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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Meditation, 262:help His fellowmen... All Who attain the fifth Initiation are Masters of the Wisdom, but all stayMeditation, 262:of the Wisdom is He Who has taken the first initiation that links Him up with the greaterMeditation, 264:comes only after the application of the Rod of Initiation as wielded by the Lord of the World.Meditation, 264:and another step ahead to be taken; each initiation achieved but reveals still higher ones to beMeditation, 267:Master. This takes place after the second initiation. Meditation, 270:is the result of the application of the Rod of Initiation, he has to demonstrate his ability to doMeditation, 271:which path a man will follow after the fifth initiation. Meditation, 272:group soul. It is not dependent upon his taking initiation. Initiation is a technical matter andMeditation, 272:It is not dependent upon his taking initiation. Initiation is a technical matter and can beMeditation, 272:in terms of esoteric science. A man can take initiation and yet not be a "son of a Master."Meditation, 272:through diligence - the technical requisites for initiation before becoming affiliated with anyMeditation, 273:levels and on the lower mental. After the fifth initiation he will enclose within his aura theseMeditation, 273:method of interblending is one of the secrets of initiation. All this, coupled with what has beenMeditation, 273:on the Probationary Path and on the Path of Initiation. The means of development are ever the same:Meditation, 275:done away with when the pupil takes the fourth initiation and can freely create his own body ofMeditation, 275:with the pupil is to prepare him for the first initiation. This takes place when the capacity ofMeditation, 276:is of course one of the secrets of the first initiation) he is subjected to the application of aMeditation, 276:for a length of time sufficient to permit of the initiation ceremony. The application then of theMeditation, 276:ceremony. The application then of the Rod of Initiation effects something that stabilizesMeditation, 278:certain results. Just as later the Rod of Initiation is applied to the bodies and centers of theMeditation, 280:they can be safely stimulated by the Rod of Initiation. More on this subject is not yet possible...Meditation, 288:the Path, of his nearness to or distance from initiation. Some very advanced egos may be working atMeditation, 298:lives they trod the Path or neared the portal of initiation. But even the average man ofMeditation, 301:schools that will definitely train men for initiation. Meditation, 307:a school where preparation for a major initiation may be taken, and will be under the eye of theMeditation, 307:eye of the Bodhisattva, preparing the pupil for initiation upon the second ray. The first school inMeditation, 307:first school in Egypt will be for those who take initiation on the first ray in the occident. [308]Meditation, 308:first ray in the occident. [308] Those who take initiation on the line of the Mahachohan, or on theMeditation, 312:The advanced school definitely prepares for Initiation, and is concerned with occult lore, with theMeditation, 314:steadily before him the thought of the Mount of Initiation which he aims soon to tread. Tomorrow weMeditation, 314:which will definitely prepare the way for initiation, and train pupils in occult lore. As you willMeditation, 318:the school being to prepare pupils for the first initiation. This necessarily requires an InitiateMeditation, 319:themselves and to find the way to the portal of initiation alone. The work of the teachers will beMeditation, 319:to be in an embryonic condition when the first initiation is taken. The teachers likewiseMeditation, 327:who are old disciples and those who have taken initiation in earlier lives will be there but aMeditation, 336:cases. Herein lies one of the secrets of initiation. In the old days the Rod of Initiation actedMeditation, 336:of initiation. In the old days the Rod of Initiation acted actually as a conductor of this force toMeditation, 339:will be consummated in the second great initiation, that marks the perfection of the control of theMeditation, 339:small initiations find their culmination in the initiation proper. These are the initiations on theMeditation, 339:of earth, fire, water and air, culminating in initiation the second. The first initiation marks theMeditation, 339:culminating in initiation the second. The first initiation marks the same point of attainment onMeditation, 339:point of attainment on the physical plane. Each initiation marks the attainment of a certainMeditation, 339:amount, as for instance: - At the first initiation one-fourth atomic matter, at the second one-halfMeditation, 339:principle and thus welding all, at the fourth initiation the lower vehicles go, and the adeptMeditation, 340:won efforts and results of many years. At each initiation, the electrical or magnetic force appliedMeditation, 340:builds, and prepares for the solidifying fire. Initiation marks a permanent attainment and theMeditation, 341:the non-spectacular man so frequently attains initiation before the genius, and before the man whoMeditation, 341:Hierophant can demand your presence and bestow initiation upon you. You have, by hard work andMeditation, 349:upon the final stage of that path, the Path of Initiation, has taken five of the Initiations, andMeditation, 352:and is only dissipated after the fourth initiation, when the need for further rebirth on the partMeditation, 352:Adepts who have gone on and taken the sixth initiation. Meditation, 353:and of the one self in all selves. The Path of Initiation is the final stage of the path ofPatanjali, 8:second aspects. This is consummated at the third initiation (in Christian terminology, thePatanjali, 39:Path until they have taken the second Initiation. The second group is comprised of those higherPatanjali, 43:energetic will becomes apparent if the path of Initiation is studied. Only an iron will, and aPatanjali, 46:Thus the rapidity of their climb up the mount of initiation has to be modified, or "the water willPatanjali, 50:[50] is theirs, and they pass from one initiation to another. At each stage a man is a master butPatanjali, 57:or Master who leads a pupil up to the door of initiation and who watches over him in all thePatanjali, 87:of the threshold, for there is no major initiation for any son of God who has not achieved aPatanjali, 121:its exponent an arhat or led him to the fourth initiation. Raja Yoga makes him an adept and leadsPatanjali, 121:adept and leads him to the portal of the fifth initiation. Both lead to liberation, for the arhatPatanjali, 130:path or the Path of Discipleship up to the third initiation, and the old commentary proceeds:Patanjali, 131:with increasing frequency) after the first great initiation, and learns of the place his groupPatanjali, 148:Only those souls who have attained the highest initiation and can pass beyond our solarPatanjali, 154:until he passes through the various gates of initiation out into the larger life of the cosmos.Patanjali, 168:period of the Probationary Path up to the third initiation [169] upon the Path of Discipleship.Patanjali, 169:Stage III covers the final stages of the Path of Initiation. Patanjali, 170:by the soul, directed by his guru or master, Initiation, or the progressive expansions ofPatanjali, 170:The practice of the means of yoga or union, Initiation, Realization, Union. Patanjali, 179:of the Presence" which can only be truly seen at initiation. He discerns a new factor and a newPatanjali, 200:the black path and do not lead to the portal of initiation. Patanjali, 202:process are learnt and on the Path of Initiation (after the second initiation,) the protective workPatanjali, 202:and on the Path of Initiation (after the second initiation,) the protective work is begun. In thePatanjali, 292:in its beauty upon the Path up to the third initiation. The, as yet, unrevealed and inconceivablyPatanjali, 295:worlds. It is all one path, but the Path of Initiation has to be trodden consciously by the thinkerPatanjali, 308:of the heart. Herein lies the deep mystery of initiation, and it is only revealed to those whoPatanjali, 331:northern path and that in turn to the Path of Initiation. In one of the old books in the ArchivesPatanjali, 355:are peculiarly hidden in [355] the mysteries of initiation, and more anent them is not possiblePatanjali, 356:realm, whilst the Christ and those of similar initiation have this freedom in the five worlds ofPatanjali, 360:press forward" (Phil: IV.), and every new initiation but marks [361] the commencement of a newPatanjali, 362:of Cycles would bring man to a high degree of initiation. This Law of Periodicity underlies all thePatanjali, 380:use of incense form part of the ceremonies of initiation and therefore are used by initiates andPatanjali, 383:that these three processes bring a man to that initiation called the Transfiguration. Patanjali, 422:reassert themselves, and even until the final initiation the aspirant must "watch and pray." ThePatanjali, 423:until that high moment when the [423] last great initiation has been experienced, and the liberatedPatanjali, viii:Yoga, the human being reached the portal of initiation. At that time the attainment of the thirdPatanjali, viii:At that time the attainment of the third initiation, resulting in the transfiguration of thePatanjali, viii:of the personality, was the highest initiation that man was capable of achieving. In AtlanteanPatanjali, viii:particular Aryan root race, was laid. The fourth initiation was at that time the objective. [ix]Patanjali, ix:discussed more at length in my previous volume, Initiation, Human and Solar. Now, in the AryanPatanjali, ix:through the practice of Raja Yoga, and the fifth initiation, that of adept, is the goal forPsychology1, xx:I trace them for you: The first book issued was Initiation, Human and Solar. This book was intendedPsychology1, xxiv:told you, it is only the initiate of the third initiation who can come in touch with his monadicPsychology1, 13:probation and discipleship as far as the third initiation, the center of gravity (if I may soPsychology1, 16:and disciples and all initiates up to the third initiation - as I earlier said - are swinging as aPsychology1, 37:of the entire septenate, and upon the Path of Initiation he gains a glimpse of a Unity, hithertoPsychology1, 37:of the triple Deity, until at the final initiation (the fifth) he finds himself consciously at-onePsychology1, 37:of that soul. On the path of discipleship and of initiation, he glimpses the quality and purpose ofPsychology1, 38:the divine purpose and energy. After the third initiation he glimpses the quality and purpose ofPsychology1, 40:quality of the appearance in all preparation for initiation, and the highest initiate of that time
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