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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Healing, 126:the initiate has freed himself, after the second initiation, from the complexities of emotional andHealing, 129:are many and become acute as the disciple nears initiation or becomes an initiate. Apart from theHealing, 138:control goes on until after the third initiation. Then, when that initiation has been taken, theHealing, 138:after the third initiation. Then, when that initiation has been taken, the physical vehicle is of aHealing, 139:clear cut in his endeavor until after the third initiation, nor is he entirely particularized inHealing, 144:is also preserved, thus making the nine of initiation - the three, the four and the two. ThisHealing, 144:is, however, in the reverse direction, for it is initiation into the creative third aspect, theHealing, 144:and the world of intelligent activity. It is not initiation into the second or soul aspect, as isHealing, 144:for which the disciple is preparing. It is the initiation of the soul into the experience ofHealing, 144:into this experience is the "Gate of Cancer." Initiation into the kingdom of God is entered throughHealing, 145:into functioning activity after the third initiation and is the organ for the distribution ofHealing, 145:the destruction of the causal body at the fourth initiation. It is the Shamballa center in theHealing, 145:the organ of synthesis because, after the third initiation and prior to the destruction of theHealing, 145:personality, thus again making the nine of initiation. The energies thus synchronized and focusedHealing, 147:functioning activity fully by the time the third initiation is taken. I would remind you that thisHealing, 147:is taken. I would remind you that this initiation is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first majorHealing, 147:is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first major initiation, a fact which I have alreadyHealing, 151:concerned; the rulership changes after the third initiation or before the first. These threeHealing, 151:picture story or symbol of the ninefold of initiation: The head center The ajna center The throatHealing, 152:and space." This center is related to the first initiation and develops great activity when thatHealing, 152:not that, technically speaking, the first major initiation from the hierarchical angle is theHealing, 152:the hierarchical angle is the third. The first initiation is regarded by the Masters as signifyingHealing, 152:admission to the Path. It is called an initiation, by humanity, because in Lemurian days, it wasHealing, 152:because in Lemurian days, it was then the first initiation, signifying entrance into completeHealing, 156:into functioning activity after the second initiation. That initiation marks the completion of theHealing, 156:activity after the second initiation. That initiation marks the completion of the process wherebyHealing, 158:aspect. This is a great mystery which only initiation can reveal. The heart center registers theHealing, 171:unendurable pressure. Such are the tests of initiation! It is not my intention to deal here withHealing, 171:given to accepted disciples, prior to the second initiation. It would be too intricate a matter toHealing, 173:transferred to the head center. After the third initiation, these basic energies are raised,Healing, 175:meditations. Later, prior to a certain major initiation, such rules and measures may be applied soHealing, 176:center until two-thirds of mankind have taken initiation, for the generative processes must go onHealing, 185:of the Path of Discipleship until the third initiation; and the Path of Initiation itself. TheHealing, 185:until the third initiation; and the Path of Initiation itself. The Kundalini Fire, about which soHealing, 185:is therefore an initiate who has left the third initiation behind him. He, and he alone, can safelyHealing, 188:- centers above the diaphragm. Path of Initiation - centers in the head. These groups andHealing, 210:to the life of the soul and - after the third initiation - to the life of the monad; it conveys toHealing, 216:in its completeness at the time of the third initiation, that of the Transfiguration. You can see,Healing, 291:desirous of entering an Ashram to prepare for initiation. There is also the Karma of Reward inHealing, 334:regard themselves as in preparation for initiation. Healing, 342:the major mysteries to be revealed at the third initiation. [343] Healing, 344:disciple and for each grade upon the path of initiation. This arrangement is brought about in threeHealing, 344:given as it is one of the secrets of the first initiation. The rearranging and the readjustmentHealing, 405:and which is ended altogether at the fourth initiation. The Law of Karmic Necessity. This governsHealing, 405:and the initiate from the time of the second initiation until a certain initiation higher than theHealing, 405:time of the second initiation until a certain initiation higher than the fourth; these initiationsHealing, 406:this second death is consummated at the fourth initiation, when even spiritual aspiration dies,Healing, 406:individual aspirant at the time of the second initiation. It is then a complete episode and isHealing, 406:of the causal body at the time of the fourth initiation; this marks the completion of the buildingHealing, 416:A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I: Death is "initiation, or the entering into a state ofHealing, 434:where humanity is concerned. After the third initiation, this results in the complete liberation ofHealing, 435:point of development and, upon the Path of Initiation, the will begins to function consciously. ItHealing, 448:It is the same under the great processes of initiation, which are not only processes of expandingHealing, 448:center, into which all human beings achieving initiation are "withdrawn" esoterically), "I, if I beHealing, 468:(could you but recognize it) a definition of initiation, but one of a somewhat unusual phrasing.Healing, 501:of Discipleship and the stages upon the Path of Initiation. Law X Hearken, 0 Chela, to the callHealing, 502:demonstrated in both cases, but upon the Path of Initiation pain is largely negated, not becauseHealing, 507:of energy. This conflict terminates at the third initiation. The control by the soul is the finalHealing, 515:measure of real integration. An opportunity for initiation. That the elimination of theHealing, 515:personality, which is consummated at the third initiation, is a great initiation for the soul onHealing, 515:consummated at the third initiation, is a great initiation for the soul on its own plane. For thisHealing, 515:on its own plane. For this reason, the third initiation is regarded as the first major initiation,Healing, 515:third initiation is regarded as the first major initiation, since the two previous initiations haveHealing, 516:and the transfiguring effect of the third initiation, which cannot be done. Infinitely moreHealing, 517:to you what the soul must do after the third initiation is to sum it up in two ways: First: TheHealing, 518:soul then prepares itself for the coming fourth initiation. This is basically a monadic experienceHealing, 519:His radiant appearances after the resurrection initiation: To the woman at the sepulchre -Healing, 536:of Discipleship and the stages upon the Path of Initiation. Healing, 536:cosmic Path, and therefore having taken a cosmic initiation, His imperfections are demonstrablyHealing, 565:not true of disciples who have taken the second initiation; their problem of ill health isHealing, 568:and who have not yet taken the first initiation. The soul tires of the frictional response of itsHealing, 571:and is itself the agent (before the fourth initiation) of the energy of the Spiritual Triad. ThisHealing, 576:yet initiates or who had taken only the first initiation were given them and permitted to use them.Healing, 586:contact and fusion and more people take initiation. The purpose, consequently, for the veryHealing, 594:"call" of the heart center. When the first initiation is taken the first great interplay is set upHealing, 595:from mountain top to mountain top. At the first initiation, and increasingly at all initiations,Healing, 595:which creates the acuteness of the tests for initiation; it is this which produces so many physicalHealing, 598:which is known to all initiates above the third initiation; and this they can simply employ, ifHealing, 599:together equals nine, which is the number of initiation. This numerical relationship brings man toHealing, 640:upon the Path of Discipleship and the Path of Initiation. Then the livingness of the spiritual man,Healing, 640:about; this culminates at the time of the third initiation. At that experience the monadic willHealing, 654:soul body - as is always the case at the fourth initiation - was destroyed; there was nothing toHealing, 664:short, still harder but much more rapid way of initiation. For ages it remained a question (a mootHealing, 664:Individual men, in adequate numbers, achieved initiation and entered the Ashrams of the Masters,Healing, 671:indicated the taking of a still higher initiation, the sixth, by the Christ; this conferred on HimHealing, 671:He was the "Perfect One" that He could take this initiation. I have given you much for matureHealing, 671:consideration and thrown some light upon an initiation of which little, naturally, can be known. IHealing, 671:requirements for a successful approach to this initiation: perfect poise, a completed point ofHealing, 672:a word) is only possible after the fifth initiation, reaching a high point of expression at theHealing, 672:reaching a high point of expression at the sixth initiation. Healing, 672:presented as essential for a certain initiation, because they provide the link between Law IX andHealing, 672:in connection with the approach to the sixth initiation, they have - on a lower turn of the spiralHealing, 672:particularly one who has taken the third initiation. Let us take them, one by one, into ourHealing, 678:of Discipleship and the stages upon the Path of Initiation." By these later stages I refer to theHealing, 678:stages I refer to the period after the second initiation and prior to taking the third. This lawHealing, 684:applied only to those who have taken the fourth initiation and who are therefore held by no aspectHealing, 689:you also that from the angle of the fourth initiation even the egoic vehicle, the soul body, isHealing, 689:Solomon" takes place at the time of the fourth initiation, those qualities of which it was composedHealing, 691:the soul prior to its destruction at the fourth initiation. He epitomizes in himself the knowledgeHealing, 691:the permanent atoms. It marks a moment of high initiation for this Lunar Lord when he shatters the
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