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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Fire, 674:(which knowledge is entered upon after initiation, being a part of the Wisdom) the nature of theFire, 678:of devas closely connected with the mysteries of initiation. They form what is esoterically calledFire, 688:will not be revealed until the third major Initiation, nor fully comprehended until the fifth, yetFire, 688:inconceivable even to an initiate of the third Initiation) will not be possible until the second orFire, 696:On the buddhic plane, when flashing forth at initiation, this number signifies the full developmentFire, 696:petals, leaving four to open before the final initiation. The five-pointed star at the initiationsFire, 697:upon the man and he enters into the Flame. Initiation and the mystery of numbers primarily concernFire, 713:with the plan of evolution. 38 After the third initiation, the will or purpose aspect predominates.Fire, 713:positive force of the Manasadevas that produces initiation. Their function is embodied by theFire, 713:of the Lotus can stand revealed. After each initiation the Lotus is more [714] unfolded and lightFire, 715:into the fifth kingdom by the method of forced initiation. A third type of electricity played itsFire, 715:a man's suitability for the ceremony of initiation, and his availability as a transmitter ofFire, 723:from Sirius appear at the occasion of the initiation of the solar Logos, and They have a peculiarFire, 725:in nature) the throwing open of the door of initiation to man. Such avatars do not come inFire, 725:synthesis of the units in their groups. At the initiation of a planetary Logos, an avatar mayFire, 726:response from the Monad until after the third Initiation when its conscious life becomes so strongFire, 726:type of avatar appears only at the time of the initiation of a planetary Logos. The number ofFire, 729:Elementals (e.) Individualization, a form of Initiation There is but little more that can be saidFire, 730:Path of Probation. Second cycle - The Path of Initiation (till the third Initiation). Third cycle -Fire, 730:cycle - The Path of Initiation (till the third Initiation). Third cycle - That covering the fourthFire, 731:of differing polarities are mutually attracted. Initiation marks a stage in the intensification ofFire, 734:pralaya. Achieved by a man at the fifth initiation. Marks attainment of perfection. Concerns theFire, 738:(either the probationary Path, or the Path of Initiation) do not, as a rule, go to devachan, butFire, 738:race. These cycles are one of the mysteries of initiation, though one of the earlier mysteries, andFire, 738:mysteries, and are revealed at the second initiation as they enable the initiate to comprehend hisFire, 740:according to the path he chooses after the fifth initiation - stays and works within his ownFire, 741:light is thereby increased until at the fourth initiation the seven spirillae are fully vitalized,Fire, 741:of the work of Agni and his fire angels, and the initiation of Brahma. Atomic substance will thenFire, 752:His three pupils, having achieved the highest initiation possible in the last great cycle, butFire, 752:of which man is the summation. At the moment of initiation (after the second Initiation) SanatFire, 752:At the moment of initiation (after the second Initiation) Sanat Kumara becomes the directFire, 752:of the, Great Bear faintly vibrates on earth. At initiation, man, becomes aware consciously of theFire, 752:contact with his own divine Spirit. At the fifth Initiation he becomes aware of the full extent ofFire, 754:(who would otherwise not do so) taking the first initiation. Later, towards the end of the greaterFire, 756:(known only to those attaining the seventh Initiation) will be pronounced by the Buddha, thusFire, 758:distracted land. Certain initiates of the third Initiation have taken feminine bodies, - one inFire, 763:beyond the petal outline. By the time the third Initiation is reached, a wondrous transformationFire, 763:rapidly moving triangle. By the time the fourth Initiation is reached, the activity of thisFire, 763:up, revealing the "blazing jewel." At this initiation, through the action of the HierophantFire, 767:Logoi likewise, are on the path of cosmic initiation. Therefore, though the originating impulseFire, 778:of the most secret of the mysteries revealed at initiation, but students must bear in mind that inFire, 791:active in average man [791] up to the third Initiation; all are there, and all are vitalized, butFire, 792:a day or year of Brahma. One of the secrets of initiation is concerned with the apprehension ofFire, 796:the result of the intuition and is stimulated at initiation. All that has here been pointed out,Fire, 798:and that which is produced simultaneously by the initiation. The two ideas are inseparable, yetFire, 808:cannot be fully comprehended until after initiation, but it is felt now by the Teachers on theFire, 824:the period of treading the stages of the Path of Initiation, and in this round it is hastened byFire, 824:and in this round it is hastened by the rites of initiation and by the strenuous and abnormalFire, 827:the privilege to stand before the Portal of Initiation. Again the numerical significance of theFire, 828:of the curious and abnormal process of initiation - the remaining aspect will be brought intoFire, 829:The fact of the abnormality of the process of initiation must here be emphasized. Initiation is inFire, 829:process of initiation must here be emphasized. Initiation is in the nature of a great experimentFire, 829:incarnations, a man passes through the door of initiation and enters upon a brief synthesizingFire, 829:which seek to hold him prisoner. This period of initiation itself is divided into seven stages, butFire, 830:and Fire Elementals By the time the third Initiation is taken, the inner circle of petals is openedFire, 830:in all its beauty can be seen. At the fourth Initiation the inner bud bursts open through theFire, 836:men in some future cycle. The goal for a man is initiation, or to become a conscious Dhyan Chohan,Fire, 845:2. The minor four planetary Logoi. Cosmic Initiation, or the first four Initiations. 3. TheFire, 847:one of the three truths revealed at the seventh Initiation) System I - was characterized by theFire, 854:more and more of the human race take the fourth Initiation. Certain rare Egos or lotuses fromFire, 861:and it is only when man has taken the final initiation that his energy becomes incorporated intoFire, 867:manipulation of force currents, to the Portal of Initiation, and graduates out of the Hall ofFire, 867:for the helping of humanity. After the fourth Initiation, he becomes a sharer in, and can beFire, 868:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals (e.) Initiation and the Petals In considering theFire, 868:of the petals and their unfoldment through initiation, there is little which it is permissible toFire, 869:with our consideration of the petals and Initiation. Each of the three circles of lotus petals isFire, 870:the activities of the personal life, a form of initiation then takes place which is a reflectionFire, 870:one), and the Manu. Eventually (after the second Initiation) the Lord of the World comes [871] inFire, 877:be considered in connection with the petals and initiation. First, it should be noted that theFire, 882:This [882] is one of the great revelations at initiation: the unveiling to the initiate of theFire, 882:The four ready Elements. The four grades of Initiation. Yajna Vidya - The performance of religiousFire, 883:force is dealt with in a specific manner at initiation. At the first, the second, and the thirdFire, 883:of the central electric point. At the fourth Initiation, the jewel (being completely revealed)Fire, 883:interesting. Through the medium of the Rod of Initiation and of certain Words of Power, He bringsFire, 884:corresponding petal in a tier according to the initiation taken, and according to the primary andFire, 886:the diaphragm - have, by the time the second initiation is reached, usually mounted to the centerFire, 886:between the shoulder blades; at the second initiation they rise as far as the head, and all theFire, 899:presides over and makes possible the second Initiation, wherein the initiate produces results inFire, 902:condensation for the devas of the waters, and initiation in man; finally, the sacrifice of theFire, 959:can begin to make itself felt. Applicants for initiation and initiates up to the third initiationFire, 959:for initiation and initiates up to the third initiation use both the sutratma and the antahkarana,Fire, 962:a kind of triangle. By the time the third Initiation is reached, this triangle is fully awakenedFire, 963:embodying (relatively little prior to the third Initiation) or is able to transmit, coupled with,Fire, 963:path, and a full downpour by the time the third Initiation is reached. That much of the fire ofFire, 964:on the Probationary Path, and up to the third Initiation, directs and controls his sheath, and fromFire, 964:the physical plane life. By the time the third Initiation is reached, the internal triangle is inFire, 986:with the three lower planes. After the third Initiation, he works increasingly with spiritualFire, 993:wisdom and knowledge which we call the Path of Initiation. 1 No soul can be lost where: One goodFire, 1018:differ in each scheme, and one of the secrets of initiation is revealed when the number of theFire, 1031:with matters that concern: The process of initiation. The life of the divine pilgrims upon theFire, 1033:hidden even from the Adept of the fifth Initiation. The Adept has achieved a comprehension of theFire, 1035:of demonstration are symbolized in the Rod of Initiation of Sanat Kumara. The Rod most frequentlyFire, 1035:Kumara, but is of rare beauty. At the time of initiation when the electrical forces are tapped,Fire, 1036:nature of the Vishnu activity. According to the initiation taken, a reflection will be seen from aFire, 1048:and is the secret of the phenomenon termed "Initiation," or the process of passing out of the humanFire, 1054:of the initiating life. It is only after initiation that the human atom reaches a stage in itsFire, 1056:which is a condition on the cosmic Path of Initiation analogous to that undergone by a disciple.Fire, 1075:stimulated through the method which we call initiation, and the [1076] short cut to intensiveFire, 1076:It is this factor which occultly makes the third Initiation of such tremendous importance. In itFire, 1078:cycle is concerned, began when the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days, but many lesser
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