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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Discipleship1, 94:plane" (as the birth at Bethlehem, the first initiation, is sometimes called) has already beenDiscipleship1, 94:many, many lives can elapse between the first initiation and the second - long, long interludes ofDiscipleship1, 95:state who is being prepared for any particular initiation. That is a matter for each of you toDiscipleship1, 95:is - a disciple in preparation for a certain initiation and with much wisdom at her disposal.Discipleship1, 96:which must be held and demonstrated before each initiation. I would remind you that there mustDiscipleship1, 96:who was, temporarily, not living up to his initiation objective; they might be subtly jealous orDiscipleship1, 96:disciple who is ahead of them upon the Path of Initiation as someone superior and set apart andDiscipleship1, 96:they might lose a sense of proportion as to initiation itself, as to its processes and its states,Discipleship1, 99:of the first lessons which those in training for initiation have to master is that difficult dualDiscipleship1, 99:and with the training, given in preparation for initiation. As time goes on, I shall try to bridgeDiscipleship1, 99:educating accepted disciples in the processes of initiation. Above all, I would say: Seek toDiscipleship1, 115:that I am in process of preparing you for initiation. I am reminding you of these two facts for theDiscipleship1, 156:are bitter or whose tongues are cruel. Life is initiation and for this you are prepared. The crisesDiscipleship1, 168:task of the initiate or of those in training for initiation. Viewing you, therefore, as a completeDiscipleship1, 183:good foundation of knowledge in preparation for initiation is laid for future use. Stimulate you toDiscipleship1, 207:the levers which will open for you the Door of Initiation. I believe, my brother, that if you willDiscipleship1, 211:of all who are struggling towards the Portal of Initiation. The vow of silence which all disciplesDiscipleship1, 234:your stage of development is in preparation for initiation, and the relation between the two is oftDiscipleship1, 235:carried you forward into definite training for initiation. In a certain sense, therefore, you haveDiscipleship1, 269:out the interest of the soul. After the third initiation, the extremity of the soul (speakingDiscipleship1, 283:habit and dynamic daily rhythm that the gates of initiation open before the disciple. Your majorDiscipleship1, 312:Just as the Great Renunciation of the fourth initiation is made possible by the many lesserDiscipleship1, 336:face at some not so distant time preparation for initiation. Watch this with care and discover forDiscipleship1, 353:factors by the time a man is permitted to take initiation. The esoteric facts learned and theDiscipleship1, 381:man forward along the path towards the portal of initiation. It is not will from the angle ofDiscipleship1, 381:the angle of self-assertiveness. No man takes initiation before his interior will is developed andDiscipleship1, 391:solar Angel, through the gate, on to the Path of Initiation. Can I, in view of this, state clearlyDiscipleship1, 404:which all disciples have to master before initiation becomes possible, is that of steadyDiscipleship1, 423:the battleground for those who are preparing for initiation. The weapon whereby the battle will beDiscipleship1, 447:choice has thrown the disciple. On the path of initiation, these same forces are used in consciousDiscipleship1, 448:path of discipleship with the inevitable goal of initiation sometime, some immediate living moment,Discipleship1, 451:by those who have advanced beyond the third initiation) yet there are persons, groups of personsDiscipleship1, 468:It is a four-pointed star. The star of initiation is, as you know, a five-pointed star. Then sayDiscipleship1, 472:the doors of purification which hide the door of Initiation. More about this hindering activity IDiscipleship1, 493:must triumph. Where is your triumph, my brother? Initiation is a process of graded triumphs and IDiscipleship1, 509:when rightly used, will set you upon the Path of Initiation. Yes, that is what I said, my brother -Discipleship1, 509:is what I said, my brother - upon the Path of Initiation and not upon the Path of Discipleship. YouDiscipleship1, 509:that the whole of life would simplify for you. Initiation is simplification. You are rich in theDiscipleship1, 572:which will land you before the Portal of Initiation. This I hold before you with deliberation andDiscipleship1, 573:[573] ray on to the second ray before any major initiation can take place. My problem is,Discipleship1, 626:passing eventually through the portal of initiation. And yet, brother of old, I have noted that, inDiscipleship1, 634:dedication and later, as the years slip away, by initiation. Only one thing prevents your rapidDiscipleship1, 636:work, being a reflection of the processes of initiation whereby the power of the spirit and theDiscipleship1, 668:to treading, at some future date and after initiation, the difficult way of all world saviors. ItDiscipleship1, 673:is being definitely prepared for an immediate initiation or, having taken initiation, is beingDiscipleship1, 673:for an immediate initiation or, having taken initiation, is being given specialized [674] work toDiscipleship1, 678:was chanted by the initiate who took the third initiation - the consummating initiation of thatDiscipleship1, 678:who took the third initiation - the consummating initiation of that period. It goes as follows. TheDiscipleship1, 680:constructive work for service and eventually for initiation. They are consequently occupied withDiscipleship1, 681:this is what will eventually open the door of initiation. That door has to be opened more widely atDiscipleship1, 684:the men and women whom he is preparing for initiation. I use the word "initiation" here because IDiscipleship1, 684:he is preparing for initiation. I use the word "initiation" here because I want all disciples whoDiscipleship1, 684:all disciples who read my words to realize that initiation is not something which they undergo as aDiscipleship1, 689:for they are not yet Masters; the fourth initiation still lies ahead for them but their ownDiscipleship1, 691:purposes. He is training them eventually to take initiation and become Masters themselves and heDiscipleship1, 693:is that accepted disciples are in training for initiation. If, when they [694] approach the Path ofDiscipleship1, 694:cooperation, they postpone the time of that initiation. Their grasp of the fact will beDiscipleship1, 695:had been kept for those who had taken the first initiation. Before the time of Christ only thoseDiscipleship1, 695:of Christ only those who had taken the first initiation and were initiate formed the Ashram. Owing,Discipleship1, 708:of all degrees - to enter the secret place of initiation with a sense of blindness (or loss ofDiscipleship1, 710:to any one below the degree of the third initiation. In this discussion, I shall not be dealingDiscipleship1, 713:and consciously prepared for immediate initiation, or - having taken initiation - is being givenDiscipleship1, 713:for immediate initiation, or - having taken initiation - is being given specialized work to do inDiscipleship1, 716:called Little Chelaship, is related to the first initiation. This initiation is connected with theDiscipleship1, 716:is related to the first initiation. This initiation is connected with the physical plane and, for aDiscipleship1, 716:behind. All true aspirants have taken the first initiation. This fact is indicated by theirDiscipleship1, 716:this stage, the third and real preparation for initiation is consciously undertaken, because byDiscipleship1, 717:this stage I am now going to speak. The first initiation. This initiation ever precedes the stageDiscipleship1, 717:now going to speak. The first initiation. This initiation ever precedes the stage of acceptedDiscipleship1, 717:of the disciple up to and including the third initiation. Isolated unity is the consummation of theDiscipleship1, 726:which those who choose the more difficult way of initiation must subject themselves, voluntarilyDiscipleship1, 726:in this connection. Only after the third initiation does he consciously and as an individualDiscipleship1, 728:do not regard those who have taken the first initiation as initiates. This is a point which needsDiscipleship1, 728:re-emphasis. Disciples who have taken the second initiation are regarded as "probationaryDiscipleship1, 728:and only when they have taken the third initiation are they truly initiate from the standpoint ofDiscipleship1, 728:from the standpoint of the Hierarchy. The first initiation is sometimes spoken of as the "LemurianDiscipleship1, 728:is sometimes spoken of as the "Lemurian Initiation" and the second as the "Atlantean Initiation,"Discipleship1, 728:Initiation" and the second as the "Atlantean Initiation," but the third initiation - that of ourDiscipleship1, 728:as the "Atlantean Initiation," but the third initiation - that of our Aryan race - is technicallyDiscipleship1, 728:- is technically regarded by them as the first initiation. This is a new angle upon which I wouldDiscipleship1, 728:initiations; when a disciple has taken the third initiation, he is no longer technically anDiscipleship1, 728:a Master's group until he has taken the fourth initiation. I am pointing out these technicalitiesDiscipleship1, 738:also the responsibility of preparing them for initiation. It is no part of the Master's duties toDiscipleship1, 740:A stabilized expansion of consciousness connotes initiation. This is an occult statement of majorDiscipleship1, 741:the higher ranks. Synchronization is the key to initiation. Discipleship1, 761:it should be borne in mind that after the fourth initiation and the disappearance of the causalDiscipleship1, 761:a prisoner or any way limited. After the third initiation, the lower centers have no controlDiscipleship1, 762:channels for energy. Until the time of the third initiation, they assume temporary importance inDiscipleship1, 762:two opponents; the Dweller on the Threshold (of initiation, my brother) and the Angel of theDiscipleship1, 764:a man reaches the stages of discipleship and initiation. They demonstrate, when rightly understood,Discipleship1, 767:he is being definitely prepared for immediate initiation or having taken initiation - is givenDiscipleship1, 767:for immediate initiation or having taken initiation - is given specialized work. At this stage heDiscipleship1, 767:There is at this stage and after a certain major initiation, a direct line of energy or of life -Discipleship1, 768:[768] The egoic lotus, which (until the fourth initiation) is the heart center of the monadic life.Discipleship1, 768:which begins to make itself felt at the third initiation. The Lord of Life himself, the heartDiscipleship1, 773:the valleys; he has climbed the mountain top of initiation and from there has swung out beyondDiscipleship1, 777:their own merits. The first book published was Initiation, Human and Solar. This was the result ofDiscipleship1, 777:and they have received a worldwide recognition. Initiation, Human and Solar was intended to bringDiscipleship1, 780:the Fourteen Rules which those in training for initiation have to master. Again, I would call yourDiscipleship2experiment in new age training for group initiation. This involved the entry of those qualifying
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