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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Astrology, 636:and mankind and is one of the great secrets of Initiation and the occult mysteries. (S.D. Vol. II,Astrology, 638:lines. This mastery can be achieved only-through initiation. (S.D. Vol. I, 703) Modern astrologersAstrology, 638:Zodiac and with astrology and the mysteries of Initiation. Astrology, 639:nature and with the struggles which led to initiation." (S.D. Vol. III, 141) NOTE: All the travelsAstrology, 639:and miracles of an adept before and after initiation. 5. The signs of the zodiac: Each a doubleAstrology, 647:differ in each scheme and one of the secrets of initiation is revealed when the number of petalsAstrology, 660:They only appear usually and normally at the initiation of a solar Logos. (C.F. 723) Astrology, 662:God is attributed the invention of and the first initiation of men into Magic. [663] ... Mercury isAstrology, 666:- Presides over and makes possible the 2nd initiation. Is one of the major synthesizing planets.Astrology, 671:(S.D. Vol. III, 213) There is "the sun of initiation in a triple form - two of which are theAstrology, 678:with baptism. (Vol. II, 413) The second racial initiation. The first planetary initiation." PiscesAstrology, 678:second racial initiation. The first planetary initiation." Pisces ..."shines as a symbol of theAstrology, 681:the Heavenly man of our scheme to take a minor initiation, and to set about His preparations for aAstrology, 681:and to set about His preparations for a major initiation. Next, it should also be remembered thatAstrology, 681:was not only the result of the taking of a minor initiation by our Earth Logos, but in the VenusAstrology, 681:scheme was signalized by the taking of a major initiation by the Venusian planetary Logos on HisAstrology, 683:same way as in the human being after the fourth initiation." (C. F. 182) "A clue tending towardsAtom, 114:interest everywhere today in this subject of initiation, and an over-emphasis has been laid uponAtom, 114:every great unfoldment of consciousness is an initiation. Every step forward along the path ofAtom, 114:step forward along the path of awareness is an initiation. [115] When an atom of substance wasAtom, 115:was built into the form, it was for that atom an initiation. It became aware of another type ofAtom, 115:the lower kingdom into the higher, that was an initiation. When the consciousness of the animalAtom, 115:that of the human being, still another great initiation took place. All the four kingdoms have beenAtom, 115:All the four kingdoms have been entered by an initiation, or through an expansion of consciousness.Atom, 115:and it is likewise entered through a certain initiation, as can be seen by those who intelligentlyAtom, 115:share. If we can remember this universality of initiation we shall have a better proportioned pointAtom, 115:and our mental content is increased, it is an initiation on a tiny scale. Every time [116] ourAtom, 116:and we think and see more broadly, it is an initiation, and herein to us lies the value of lifeAtom, 116:One point I wish to make here is this: every initiation has to be self-initiated. That final stageAtom, 116:of energy which will sweep us to the portal of initiation. The meaning of the word "initiation" isAtom, 116:portal of initiation. The meaning of the word "initiation" is "to go into." It means simply that anAutobiography, 17:as typifying the wings of aspiration, the Rod of Initiation and as portraying the goal and theAutobiography, 163:few weeks that I got the first chapters of "Initiation, Human and Solar." I would like to make itAutobiography, 167:after finishing the first few chapters of [167] "Initiation, Human and Solar" I showed theAutobiography, 191:I was continuing to write for the Tibetan and "Initiation Human & Solar," "Letters on OccultAutobiography, 239:the work of the Christ prepared people for Initiation. He indicated a ritual in this pamphlet inAutobiography, 239:necessary for the expression of discipleship and initiation are considered and emphasized. OneAutobiography, 240:is admitted into an Ashram or into a place of initiation as long as there is the slightest dangerAutobiography, 245:The Books The Books The first book published was Initiation, Human and Solar. This was the resultAutobiography, 245:and they have received a worldwide recognition. Initiation, Human and Solar was intended to bringAutobiography, 248:the Fourteen Rules which those in training for initiation have to master. (NOTE: It was laterAutobiography, 264:next century, the first of the true Schools of Initiation. Up to date, the so-called esotericAutobiography, 264:disciples and prepare them to tread the Path of Initiation. We have thus one graded, unified effortAutobiography, 265:personality. Disciples will be prepared for initiation, and initiates will be trained to take theAutobiography, 270:He then begins consciously to tread the Path of Initiation with which the esoteric schools of theAutobiography, 270:school today which is giving training for initiation. Those who claim to do so are deceiving theAutobiography, 274:between the old and the future Schools of Initiation; making an impression upon the consciousnessAutobiography, 275:of the New Age for the future Schools of Initiation. Autobiography, 277:from the teaching to be given in the Schools for Initiation. The nature of initiation, as anAutobiography, 277:in the Schools for Initiation. The nature of initiation, as an expression of great expansions ofAutobiography, 279:prior to entering the future Schools of Initiation but the above will indicate the generalAutobiography, 279:find himself finally standing before the Door of Initiation upon which the words of Christ areAutobiography, 283:and the key also which opens for him the door of initiation. Therefore, all who enter the SchoolAutobiography, 296:Path of Evolution and culminating in the Path of Initiation. The great primary truths are presentedBethlehem, ix:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation CHAPTER ONE Introductory Remarks onBethlehem, ix:Initiation CHAPTER ONE Introductory Remarks on Initiation KEY THOUGHT "There is a human desire forBethlehem, 5:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation In the continuity of revelation,Bethlehem, 8:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation We are free to choose and to reject; butBethlehem, 12:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation II. It is of interest to recall thatBethlehem, 13:the Crucifixion, finds a parallel in the fourth initiation of the Oriental teaching which is calledBethlehem, 13:is called the Great Renunciation. There is an initiation, called in the Buddhist terminology theBethlehem, 15:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation Through the message of Christ threeBethlehem, 15:to undergo the "new birth" or take the first initiation. This we shall deal with in our nextBethlehem, 17:be of value to all of us to read. Individuality, Initiation, Identification - in these terms theBethlehem, 17:The Christ - The Result Individualism. Initiation. Identification. Christ lived His life in thatBethlehem, 18:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation But the lesson and message which ChristBethlehem, 21:into the kingdom of God through the process of initiation. The fact that the historical ChristBethlehem, 21:eternal hope. Humanity stands at the portals of initiation. Bethlehem, 21:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation III. Always there have been temples andBethlehem, 22:[22] vision and hope give place to realization. Initiation after initiation is undergone, each oneBethlehem, 22:hope give place to realization. Initiation after initiation is undergone, each one leading theBethlehem, 23:of the world are preparing for the second initiation, the Baptism, and for this must come aBethlehem, 23:of the world are facing the Transfiguration initiation. Mind control and right orientation towardsBethlehem, 23:foolishness talked these days in connection with initiation, and the world is full of people whoBethlehem, 25:Calvary - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation Initiation might be regarded as a greatBethlehem, 25:Chapter One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation Initiation might be regarded as a greatBethlehem, 25:for us upon earth by the Son of God, the Christ. Initiation is a living process, and through thatBethlehem, 25:and His Church, the Elder Brothers of Humanity. Initiation is therefore a reality and not aBethlehem, 25:so many occult and esoteric books seem to claim. Initiation is not a process which a man undergoesBethlehem, 25:groups are not the custodians of the teaching of initiation, nor is it their prerogative to prepareBethlehem, 26:reason why this is sadly [26] the case, and why initiation seems so far away from the membership ofBethlehem, 26:most of the groups who claim an insight into the initiation processes, is that they have not laidBethlehem, 26:small voice of the soul. The way to the place of initiation and to the Center where Christ may beBethlehem, 26:of mental illumination and intuitive perception. Initiation is the revelation of love, of theBethlehem, 27:of the fullness of Christ." (Eph., IV, 13.) Initiation is therefore a graded and realized series ofBethlehem, 29:perceived. It is through the process of initiation that this world stands revealed. BeforeBethlehem, 29:that this world stands revealed. Before initiation can be given, the significance of the aboveBethlehem, 29:that mankind as a whole is being prepared for initiation. There is purpose underlying what isBethlehem, 29:perhaps than many may think, the portals of initiation will open wide to the suffering worldBethlehem, 30:Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem CHAPTER TWO TheBethlehem, 30:- The Birth at Bethlehem CHAPTER TWO The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem KEY THOUGHTBethlehem, 35:emerged and have been transcended, each definite initiation leaving the [36] race with an expandedBethlehem, 36:another step forward; we are ready for another initiation; we are on the point of widening ourBethlehem, 36:are always the lot of the disciple preparing for initiation. For this, Christianity has preparedBethlehem, 36:Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem In the words ofBethlehem, 39:Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem Two thoughtsBethlehem, 40:It was the beginning of the end, and marked His initiation into higher states of consciousness.Bethlehem, 41:Bethlehem to Calvary - Chapter Two - The First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem II. Before weBethlehem, 41:to stand before Him and to pass through an initiation?" It cannot be too clearly emphasized thatBethlehem, 41:touch with those who normally function there. Initiation relates to consciousness and is merely a
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