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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATION

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Rays, 699:anent the Crucifixion or the Renunciation Initiation, both in the East and in the West. This is aRays, 700:The beauty of the interpretation of this initiation and the reward to those who attempt toRays, 701:This conscious experience, leading to the fourth initiation, is a definitely planned undertaking,Rays, 701:will be clear to you, therefore, why this fourth initiation is ruled or governed by the fourth RayRays, 701:gradually being brought about by each succeeding initiation, between humanity and the Hierarchy,Rays, 701:pain and suffering but which, after this fourth initiation, is devoid of suffering. A hint as toRays, 702:of divine life. I would ask you to ponder this Initiation of Renunciation, remembering ever in yourRays, 703:how the Buddha prepared the way for the Initiation of Renunciation or of Crucifixion by HisRays, 703:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation V - The Revelation As we undertake theRays, 703:As we undertake the consideration of the next initiation, you will find that three factors willRays, 703:initiations. You have to bear in mind that each initiation enables the initiate to "see ahead" aRays, 704:vision. [704] As you know, this particular initiation has been called the "Resurrection" by theRays, 704:Christian teaching anent the "Ascension" - an initiation which has no factual existence and shouldRays, 704:no factual existence and should not be called an initiation. You have, therefore, the followingRays, 705:the old body in which They took the fifth initiation or else They build the "mayavirupa" or body ofRays, 705:appear in the original form in which They took initiation. This I personally did in reference toRays, 705:case; i.e., preserving the body in which I took initiation. This the Master K.H. did in creating aRays, 705:was made in the form in which He took the fifth initiation. It may interest you to know that theRays, 706:move forward, and that there faces Him a great Initiation of Decision (the sixth) for which He mustRays, 707:which is accorded to the initiate of the fifth initiation. It is too closely related to Shamballa,Rays, 707:myself done more this life than take the fifth initiation and climb the Mount of Ascension. TheRays, 708:may be or the status of the disciple or the initiation he faces, these same three energies will beRays, 709:the higher order or related to the processes of initiation. In connection with the energy generatedRays, 709:the energy of the soul ray, until the fifth initiation when it will be superseded by the energy ofRays, 710:direction of the Spiritual Triad. At the fourth initiation the soul body, the causal body (soRays, 711:prepares the man for the ninth or the final initiation, which enables the initiate - in a mannerRays, 713:to the initiate at the time of the fifth initiation. The clues, the thoughts, the abstractRays, 713:of which all disciples are aware are at this initiation resolved into certainty, and the Master canRays, 713:something for which the long previous cycle of initiation has prepared Him. The revelation must beRays, 714:There are three words connected with this initiation which are of real importance to its correctRays, 714:in any true sense only comes after the third initiation. From that time on the initiateRays, 714:be the agent of the divine will after the third initiation. The head center is the one which is theRays, 715:and this only becomes possible after the Initiation of Renunciation. At that time the initiateRays, 715:not my will but Thine be done." Then comes the initiation of emergence out of matter and, from thatRays, 718:the Path of Discipleship and the Path of Initiation, the human being has to use the dynamic or theRays, 718:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation VI - The Decision We have been studyingRays, 719:to renounce and - when treading the Path of Initiation - to renounce consciously and with aRays, 719:purpose. In the same manner, the sixth Initiation of Decision also becomes possible because theRays, 719:like first of all to point out that the sixth initiation is to the Master Who stands before theRays, 719:before the planetary Logos what the second initiation is to the disciple; the fifth Initiation ofRays, 719:second initiation is to the disciple; the fifth Initiation of Revelation and the sixth InitiationRays, 719:the fifth Initiation of Revelation and the sixth Initiation of Decision are the higherRays, 720:(page 361) I made the comment that the second initiation with its evidenced control of desireRays, 720:goal set before the Master when the sixth initiation (the true ascension) is consummated. It is forRays, 720:is consummated. It is for this reason that this initiation is called the Initiation of Decision."Rays, 720:this reason that this initiation is called the Initiation of Decision." This is a point of realRays, 720:human evolution) in a position where at each initiation He expresses the sum total of all pastRays, 720:upon what He is and has, and - as a result of initiation - He is free from the questionings, theRays, 720:I pointed out that the Masters, at the sixth Initiation of Decision, face realms of service whereRays, 721:upon it if it is remembered that this sixth initiation is related, in a peculiar way, to Path VI.Rays, 721:but I would have you also remember that at this Initiation of Decision the Master can move forwardRays, 721:interest to have in mind also that at this sixth initiation a great moment of basically historicRays, 721:your minds the fact that before a man takes an initiation of any degree, He is already an initiateRays, 721:The Masters, however, do not "take this initiation" whenever They are ready to "make decision." TheRays, 722:of man's free will to make decision. The last initiation of this kind was therefore held in 1903.Rays, 722:in 1903. Those prepared to pass through this initiation were faced with the fact of the emergingRays, 722:time, make it. (Written in 1949.) At this sixth initiation the Masters Who participate in it noRays, 722:including the deva or angel evolution. The sixth Initiation of Decision is preparatory to the trueRays, 722:of Decision is preparatory to the true Initiation of the Resurrection, the seventh initiation. ThisRays, 722:true Initiation of the Resurrection, the seventh initiation. This can only be undergone when theRays, 722:of Gethsemane. There again - as in the fourth Initiation of Renunciation - the human element ofRays, 723:the extensive significances of the third initiation, for instance; in like manner, even highRays, 723:and because each stage upon the Path of Initiation has in it the germ of comprehension and anRays, 724:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation has been defined as "a progressive sequenceRays, 724:a definite and mysterious relation to this sixth initiation. The Master, as He makes His decisionRays, 724:the Path of Discipleship and the Path of Initiation have fitted Him. Even He does not know theRays, 724:the case with Those Who are taking the sixth initiation) and Who - symbolically speaking - "wipesRays, 725:to the Initiate in the first stage of the initiation gives Him a complete picture "in a flash ofRays, 725:will continue to hold until the final or ninth initiation, the Initiation of Refusal, wherein HeRays, 725:to hold until the final or ninth initiation, the Initiation of Refusal, wherein He rejects, refusesRays, 725:is, for him, eternally left behind. This initiation is therefore governed by the third ray, the RayRays, 725:when that is left behind entirely at the ninth initiation the initiate becomes a "fixed orRays, 726:(see page 340) in connection with this sixth initiation. The final four initiations are allRays, 726:a "revelation in the living light." At the sixth initiation the Master is brought to anRays, 726:future - must and will create. At the seventh Initiation of Resurrection, He is accorded aRays, 726:is really our planetary keynote. At the eighth Initiation of Transition the purpose of all ourRays, 726:and all Masters or initiates of this eighth initiation (working either through the Hierarchy or inRays, 726:Hierarchy or in Shamballa) are needed at this initiation so as to stimulate the point of tension ofRays, 726:This protection is needed because at this initiation the initiate is shown not only the eternalRays, 727:when I say to you also that at this eighth initiation the nature and the purpose of duality isRays, 728:ancient aphorisms for disciples. At the ninth Initiation of Refusal, the revelation presented toRays, 728:I can say anent this crucial and decisive sixth initiation. It embodies the Master's recognition ofRays, 728:This is not so with the initiate of the sixth initiation. He is entirely liberated from his past;Rays, 729:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Initiation VII - The Resurrection There is no ideaRays, 730:body. He passed through the great seventh initiation which we will consider today, and knew theRays, 730:Let us consider some few aspects of the seventh initiation. The word "resurrection" has deepRays, 730:place and the Christ passed through the seventh Initiation of Resurrection and returned back to HisRays, 731:of the causal or soul body at the great Initiation of Renunciation. This process of death andRays, 732:experience to another, culminating in the fifth Initiation of Revelation and in the seventhRays, 732:Initiation of Revelation and in the seventh Initiation of Resurrection. At the fifth initiation itRays, 732:seventh Initiation of Resurrection. At the fifth initiation it is revealed to the initiate thatRays, 732:it) a new understanding of living. The seventh initiation is divorced from all considerations ofRays, 732:degree can understand or convey. After the fifth initiation, the initiate has slowly been sensingRays, 733:is accorded to the initiate at this seventh Initiation of Resurrection. He takes this initiationRays, 733:Initiation of Resurrection. He takes this initiation upon what (for lack of a better phrase) weRays, 733:consciousness of the Lord of the World. At this initiation the Initiator is attended by two groupsRays, 735:of the two final initiations. This seventh initiation gives the initiate the right to "come and goRays, 735:which enable him to work. There is one aspect of initiation which is apt to be overlooked. EveryRays, 735:initiation which is apt to be overlooked. Every initiation is a process of energy transmission fromRays, 735:from a higher center of energy to a lower; every initiation charges the initiate with electrical
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