our planet is the first cosmic initiation, just as the third initiation is the firstAstrology, 90:the first cosmic initiation, just as the third initiation is the first systemic. The two firstAstrology, 94:The wheel controlled or dominated. The cycle of initiation. The period of liberation from the workAstrology, 94:starts the process of the "most ancient initiation" which all the human family has alreadyAstrology, 95:[95] and will undergo. The first great cosmic initiation (as far as humanity is concerned) isAstrology, 95:initiation (as far as humanity is concerned) is initiation into incarnation - the initiation ofAstrology, 95:concerned) is initiation into incarnation - the initiation of individualization. This processAstrology, 97:the goal of our system during manifestation is "initiation or release into the air," so that theAstrology, 97:the words liberation, relinquishment and final initiation, and means little to humanity, for itAstrology, 100:with the Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation. [101] Therefore, we have in relation to AriesAstrology, 103:the major tests in Scorpio, to be followed by initiation in Capricorn? Subsidiary questions would,Astrology, 106:process which we call spiritual regeneration and initiation. There are four words of vitalAstrology, 106:in its various stages of individualization to initiation. They are: [107] Recreation in which theAstrology, 108:the Heavens, the power to take a final planetary initiation and the privilege of passing on to oneAstrology, 108:planetary spheres," which the experience of initiation has guaranteed him, after a process ofAstrology, 120:of the Mutable Cross, just as after the third initiation the energies of the Cardinal Cross beginAstrology, 121:focused response to spirit and preparation for initiation in Capricorn. The arrow of the mind isAstrology, 129:Jupiter. He sensed and touched upon a mystery of initiation though he did not realize the magnitudeAstrology, 131:meaning? Simply, that after the stage of initiation in Capricorn, as the result of the reversal ofAstrology, 132:proved discipleship and consequent readiness for initiation, the seeing of the vision with whichAstrology, 136:individualized Son of God until after the third initiation. As one studies these twelve signs, itAstrology, 137:the final stages and happenings of the Path of Initiation. The seventh ray brings into expressionAstrology, 143:sign, he undergoes preparation for the first initiation and takes it also in this sign, or underAstrology, 143:tests which will enable him to take the second initiation and demonstrate that the desire nature isAstrology, 144:the Fixed Cross. The man then takes the third initiation and becomes free from personality control,Astrology, 146:humanitarian awareness, of discipleship and of initiation. This deals basically with hisAstrology, 146:first, mutation, then direction, and finally initiation. Increasingly, these three Crosses willAstrology, 146:Cross to the Cardinal Cross and of the third initiation to those succeeding it, of the point ofAstrology, 147:tests of both the processes of incarnation and initiation and so stands free, distributing energyAstrology, 147:is lessened in its power in Aquarius. The third initiation has been undergone and the light of theAstrology, 147:by a planet constitutes one of the mysteries of initiation. It is tied up with the relation betweenAstrology, 147:of the human soul. We are apt to think that initiation and liberation are the achievement of theAstrology, 148:attainment of humanity. This is not the case. Initiation is an achievement and an attained successAstrology, 148:This achievement reaches its goal at the third initiation and from that time on man, liberated andAstrology, 152:both processes but this is only understood when initiation has taken place. Aries - Governs theAstrology, 152:has been consciously mounted after the third initiation. This is the "wheel which turns upon itselfAstrology, 155:and contains in a peculiar way the secret of initiation and the "going up" of the human being toAstrology, 159:entailed by the tests of discipleship or initiation - these are distinctive of experience inAstrology, 160:planetary and solar influence that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was openedAstrology, 160:the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. This the Forces of Materiality and ofAstrology, 162:some cases this will be the taking of the first initiation and in others the second. This isAstrology, 162:forces enable the initiates to take the third initiation. Astrology, 163:or the Fixed Cross. When he has taken the third initiation and can consciously mount the CardinalAstrology, 164:to demonstrate his readiness and capacity for initiation. They are called the "Guardians of theAstrology, 165:reveals to the initiate at the time of the third initiation. This is sometimes called the "secretAstrology, 165:and the first and seventh upon the Path of Initiation. The second ray controls and dominates allAstrology, 166:Venus - Saturn Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn Initiation 1st and 7th Vulcan - Uranus - PlutoAstrology, 166:up to the activity of Capricorn, at which time initiation becomes possible. Fourth, on the Path ofAstrology, 166:becomes possible. Fourth, on the Path of Initiation the activity of all the three Crosses is feltAstrology, 167:has been reached. It is at the Transfiguration initiation that this vision appears before the eyesAstrology, 169:can he be permitted to pass through the door of initiation and be entrusted with the secrets ofAstrology, 173:which reveals divinity at the time of the third initiation. You will note how, in this great signAstrology, 173:You will note how, in this great sign of initiation, Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspectAstrology, 173:from Cancer to Capricorn. The door of initiation stands ever open, but for aeons of time manAstrology, 174:Spiritual soul Individualization Discipleship Initiation Personality Egoic focus Monadic focus TheAstrology, 175:becomes in the later stages the goal of initiation, which meets with satisfaction in Capricorn,Astrology, 176:of the disciple in Sagittarius and thence to initiation in Capricorn. It is interesting to noteAstrology, 177:to carry a man to the foot of the mountain of initiation in Capricorn. Idealism which is the powerAstrology, 178:Sagittarius. Soul consciousness in early stages. Initiation 1 and 2. "I vision." Illumination,Astrology, 181:say would be more than it now is - the theory of initiation. This takes place upon the Path ofAstrology, 181:of initiation. This takes place upon the Path of Initiation and is called the experience of theAstrology, 189:in Sagittarius - whether it is the set goal of initiation into some form of sensuous experience orAstrology, 189:this experience may take, it consummates in an initiation of some kind or another. Students wouldAstrology, 189:or another. Students would do well to regard initiation as a determining process in life, andAstrology, 189:cycle of life experiences should work out as an initiation into a wider field of awareness, ofAstrology, 190:followed, will carry him through the portal of initiation. In studying Sagittarius, it becomesAstrology, 192:or with the human kingdom, prior to taking initiation. His emphasis is, for the future, to be uponAstrology, 192:is entered by the disciple and preparation for initiation begins. As regards the three decanates ofAstrology, 197:energy of Sirius. This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of theAstrology, 197:quality of this star will only be revealed at initiation. [198] Sirius - The Star of Sensitivity -
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