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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Rays, 310:you that only initiates who have taken the fifth initiation and higher initiations can wieldRays, 310:potency only becomes available after the third initiation, and its first successful use is theRays, 310:- Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation If the initiate is upon the first ray, andRays, 312:to the fifth word which he receives at the fifth initiation and to which we give the inadequateRays, 312:functioning realization until after the third initiation; nevertheless, the preparatory sensitivityRays, 313:on the physical plane who is taking the first initiation; his brain cannot respond to this highRays, 313:say that the soul, the Christ (after the first initiation), knows that the inevitable processes ofRays, 313:- Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation His statement to His parents in the Temple, "WistRays, 315:given in Rule XIV to the initiate at the first initiation, the command to Know. It is the order toRays, 315:its deepest meaning and when given at the second initiation, does not mean the necessity to expressRays, 316:Being as pure will in activity. When the third initiation is taken the initiate becomes aware, notRays, 316:This is, as you know the first major initiation from the angle of the greater Lodge on Sirius,Rays, 316:greater Lodge on Sirius, because it is the first initiation in which all the three aspects meet inRays, 316:the impact of the will aspect. But in the third initiation these developments are sufficientlyRays, 316:of the glory," and the Transfiguration initiation takes place. At the fourth initiation theRays, 316:initiation takes place. At the fourth initiation the destroying aspect of the will can begin toRays, 317:is that the vehicles of any man below the third initiation contain too much "impure matter" toRays, 317:(the mayavirupa) of an initiate of the fourth initiation can begin to register these divineRays, 317:- Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation 5. Resurrect One of the greatest of allRays, 318:glory and the radiance of the Transfiguration initiation will eventually be relegated to itsRays, 323:in the human consciousness, because the fact of initiation will be emphasized. These three are: IRays, 323:three are: I propose to deal with the theme of Initiation in order to prepare the world of men forRays, 323:because so much has already been given out anent initiation; the subject is dangerously familiar.Rays, 323:in a broad and general way with the subject of initiation in one of my earliest books: Initiation,Rays, 323:of initiation in one of my earliest books: Initiation, Human and Solar; also, scattered through allRays, 323:the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation. In Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I,Rays, 324:already considered, and look at the subject of initiation from the angle of the seven rays, fromRays, 324:given by the Masters to the basic mystery of initiation. In due time our educational centers,Rays, 324:normally and customarily, the fact of future initiation where their students are concerned, andRays, 325:evolution on to the path of discipleship and of initiation. Man has to become aware of the rayRays, 325:is to be seen ahead of those who have achieved initiation should [326] be somewhat clarified; IRays, 327:Way of the Higher Evolution. The so-called third initiation, the Transfiguration, is only the firstRays, 327:the Transfiguration, is only the first major initiation, from the standpoint of the Hierarchy; itRays, 327:others are working towards them. The taking of initiation is now often to be seen and is far moreRays, 328:and initiates below the grade of the third initiation, much that I will say will be somewhatRays, 328:to the average reader and as the entire theme of initiation is to the ignorant and the undevelopedRays, 329:as follows: The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The entering of the two Doors The enteringRays, 333:is passing. [333] The tests for the first initiation, as far as humanity (the world disciple) isRays, 336:I am dealing with the entire theme of initiation from its broad and general angle and from theRays, 337:Path starts off on his quest for the door of initiation, and for that which he will contact afterRays, 337:I say, to have these three words in mind. Every initiation is approached by the disciple orRays, 337:but with a scientific aspect, because an initiation is a culminating moment of achievement, andRays, 337:place. This occupies the interlude between one initiation and another. This may cover a period ofRays, 337:short. The results of the experiment of initiation and of experience [338] with the then endowedRays, 338:and little known phase of our study of initiation. Initiation has been a blanket happening, and noRays, 338:little known phase of our study of initiation. Initiation has been a blanket happening, and no noteRays, 338:have to learn and grasp whilst preparing for an initiation, because it involves success in handlingRays, 339:these constitute the reason for the tests of initiation. This, on a tiny scale, is true of theRays, 339:Path of Discipleship is trodden and the Path of Initiation is entered. The zodiacal wheel is itselfRays, 340:Physical plane Beginnings Relationship Sex Magic Initiation 2. Baptism Solar plexus center 6th rayRays, 340:6th ray Astral plane Dedication Glamor Devotion Initiation 3. Transfiguration Ajna center 5th rayRays, 340:ray Mental plane Integration Direction Science Initiation 4. Renunciation Heart center 4th rayRays, 340:ray Buddhic plane Crucifixion Sacrifice Harmony Initiation 5. Revelation Base of spine 1st rayRays, 340:spine 1st ray Atmic plane Emergence Will Purpose Initiation 6. Decision Throat center 3rd rayRays, 340:Fixation Intelligent cooperation Creativity Initiation 7. Resurrection Head center 2nd ray LogoicRays, 340:plane The Eternal Pilgrim Love-Wisdom Attraction Initiation 8. Transition Hierarchy Four minor raysRays, 340:rays Planetary Choice Consciousness Sensitivity Initiation 9. Refusal Shamballa Three major raysRays, 341:different idea anent the whole subject of initiation. The concept which has to supersede the one atRays, 341:the one at present extant is that of group initiation, and not that of the initiation of anRays, 341:is that of group initiation, and not that of the initiation of an individual aspirant. In the past,Rays, 341:In the past, and in order to get the idea of initiation into the minds of the people, the HierarchyRays, 341:(now obsolete) of holding out the prospect of initiation before the earnest disciple; upon thisRays, 341:in the scale of evolution. Since the fact of initiation had been grasped by many and achieved byRays, 341:to reveal what has always been implied, that initiation is a group event. If clear thinking hadRays, 341:selfish individual aspiration, the fact of group initiation would have been obvious and for theRays, 341:It is the soul which is the initiate. Initiation is a process whereby the spiritual man within theRays, 341:to expand and become inclusive can "take initiation" (as it is erroneously termed). If initiationRays, 341:initiation" (as it is erroneously termed). If initiation were a purely personal achievement, itRays, 341:progression. Every step upon the Path of Initiation increases group recognition. Initiation isRays, 341:Path of Initiation increases group recognition. Initiation is essentially an expanding series ofRays, 341:an expanding series of inclusive recognitions. Initiation admits the aspirant into membership inRays, 342:these culminate [342] in the fourth initiation, and are again mysteriously emphasized at the ninthRays, 342:are again mysteriously emphasized at the ninth initiation. It dawns on the initiate, as he proceedsRays, 342:dawns on the initiate, as he proceeds from one initiation to another, that each time he movesRays, 342:led the average esoteric student to appropriate initiation and to make it personal and individual.Rays, 342:Yet one of the prime prerequisites for initiation is a clear and concise recognition of one's ownRays, 342:carefully in mind, therefore, the fact of group initiation, and forego the process of consideredRays, 342:of considered thought anent your preparation for initiation. Some groups are being prepared forRays, 342:initiation. Some groups are being prepared for initiation in which the following factors control -Rays, 343:Recognition is therefore a preliminary test of initiation, and this should be remembered. SuchRays, 343:trained and related are, from the angle of the initiation to be taken, at the same point inRays, 343:point in evolution. They are taking the same initiation and are being subjected to the same testsRays, 343:in training is focused in his personality, group initiation will not be possible for him, hisRays, 343:a united moving forward through the Door of Initiation. Group initiation cannot be achieved by aRays, 343:forward through the Door of Initiation. Group initiation cannot be achieved by a group in trainingRays, 344:Two - Introductory Remarks This thought of group initiation must be remembered, for it will colorRays, 344:No one is admitted (through the processes of initiation) into the Ashram of the Christ (theRays, 344:and with whom he must travel upon the Path of Initiation - a very different matter and a far moreRays, 344:glimpse of group relations leading to group initiation: "And dost thou see the Door, O Chela in theRays, 345:Mysteries. In Atlantean times, when the Door of Initiation stood wide open, the aspirants to theRays, 346:their preparatory training for some one initiation. This group admission will develop rapidly asRays, 347:Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation SECTION ONE - THE ASPIRANT AND THERays, 347:SECTION ONE - THE ASPIRANT AND THE MYSTERIES OF INITIATION The Entering of the two Doors ofRays, 347:OF INITIATION The Entering of the two Doors of Initiation Let us now take up our first point inRays, 347:is really meant by the hackneyed words "door of initiation," and what constitutes the differenceRays, 347:is of quite secondary importance. The Door of Initiation The real meaning underlying the phraseRays, 347:The real meaning underlying the phrase "door of initiation" is that of obstruction, of somethingRays, 348:characteristics have, however, little bearing on initiation and passing through the "door" on theRays, 348:the black magician passes through the door of initiation as it opens twice for the first twoRays, 349:Only the third is so regarded, because at that initiation the entire personality life is flooded
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