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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Rays, 644:experienced in its second aspect at the fifth initiation. Forget not that all rays have threeRays, 645:is this synthesis which is revealed at the fifth initiation and - as I said above - the combinationRays, 645:of the first ray. When a Master takes the fifth initiation He already knows the significance of theRays, 646:ask you to consider the relation of the fifth initiation, the fifth Ray of Science and the firstRays, 648:humanity, as a whole, will be taking the fifth initiation, for such is not the case. Many advancedRays, 648:to many thousands) may and will take this initiation, but the masses of men everywhere,Rays, 648:eventually take either the first or the second initiation. The effect however of hierarchicalRays, 648:those who have taken or who will take the fifth initiation, and through the new direction of firstRays, 650:as he prepares for and undergoes the fifth initiation, and keys himself up for the promisedRays, 650:vision in toto for the first time. At the fourth initiation, he responds to the third aspect ofRays, 650:the effect of this ray at the time of the fifth initiation, you must bear in mind that the discipleRays, 650:passed, in a previous incarnation, through the Initiation of Renunciation, and has establishedRays, 650:into activity. With the disciple of the fourth initiation, [651] submitting himself to the fifthRays, 651:[651] submitting himself to the fifth initiation, the orientation and the focus attained remains aRays, 651:is accorded to him at the following or sixth Initiation of Decision. Where the ordinary everydayRays, 651:growth in mental realization, he passes from initiation to initiation, until there comes theRays, 651:mental realization, he passes from initiation to initiation, until there comes the culminatingRays, 651:until there comes the culminating fifth initiation. Rays, 652:the planetary Logos. From the time of the third initiation, this purpose has been graduallyRays, 653:and cycle of preparation for the sixth [653] initiation, that purpose will burst upon him inRays, 653:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation VI - Decision - Ray III We have concludedRays, 653:except one or two points anent the sixth Initiation of Decision; this [654] initiation is governedRays, 654:the sixth Initiation of Decision; this [654] initiation is governed by the third Ray of ActiveRays, 654:that I am making a few comments upon the sixth initiation is that at this time a number of theRays, 654:time of the reappearance of the Christ. At this Initiation of Decision the Master concerned decidesRays, 654:expression. Today, however, in taking this sixth initiation, all of the Masters so doing and underRays, 655:Avatar of Synthesis. Christ Himself took this initiation some time ago and passed through theRays, 655:time ago and passed through the Resurrection Initiation and the experience of the seventhRays, 655:Initiation and the experience of the seventh initiation. These Masters can, in a mysteriousRays, 655:the potency of that which lies behind the fifth initiation - in the planetary sense and not inRays, 655:sense and not in connection with the individual initiation with its revelation indicating first rayRays, 655:the potency of that which lies behind the sixth initiation will take hold of the evolutionaryRays, 656:to you. As to the remaining three initiations: Initiation VII - The Resurrection - Ray IIRays, 656:Initiation VII - The Resurrection - Ray II Initiation VIII - The Great Transition - Rays IV, V, VI,Rays, 656:- Rays IV, V, VI, VII (the four minor Rays) Initiation IX - The Refusal - Rays I, II, III (theRays, 656:Just as a Master Who has taken the fifth initiation has to project His own specific undertaking,Rays, 658:planetary initiations or unfoldments; the word "initiation" is not to be understood in the exactRays, 660:Just as the initiate-disciple passes from one initiation to another through a process ofRays, 660:be developed in the next major race) Who, at the Initiation of Decision, the sixth initiation, willRays, 660:Who, at the Initiation of Decision, the sixth initiation, will dedicate Themselves, as a group, toRays, 661:subjected. The world crises, which ever precede initiation on a planetary scale, are part of theRays, 661:tests and trials which make possible some cosmic initiation to which He has been and willRays, 661:are, as we have seen, only preparatory to that initiation for which our world was made - theRays, 661:relationship and the detail connected with each initiation, [662] viewing them when possible fromRays, 662:have given to the world I have taught much anent initiation; I have sought to bring a saner, moreRays, 662:of every disciple. It is wise to note that an initiation is in reality a crisis, a climaxing event,Rays, 662:the many preceding and less important crises. An initiation is a culminating episode, made possibleRays, 662:been said anent the more important truth that initiation admits a man into some area or level ofRays, 662:but the groups in every land who face initiation, and who fall into three categories: Those in theRays, 663:goal. Those in preparation for some specific initiation, particularly the first initiation to theRays, 663:some specific initiation, particularly the first initiation to the third (inclusive). They have setRays, 663:had the needed training and await the hour of initiation. As I have said, the first two initiationsRays, 663:simply phases of, or preparatory to, the third initiation (as occult students call it), which is inRays, 663:call it), which is in reality the first major initiation. This must be most carefully held in mind,Rays, 663:a soul-indwelling which culminates at the third initiation, and of monadic control whichRays, 663:steadily increases from the time of the third initiation until the seventh initiation; after theRays, 663:time of the third initiation until the seventh initiation; after the seventh initiation a conditionRays, 663:until the seventh initiation; after the seventh initiation a condition can be seen which isRays, 664:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation I - The Birth at Bethlehem I have preservedRays, 664:an entirely new way of life, so each successive initiation is in an exactly similar manner anRays, 664:particularly true in connection with this first initiation; the analogy holds good from the veryRays, 665:enter the new era, the symbology of the fourth initiation, that of the Renunciation, hasRays, 665:substituting the spiritual. The ferment of the initiation process goes on all the time, underminingRays, 665:be lacking) undergone the birth experience and initiation, and as a result of this, that which canRays, 665:can at this time perceive, and each successive initiation will see this fact more clearlyRays, 665:this fact more clearly demonstrated. The Birth Initiation lies behind in the experience of many,Rays, 666:phenomenal, emotional and mental self. The first initiation might be regarded as the goal and theRays, 666:and later to be struggled for and attained, initiation by initiation - unity is achieved andRays, 666:to be struggled for and attained, initiation by initiation - unity is achieved and dualismRays, 666:concept: The mystical Way leads to the first initiation. Having achieved its purpose, it is thenRays, 666:The "new man" who has come to birth at the first initiation must and will tread the occult orRays, 667:of God as life or energy. [667] The first initiation marks the beginning of a totally new life andRays, 667:and the initiate is ready to undergo the Baptism Initiation. Members of the New Group of WorldRays, 667:life, are initiate and have undergone the first initiation. When they discover those who areRays, 667:marks of those who have taken the first initiation, they can, in all probability, safely assumeRays, 667:assume that such people have taken the second initiation or are on the verge of so doing. TheirRays, 667:should prepare the way for the Christ. The first initiation should be regarded as instituting a newRays, 668:basic plan is divine and ideal. After the first initiation, the entire sex relationship shiftsRays, 669:I have given you so much information anent initiation and the rays and centers in my many booksRays, 669:You should decide (at least tentatively) which initiation lies ahead of you and then discover allRays, 669:implicated and active at the time of the first initiation) has to be transmuted and raised to theRays, 671:two centers and the two glands, then the first initiation becomes possible. When this takes place,Rays, 671:It is the energy let loose at the first initiation and distributed into the sacral and the throatRays, 672:of the seventh ray (which governs the first initiation) enters in; one of the functions of this rayRays, 672:nothing spectacular to be told anent the first initiation; the initiate-disciple still works in theRays, 673:Thus he becomes a white magician. At this initiation he sees, for the first time, what are theRays, 673:in the following words: "When the Rod of Initiation descends and touches the lower part of theRays, 673:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation II - The Baptism in Jordan The initiationRays, 673:Initiation II - The Baptism in Jordan The initiation which we are now to study is perhaps one ofRays, 674:- on a relatively large scale - faces the second initiation, or the Baptism Initiation. The conceptRays, 674:- faces the second initiation, or the Baptism Initiation. The concept of baptism is ever associatedRays, 674:to sight and has small influence. At the third initiation the control of the soul-illumined mind isRays, 674:which is communicated at the time of the second initiation under the symbolism of a positivelyRays, 675:from on high. The Aryan approach to this same initiation has not yet been fully understood. ThisRays, 675:has not yet been fully understood. This second initiation - as now undergone - is to some extentRays, 675:develops. It is because of this that the second initiation has become one of the most difficultRays, 677:goal of the initiate who has taken the second initiation? I would ask you to transit inRays, 677:from the concept that the process of initiation is a consummation of effort, to the higher andRays, 677:mechanism with which he approaches the place of initiation? These are the factors of importance,Rays, 677:the Major Initiations Before him lies the third Initiation of the Transfiguration. Facing him is a
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