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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Fire, 1091:solar system, or after the taking of the sixth Initiation. All that we have on earth areFire, 1092:and from the vision of the adept of the fifth Initiation is the sumtotal of the primary colors ofFire, 1099:the subplane number (four), the possibility of initiation for the human being becomes a fact andFire, 1119:a curious phenomenon is to be seen at the final Initiation. The Jewel of fire blazes forth as sevenFire, 1127:and it becomes possible for the Hierophant at initiation to liberate the energy of the Monad, andFire, 1127:kundalini aspect perfectly by the time the fifth Initiation is taken. The destroyer aspect becomesFire, 1144:its methods of time computation, he has attained initiation. Its intricacies are so numerous and soFire, 1154:to the burning of the causal body at the fourth Initiation through the merging of the three fires.Fire, 1154:causes: Logoic alignment, The taking of a logoic Initiation, The action of the "ONE ABOUT WHOMFire, 1170:animal radiation; thus offsetting the method of initiation now pursued. It must never be forgottenFire, 1170:man is viewed therein as an animal. In the final Initiation or the offering up of the entire bodilyFire, 1174:Logos in connection with the process of initiation, and it has only held sway since the Door ofFire, 1174:and it has only held sway since the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days. It does not,Fire, 1177:and They continue Their work until the seventh initiation is taken. The Masters, therefore, WhoFire, 1180:been dealt with in many occult books, including Initiation, Human and Solar, and need not beFire, 1184:through what is for them a great door of Initiation. In some of the occult books, these sevenFire, 1184:in the course of his pilgrimage, he takes an initiation, and passes on to a higher turn of theFire, 1197:achieving final liberation, or taking its fourth Initiation, which is the cause of certainFire, 1218:brings about eventually group recognition; the initiation of the unit leads finally to planetaryFire, 1218:of the unit leads finally to planetary initiation, and the attainment of the goal by the human atomFire, 1221:cycle of rebirth until he finds the portal of initiation. This portal is occultly regarded as freedFire, 1229:the medium of the work effected in the third Initiation) have been put in conscious contact withFire, 1229:of his training in preparation for the third Initiation. "The wind (prana or Spirit) bloweth whereFire, 1241:the seven Paths which face him after the fifth Initiation. If a Master of the Wisdom and the oneFire, 1244:by anyone except the initiate. At the third Initiation some glimmering light upon this AbstractionFire, 1244:by the initiate, and by the time the fifth Initiation is reached enough is apprehended by him toFire, 1246:takes place after he has passed the fifth Initiation and has demonstrated his fitness so to doFire, 1246:we are now discontinuing the use of the word "initiation" which has to do specifically withFire, 1247:upon the second ray path prior to the fifth Initiation, and who frequently has also been upon theFire, 1251:of life and has to be passed prior to the third Initiation. [1252] The burning-ground which isFire, 1254:takes a certain number of initiates of the sixth Initiation and trains them specially for thisFire, 1261:we are only dealing with the adepts of the fifth Initiation, and are not taking into considerationFire, 1265:sons of men, a nucleus who reached a very high initiation in a previous solar system, formed anGlamour, 3:which will find its consummation at the third initiation. Intuition is a comprehensive grip of theGlamour, 21:which has to be dissipated, prior to taking initiation. Just what this thought-form is, few peopleGlamour, 29:disintegrate and leave your way, to the door of Initiation, free and unimpeded. Strongly mentalGlamour, 33:on the Path of Discipleship and up to the third initiation is to induce that clear thinking whichGlamour, 39:when he can catch dim glimpses of the Portal of Initiation and an occasional flash of light fromGlamour, 42:Spiritual perception Dispelling Path of Initiation World of Ideas Contemplation by soul GlamorGlamour, 42:lives of all initiates prior to taking the third initiation. The subhuman kingdoms in nature areGlamour, 42:That the initiate works, upon the Path of Initiation, with energy and learns to distinguish betweenGlamour, 53:in the world who have taken the first [53] initiation in a previous life. At some period in theGlamour, 54:his technique of contact. Taken the first initiation. The word illusion is frequently lightly usedGlamour, 67:- Meditation - Glamor. The Initiate - Path of Initiation - Contemplation - Illusion. The aboveGlamour, 88:of divine-human integration which we call "initiation." Ponder upon this. Glamour, 88:lies ahead of all aspirants prior to achieving initiation. It is the "Arjuna experience." This isGlamour, 90:God," who dwells in the shadow of the portal of initiation, and who faces the Angel of the PresenceGlamour, 91:prior to illumination, to inspiration and to initiation. The personality, at this stage, isGlamour, 91:Angel and the Dweller. Fought upon the Path of Initiation. I have, I should judge, given you enoughGlamour, 101:has been passed through it leads to the third initiation, wherein the personality (which is proneGlamour, 103:Therefore, it might be stated that: In the first initiation the disciple demonstrates that he hasGlamour, 103:of the two) upon physical energy. In the second initiation, the initiate demonstrates that he canGlamour, 103:decision upon the "middle way." In the third initiation, the initiate can employ the intuition forGlamour, 103:for the right perception of truth, and in that initiation he catches the first real glimpse of theGlamour, 103:and the Angel of the Presence. In the fourth initiation, the initiate demonstrates his ability toGlamour, 103:into the Angel of the Presence. In the fifth initiation - and here words fail to express the truthGlamour, 108:of the groups under preparation for the first initiation which was the highest initiation possibleGlamour, 108:for the first initiation which was the highest initiation possible at that time. The reason forGlamour, 108:was due to the fact that one of the secrets of initiation consists in the right understanding andGlamour, 114:Hatha Yoga: Aspirants; Laya Yoga: Disciples 1st Initiation Inspiration. Atlantean The Pairs ofGlamour, 114:Bhakti Yoga: Aspirants; Raja Yoga: Disciples 2nd Initiation Illumination. Aryan Dweller on theGlamour, 114:Raja Yoga: Aspirants; Agni Yoga: Disciples 3rd Initiation Intuition. Glamour, 117:of Discipleship, and right up to the gate of initiation. There, standing before the Gate, heGlamour, 126:the Angel of the PRESENCE - guarding the door of initiation. This marks a critical moment in theGlamour, 126:moment wherein he can begin to tread the Path of Initiation, if he so desires and possesses theGlamour, 126:that a man is ready for the processes of initiation. Until he is no longer completely deceived andGlamour, 126:out to you: after passing through the door of initiation, the disciple returns each time again toGlamour, 126:the past and a recollection of the experience of initiation through which he has passed, with theGlamour, 153:prime importance to all who are in training for initiation. I said "in training," my brothers; IGlamour, 153:my brothers; I did not say that you would take initiation in this life. I know not myself whetherGlamour, 155:threshold of divinity and before the Portal of Initiation. The stage wherein the DwellerGlamour, 158:[158] when maturity was achieved and a certain initiation became possible for its advancedGlamour, 160:occur that stupendous recognition for which all initiation prepares the applicant - the revelationGlamour, 162:upon the Path of Discipleship, and the Path of Initiation have reached a point where materialismGlamour, 171:seed thoughts, he becomes initiate and the third initiation becomes possible as an immediate goal.Glamour, 172:related to Raja Yoga and its goal is the second initiation; it produces ability to tread the PathGlamour, 172:The goal of this technique is the first initiation, which enables man to "live a life, inspired byGlamour, 173:sense) then they are ready for the third initiation. Our theme is, therefore, the theme ofGlamour, 175:apprehension, analysis and interpretation whilst initiation, through the growth of the intuition,Glamour, 183:the case of the individual initiate, the third initiation, the Transfiguration, marks theGlamour, 200:doing through that gate which we call the second initiation into a wider consciousness. Those formsGlamour, 203:culminates at the time of the third initiation in the final fight between the pairs of oppositesGlamour, 204:Path of Accepted Discipleship until the third initiation. The clue to all success in this processGlamour, 254:unless he has attained the fourth or fifth initiation, has no true understanding of the [255]Glamour, 266:We are therefore concerned with the stage of initiation which brings to an end the path ofGlamour, 266:unaware. Knowledge comes to Him after the fifth initiation. [267] Before Him lies the attainment ofGlamour, 268:initiations of the threshold and the first major initiation, the Transfiguration. For many lives,Glamour, 271:he spoke as a disciple, prior to the second initiation of the threshold. This occult waxing andGlamour, 271:group work, group service and eventually group initiation. With these developments, it is not myHealing, 15:to man until such time as he takes the great initiation which is symbolized for us in theHealing, 37:of these centers through the process of initiation. This of course only happens when the man isHealing, 45:- Initiate - Master - Dominant after 3rd Initiation 1. Head Brahmarandra 1000-petalled lotus PinealHealing, 45:- Disciple - Mystic - Dominant after 2nd Initiation 2. Center between the eyes Ajna centerHealing, 45:types of Spiritual People - Dominant after 1st Initiation 3. Heart Anahata Thymus Heart CirculatoryHealing, 74:"doors of entrance" and the phrase "door of initiation." In the case where these centers, throughHealing, 81:star is not only the sign and symbol of initiation and finally of perfected man, but it is also theHealing, 87:the processes whereby a man is prepared for initiation. The etheric body must always, andHealing, 115:he is not immune until after the third initiation. Healing, 115:situation and falls a victim (prior to the third initiation) to the terrific inflow of soul energyHealing, 124:disciple. They are conditioned by his ray, the initiation for which he is being prepared, and the
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