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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Discipleship2, 417:all initiation is a conferred revelation, yet no initiation is attained without an earlierDiscipleship2, 418: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X Hint Seven. "One of the marks ofDiscipleship2, 418:X Hint Seven. "One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding andDiscipleship2, 418:application for every single and isolated initiation. It is capable of indicating to the initiate -Discipleship2, 418:of indicating to the initiate - no matter what initiation he may be taking (from the lowest to theDiscipleship2, 418:the expansion of consciousness which each initiation involves, the nature of the expanding visionDiscipleship2, 418:the higher reflection of the Law or Laws which initiation enables the initiate to grasp and therebyDiscipleship2, 418:something which will be revealed as a result of initiation; you can see, therefore, that a closeDiscipleship2, 418:Logos when it is uttered during any cosmic initiation that the planetary Logos may be taking - andDiscipleship2, 419:in this particular world cycle is undergoing an initiation which will shift his focus into theDiscipleship2, 419:of attained focus he will submit to the cosmic initiation for which his planetary work - creativeDiscipleship2, 419:is taking place. Remember, brother of mine, initiation ever connotes activity, intelligentDiscipleship2, 419:that the initiate, prior to and during any initiation, has attained a mental attitude of the utmostDiscipleship2, 420:attitude, after the application of the Rod of Initiation. His ability to contemplate significancesDiscipleship2, 420:four initiations - up to and including the sixth Initiation of Decision - is to enable him to liveDiscipleship2, 420:of the initiate as he stands in the hall of initiation. Discipleship2, 420: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X Here are the points which mustDiscipleship2, 420:in full: "One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see this expanding andDiscipleship2, 420:statement in detail: The marks of readiness for initiation: What, my brother, are these marks? ForDiscipleship2, 420:the body which will be primarily affected by the initiation to be undergone? Initiation affectsDiscipleship2, 420:affected by the initiation to be undergone? Initiation affects both the consciousness and the formDiscipleship2, 422:area of the divine Life to which any particular initiation can introduce him. Seeing, recognizingDiscipleship2, 422:and of the natural evolving man. After the first initiation, he comes under the Law of AttractionDiscipleship2, 422:is a major soul law. Later, after the fourth initiation, the disciple comes [423] increasinglyDiscipleship2, 423:and his sense of awareness can (after the sixth Initiation of Decision) begin to range in anDiscipleship2, 423:increasing magnificence during each successive initiation. They infer - to sum it all up -Discipleship2, 423: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X Points of Revelation You willDiscipleship2, 424:taken or who were in process of taking the first initiation. Again, if you pause to think, you canDiscipleship2, 424:speaking) still retained within the Halls of Initiation, and their expression upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 426: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X The motivating power for hisDiscipleship2, 426:as the planetary Logos is taking a cosmic initiation; the energy which produces order and whichDiscipleship2, 429: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part XI Part XI One of the factors (andDiscipleship2, 429:which has warred against a true understanding of initiation has been the puerile and feebleDiscipleship2, 429:truth had given out nothing whatsoever about initiation, the Masters and the occult Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 429:mind on their behalf - he is probably nearer to initiation than the devotees of the occult schools.Discipleship2, 429:familiarized mankind with the general concept of initiation; they have therefore posited anDiscipleship2, 430:In our approach to the entire theme of initiation I would ask you ever to have this in your minds;Discipleship2, 431: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part XI Initiation is essentially aDiscipleship2, 431:New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part XI Initiation is essentially a penetration into areasDiscipleship2, 431:- are definite and recognized stages in every initiation, with the exception of the firstDiscipleship2, 431:initiation, with the exception of the first initiation. The disciple (as the Scriptures put it)Discipleship2, 431:results which are conditioned by the particular initiation being undergone. From this point heDiscipleship2, 432:that a disciple enters upon the Path of Initiation, he is - from the second to the ninth initiationDiscipleship2, 432:Initiation, he is - from the second to the ninth initiation - to be found functioning at one orDiscipleship2, 433:whichever center is active in any particular initiation. For the second and third initiations heDiscipleship2, 433:them in the heart center. After the third initiation they are focused in the head center, but areDiscipleship2, 434:- The stage of Polarization. The Path of Initiation - The stage of Precipitation. These stages areDiscipleship2, 434:form during the process or the recognition of initiation. As you have oft been told, it allDiscipleship2, 434:period of training for energy distribution. Initiation is in fact a process wherein the initiate isDiscipleship2, 435:is, in reality, related (until the sixth Initiation) to God Immanent, to God in form, to God in theDiscipleship2, 435: Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part XI The agent of revelation is, forDiscipleship2, 435:the Soul and - for that reason - the first initiation is said to be (and with truth) the expressionDiscipleship2, 435:is an integral part. After the sixth Initiation of Decision, the revelation begins to shift on toDiscipleship2, 435:that he is initiate. After the sixth initiation the initiate begins to penetrate, through hisDiscipleship2, 436:of Souls is added to that light. At a later initiation there comes a point of revelation where theDiscipleship2, 437:penetrated into the higher stages of the Path of Initiation, he has moved forward into a lightDiscipleship2, 438:him under the applied stimulation of the Rod of Initiation, wielded by the Initiator. I would askDiscipleship2, 438:which is receiving attention during any specific initiation. There is another point of revelationDiscipleship2, 438:is another point of revelation on the Way of Initiation to which I would like to refer. It occursDiscipleship2, 438:will aid you to gain a more just appreciation of initiation. In the planetary and cosmic processes,Discipleship2, 438:grasp anything of what I mean when I say that initiation is a planetary activity, based on the lifeDiscipleship2, 444:and controlling in you by the time the third initiation comes; at that time the monadic influenceDiscipleship2, 446:of causes, for this is obviously the world of initiation. He deals therefore with those basicDiscipleship2, 452:centralization. Interlude... Point of Tension... Initiation of causes. Exhalation... Crisis...Discipleship2, 452:rhythm of your effort; later, upon the Path of Initiation, you will relearn this same process onDiscipleship2, 461:and trusty disciple. Before you can take the initiation for which you are being prepared, thereDiscipleship2, 467:to its being the center awakened by the highest initiation in Atlantean times. In our Aryan raceDiscipleship2, 467:alive and its twelve petals unfolded. The fourth initiation, which confers the status of adeptship,Discipleship2, 467:in the consciousness of its adepts, through initiation, the duality of all creation. The AryanDiscipleship2, 468:great mysteries to be revealed at a certain high initiation. In the next great race, which succeedsDiscipleship2, 468:consummating development will mark its fourth initiation, and will demonstrate the transmutation ofDiscipleship2, 468:energy to the heart center at the fifth initiation for group purposes, and the achieving of this inDiscipleship2, 469:heart and throat will be carried - at the third initiation - to the ajna center, and the completeDiscipleship2, 469:will then be carried forward and at the fourth initiation the energies will be centralized in theDiscipleship2, 470:last drop - not at least until the crucifixion initiation is your right. The task today profferedDiscipleship2, 479:Ashram. This involves the Present. The Path of Initiation for which you are being [480] prepared.Discipleship2, 484:of relationships, and this is preliminary to initiation. Think on this, for it has its majorDiscipleship2, 501:myself - Masters and initiates above the third initiation. Thus the work becomes fused and blended,Discipleship2, 511:group work. Our disciples learn the processes of initiation in the fire and heat of the daily lifeDiscipleship2, 512:and victory must be yours prior to taking the initiation for which you are being prepared. YourDiscipleship2, 513:When you have accomplished this, you will take initiation. The task is however a stupendous oneDiscipleship2, 516:great spiritual expansion of consciousness - the initiation of which you know. This will mark theDiscipleship2, 521:to pay the price which the taking of the next initiation entails? All accepted disciples areDiscipleship2, 521:All accepted disciples are preparing for initiation. All are therefore under test. You know thatDiscipleship2, 521:under test. You know that you are preparing for initiation; you know which initiation it is. It isDiscipleship2, 521:you are preparing for initiation; you know which initiation it is. It is because of thisDiscipleship2, 521:alone, even when preparing for and taking group initiation. This is one of the paradoxes of theDiscipleship2, 523:reason for all this harshness in life and to the initiation for which you are preparing. InDiscipleship2, 524:tests which precede the taking of the second initiation. For that reason, I feel the need ofDiscipleship2, 525:at this particular stage, of the tests of the initiation themselves. It is the emotional glamorDiscipleship2, 525:from glamor has to be demonstrated at the second initiation; it is the intense awareness youDiscipleship2, 525:is a necessary but distressing prelude to this initiation. This glamor comes between you and me.Discipleship2, 525:light upon your problems and aid you to take the initiation which was your destined goal this life,Discipleship2, 525:is happening in your life at present. The second initiation is a profoundly difficult one to take.Discipleship2, 526:your problems because you are taking the second initiation and - because of its intense difficultyDiscipleship2, 526:are confronted with the emotion which the second initiation stirs up. This is a very differentDiscipleship2, 527:throughout the tests and trials of the second initiation. What I am seeking to do is to help, toDiscipleship2, 527:Ashram. Think not that this indicates the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. That initiation hasDiscipleship2, 527:the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. That initiation has to be faced clear-eyed, free fromDiscipleship2, 527:from all criticism. For this, the second initiation prepares the disciple. Today, you know you are
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