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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Psychology1, 48:but remains unrevealed until after the third initiation. The Monad is Life, the sustaining force, aPsychology1, 50:Ray II - Higher Expression: The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts. LowerPsychology1, 53:which is distinctive of all upon the Path of Initiation, and includes those graded Lives, from thePsychology1, 61:go, and enables him (by the time the third initiation is reached) to have sensed and then to havePsychology1, 61:cooperated with his ray purpose. After the third initiation he begins to sense the syntheticPsychology1, 87:is not as yet possible. The Chohans of the sixth initiation have the guidance of those units ofPsychology1, 87:when theoretically acknowledged by aspirants to initiation. Hence the importance of determining thePsychology1, 87:- something of vital moment after the third initiation. A majority and a minority always exist inPsychology1, 106:to take the place of chelas who pass on to initiation, but beyond these two groups, during thisPsychology1, 108:atmosphere. None of the Masters of the sixth initiation (such as the Masters M. and K. H.) are atPsychology1, 128:to the ray of the ego or soul. After the third initiation he locates his soul (if one may use suchPsychology1, 131:son of God consciously dwells. After the third initiation, the dual light becomes accentuated andPsychology1, 143:beginning with individualization and ending with initiation, thus producing the perfect blendingPsychology1, 150:nature of life until he has attained the third initiation. I repeat this with emphasis, and inPsychology1, 150:subject. Disciples who have undergone the third initiation and have climbed the mount ofPsychology1, 155:On the path of discipleship, and until the third initiation, he learns to respond to the energy andPsychology1, 155:and second initiations, and until the third initiation, he has been led on and initiated by thePsychology1, 156:synthetic force. After he has taken the highest initiation possible on this planet, he is, for thePsychology1, 197:all limiting and environing substances. This is initiation, or the entering into a state ofPsychology1, 199:differences, and thus change the mode of animal initiation, whether this refers to the animalPsychology1, 200:from form limitations by the fire of life and of initiation. Thus he harmonizes in himself all waysPsychology1, 200:the animal kingdom, bring man to the portal of initiation. There the fire awaits him with itsPsychology1, 221:are the correspondences studied at the first initiation. They differ at the later expansions ofPsychology1, 222:likewise two of the secrets of the higher initiation. As this treatise is intended to be aPsychology1, 224:The best known example of the effect of the initiation of the mineral by fire can be seen in thePsychology1, 227:of fire, you would enter into the secret of initiation. When the day comes when the history of thePsychology1, 230:- physical plane. Dense consciousness. The first initiation. The standard metals - astral plane.Psychology1, 230:- astral plane. Self-consciousness. The second initiation. The semi-precious stones - mental plane.Psychology1, 230:- mental plane. Radiant consciousness. The third initiation. The precious jewels - EgoicPsychology1, 230:Egoic consciousness and achievement. The fourth initiation. The correspondences of fire, heat andPsychology1, 237:ray and the egoic ray. After the third initiation, the disciple has three rays active in him, forPsychology1, 238:to the initiate at the five initiations. At each initiation one of the five secrets is explained toPsychology1, 240:vegetable forms of life which were ready for the initiation. The major agency in the development ofPsychology1, 240:parts of the world, are also related to this "initiation by fire" of a kingdom hitherto controlledPsychology1, 240:informs that world, are passing through a major initiation. This was made possible by thePsychology1, 246:but when he begins his training for the first initiation he has to contend with the influences ofPsychology1, 246:of Pluto and Vulcan; the training for the second initiation brings him under Neptunian influences,Psychology1, 246:which the disciple can note. Before the first initiation, the static mineral world within him hasPsychology1, 246:within him has been broken up. At the third initiation, the Moon and Mars struggle to assumePsychology1, 246:as the indication of triumph. At the fourth initiation, Mercury and Saturn act as the greatPsychology1, 246:to the door of realization. When the final initiation is taken, it is the activity of Uranus andPsychology1, 259:Hence the process is really in the nature of an initiation. The animals which individualize are, inPsychology1, 314:of individualization must fade away in that of initiation. The glory of the slowly emergingPsychology1, 328:personality of man waits? This third great initiation marks a crisis in the initiatory work, andPsychology1, 328:the life of the spiritual man. Up to the third initiation, man has been occupied with the processPsychology1, 328:soul and body into one unity. After the third initiation (and owing to an event which takes place)Psychology1, 335:or not is one of the secrets of a certain major initiation, and I may not further [336] elucidatePsychology1, 346:and reduced to a mantric formula when the fourth initiation is taken: "When the forces of the four,Psychology1, 346:the mind and of man. Number nine, the number of initiation, is hidden midway in force, but thePsychology1, 346:group of figures, activity precedes the nine of initiation, and that nine is the culmination. ButPsychology1, 347:the number nine emerges, which is the number of initiation. An adept of the fifth initiation is onePsychology1, 347:the number of initiation. An adept of the fifth initiation is one who has achieved complete harmonyPsychology1, 347:right knowledge. This takes place at the fourth initiation and is demonstrated or proven at thePsychology1, 351:in each disciple. Ray one governs the Path of Initiation, producing detachment from form, thePsychology1, 355:or unification (preceding the taking of the initiation of the time) was hatha yoga, the yoga of thePsychology1, 378:tides of his emotional existence, he cannot take initiation. It was the inability to do this whichPsychology1, 389:in the phenomena and truth of the reality of initiation. [390] The analysis of the rayPsychology1, 398:the race, passed through the ancient portals of initiation and took the first great step. They camePsychology1, 398:of their early betrayal of the hidden events of initiation still persist. Curiously enough, thisPsychology1, 402:seventh rays must eventually, after the third initiation, blend with the three major rays, orPsychology1, 403:and conforms to it is ready to tread the path of initiation. Each of the seven groups of souls isPsychology1, 404:"Know thyself," and can consequently take Initiation. Every human being is also governed by certainPsychology1, 406:which finds its consummation at the fourth initiation, and releases the man from the limitations ofPsychology1, 407:be understood only after man has taken the third initiation. We might divide what we have to say inPsychology1, 411:Ray II - Higher expression: The process of initiation as taught by the Hierarchy of Masters. LowerPsychology1, 412:on the Rays Discipleship and the Rays from: Initiation, Human and Solar 1st Ray Force Energy ActionPsychology1, 412:The Occultist 2nd Ray Consciousness Expansion Initiation The true Psychic 3rd Ray AdaptationPsychology2, 7:angel as it begins with the preparation for initiation on the Path of Discipleship and consummatesPsychology2, 7:Logos. This begins to be realized at the third initiation, dominating the soul and working outPsychology2, 8:three stages: Individualization - Personality. Initiation - Ego. Identification - Monad. Psychology2, 11:with their subsequent preparation for initiation. The task of the intelligent parent today and ofPsychology2, 12:great transition in consciousness which we call initiation. What, therefore, is Initiation?Psychology2, 12:which we call initiation. What, therefore, is Initiation? Initiation might be defined in two ways.Psychology2, 12:call initiation. What, therefore, is Initiation? Initiation might be defined in two ways. It isPsychology2, 13:which have brought the whole question of initiation into disrepute. Many people are regarded asPsychology2, 13:that which some day they will be. When initiation becomes possible, it indicates that two greatPsychology2, 14:egoic control need be evidenced when the first initiation is taken. That initiation indicatesPsychology2, 14:when the first initiation is taken. That initiation indicates simply that the germ of soul life hasPsychology2, 14:will eventually enable the man at the third initiation to manifest forth as "a full-grown man inPsychology2, 16:of Discipleship and eventually on to the Path of Initiation. Substitute for past, necessarilyPsychology2, 16:Is not the above sufficiently practical? Initiation carried to its consummation, as far as humanityPsychology2, 17:to the side of the soul, he can take the first initiation. When the ray of the soul focuses itselfPsychology2, 17:the transfigured Initiate, and takes the third initiation. The ray of the personality is occultlyPsychology2, 18:Then, in time, the soul ray begins (at the third initiation) to blend with the ray of the Monad,Psychology2, 18:comprehended by those preparing for the fourth initiation, and this treatise is written forPsychology2, 19:of life masters his part. Through the process of Initiation, the soul becomes aware of thePsychology2, 19:phrase, and one that only initiates of the third initiation can grasp, for even the discoveries ofPsychology2, 20:substances, that is not possible. When the third initiation is reached, man will understand whyPsychology2, 20:exists. More cannot be said, for until that initiation is experienced it would not be understood.Psychology2, 20:or process) which we call individualization, initiation, and identification, it should be borne inPsychology2, 23:of petals, the love petals. Upon the Path of Initiation, until the third initiation, the ray of thePsychology2, 23:Upon the Path of Initiation, until the third initiation, the ray of the mental body is subdued byPsychology2, 23:nine petals of the egoic lotus. After the third initiation, the whole personality, composed of thePsychology2, 27:and continues through the two final stages of Initiation and Identification. These three stagesPsychology2, 27:the Self. These three words - individualization, initiation and identification, - cover the wholePsychology2, 27:kingdom till he passes out of it at the third initiation, and functions freely in the fifthPsychology2, 27:living, so, by the time he takes the third initiation, he can function actively and consciously inPsychology2, 27:and in the final stages of the Path of Initiation he becomes active fifth-dimensionally. As wePsychology2, 29:of the three steps of Individualization, Initiation and Identification, which mark the progress ofPsychology2, 30:which open up before the adept of the fifth initiation. Absorption into the One Life is the nature
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