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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATIONS

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Discipleship2, 70:disciples who are taking the second or third initiations should register them in their brainDiscipleship2, 71:disciple is then able to take the higher major initiations. Much of this has been given you in theDiscipleship2, 136:time restore the Mysteries, bring the first two initiations into a relative prominence as integralDiscipleship2, 246:are preparing to pass through one of the highest initiations, these two Masters have handed all butDiscipleship2, 246:initiation. They are used prior to all the major initiations, and have therefore five significancesDiscipleship2, 246:which will become apparent only as each of these initiations is undergone. They are in the formDiscipleship2, 254:activities - before the man can take the higher initiations: Upon alignment. Upon the scientificDiscipleship2, 261:to a greater or less degree, according to the initiations already taken. This polarization, thisDiscipleship2, 263:them. These six relationships are not six initiations but six intermediate expansions ofDiscipleship2, 263:of consciousness, occurring between the major initiations. They are definitely formulas ofDiscipleship2, 309:the bare factual outline) is that there are five initiations ahead of the disciple, with two moreDiscipleship2, 309:more ahead of the Master, making in all seven initiations, and that prior to each initiation -Discipleship2, 317:be drawn. For the disciple facing the first two initiations, this group will be some exoteric bodyDiscipleship2, 325:be lost, and there is today a constant series of initiations taking place. This must perforceDiscipleship2, 328:to be studied, understood and mastered between initiations, for each initiation carries the subjectDiscipleship2, 328:Ashram, i.e., of all preparing for the lesser initiations, and therefore of all below a certainDiscipleship2, 332:before the Christ or before the One Initiator. Initiations taking place within affiliated AshramsDiscipleship2, 332:Ashrams and having a specific ray effect. Initiations into those degrees which are higher than theDiscipleship2, 337:statement applies to the second and the third initiations. The higher initiations will still beDiscipleship2, 337:the second and the third initiations. The higher initiations will still be taken individually or inDiscipleship2, 344:five ideas controls one or other of the five initiations, but they have not been given to you by meDiscipleship2, 346:indicate) must not be confused with the five initiations. They are indeed related to them, but theDiscipleship2, 346:future work to be done by the initiate between initiations. The quotation from the Old CommentaryDiscipleship2, 349:initiate is presented by the Christ. The earlier initiations may have their correspondingDiscipleship2, 364:stages of consciousness to be found between initiations. They have unique reference to the patternDiscipleship2, 368:of instructions I am dealing with hierarchical initiations and not with those advanced stages ofDiscipleship2, 369:usefully be related by you to the first three initiations, though they necessarily have anDiscipleship2, 369:have an interpretation appropriate to all the initiations. Let me express for you here - in theirDiscipleship2, 370:the atmic plane. Relates to the fifth and sixth initiations. Concerns the alta major center.Discipleship2, 371:revelation are concerned - at their respective initiations: The ajna center. The heart center. TheDiscipleship2, 378:plane at the second, the third and the fourth initiations. [379] This he must do through theDiscipleship2, 383:to the group itself; the diversity of the initiations for which preparation is being made tends toDiscipleship2, 383:of those who have taken the second and the third initiations were transferred with him under whatDiscipleship2, 384:the individual members are undergoing different initiations? Is the group integrity imperilled?Discipleship2, 384:an initiate - either as an initiate of the Earth initiations or, in the senior grades, as anDiscipleship2, 384:the Sirian regime. He is - during the first four initiations - entirely centered in consciousnessDiscipleship2, 384:because he is the Initiator of the first two initiations which always seem to the neophyte of majorDiscipleship2, 385:part of a redeeming Ashram." At the later initiations, and after the fifth Initiation ofDiscipleship2, 389:moment of revelation. You talk of a series of initiations, but the Masters talk in terms of aDiscipleship2, 391:disciples and the initiates of the first three initiations, through [392] whom the "souls" work inDiscipleship2, 397:the two which have reference to the first two initiations; these are taken upon the physical andDiscipleship2, 397:during the second, the third and the fourth initiations. At the second Initiation of the Baptism,Discipleship2, 398:is at that time revealed; the remaining six initiations progressively reveal (to the Master) theDiscipleship2, 399:relation to the second, the third and the fourth initiations. The procedure carried forward at theDiscipleship2, 399:procedure carried forward at the remaining five initiations; in these initiatory processes there isDiscipleship2, 399:in relation to the crucial moment in each of the initiations is always most scrupulously guarded.Discipleship2, 401:This may be partially true of the first two initiations (the Sirian initiations of the threshold),Discipleship2, 401:true of the first two initiations (the Sirian initiations of the threshold), but all the remainingDiscipleship2, 401:of the threshold), but all the remaining initiations involve the whole man and "three periodicalDiscipleship2, 406:of the Hierarchy in reference to the first two initiations - initiations of the threshold, from theDiscipleship2, 406:in reference to the first two initiations - initiations of the threshold, from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 410:masses of men are concerned and the first two initiations are likewise involved, there is today andDiscipleship2, 410:It must be remembered that if these two earliest initiations are to be administered upon theDiscipleship2, 418:of this hint, corresponding to the nine initiations. This sentence both in its individual, tonicDiscipleship2, 420:at this time). The objective of the first two initiations is to enable the initiate to live in theDiscipleship2, 420:world of meaning; the objective of the next four initiations - up to and including the sixthDiscipleship2, 433:particular initiation. For the second and third initiations he polarizes them or focuses them inDiscipleship2, 435:XI The agent of revelation is, for the first two initiations, the Soul and - for that reason - theDiscipleship2, 435:divinity. This is the reason why these first two initiations are regarded as "initiations of theDiscipleship2, 435:why these first two initiations are regarded as "initiations of the threshold." It is here that theDiscipleship2, 435:the Son of Mind is set free and then the higher initiations become possible. After that, the OneDiscipleship2, 521:of this work of preparation. Disciples ever take initiations alone, even when preparing for andDiscipleship2, 732:to pass through one or other of the highest initiations at their first attempt and - from theDiscipleship2, 743:forward. When disciples take one of the final initiations, or when they are admitted to a higherExternalisation, 159:the process of training for the first three initiations. Therefore, all that I here tell you mustExternalisation, 473:is the Christ; They have passed through the initiations of the new birth, the baptism, theExternalisation, 497:a great and potent initiation, paralleling those initiations which liberate or release the souls ofExternalisation, 515:know, is the Hierophant of the first and second initiations and He will, if the preparatory work isExternalisation, 527:by Masters and Adepts (of the fifth and fourth initiations), aided by initiates of the third degreeExternalisation, 529:degree are rapidly taking the fourth and fifth initiations and becoming Masters (taking bothExternalisation, 529:initiations and becoming Masters (taking both initiations in one life), and their places are beingExternalisation, 688:prior to and preparatory to some of the higher initiations. Externalisation, 700:on the Seven Rays, Vol.V: (The Rays and the Initiations.) and a more detailed presentation will notFire, 69:A high Adept. An initiate who has taken more Initiations than the five major Initiations which makeFire, 69:has taken more Initiations than the five major Initiations which make man a "Master of the Wisdom."Fire, 125:proceeds in an ordered manner. The three first initiations see these results perfected, [126] andFire, 138:the atom of the physical plane has its goal, its initiations and its ultimate triumph. Other anglesFire, 198:path upon which an must eventually pass. 84 The Initiations spoken of in this Treatise are theFire, 198:spoken of in this Treatise are the major Initiations which bring about those expansions ofFire, 208:etheric, or the astral at the first and second Initiations, or whether the initiate is standingFire, 208:World Teacher initiates at the first and second Initiations, the direction of the Triadal force isFire, 210:the "Flaming Diamond" at certain of the final initiations (the sixth and seventh) transmits force,Fire, 210:The Rod of Initiation used for the first two initiations and wielded by the Great Lord, the Christ,Fire, 218:the form. We have a correspondence in the nine Initiations, each initiation marking a more perfectFire, 272:earlier mahamanvantara. In connection with the initiations this should be carefully borne in mind.Fire, 288:or planes. The seven types of forces. The seven Initiations and many other septenates. The Gnosis,Fire, 289:this, they can then gain - through the final initiations - something of the group concept, or theFire, 327:end of this round. It is the sphere wherein the initiations of the threshold are undergone, and theFire, 327:of the threshold are undergone, and the fivefold initiations of the physical plane are enteredFire, 337:be remembered in connection with the major initiations of manas. Nevertheless - as They are theFire, 340:and by the time he has taken the four major initiations he has: Developed perfectly the BrahmaFire, 348:kinds: Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos, and of the three majorFire, 348:Logoi. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a planetary Logos. Planetary, used byFire, 348:and for the third, the fourth, and fifth major initiations, with the two higher. Hierarchical, usedFire, 348:used by an occult Hierarchy for minor Initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas byFire, 348:for minor Initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas by the Bodhisattva. 29 When manFire, 363:The Four Propositions - S. D., I, 107. The Four Initiations - S. D., I, 227. The Fourth Plane -Fire, 364:is the number of Initiation, or of the major Initiations of Manas, wherein man becomes a perfectFire, 384:in mind: The solar Logos has for objective nine initiations, the third cosmic Initiation being HisFire, 384:Our planetary Logos has for objective seven initiations, the second cosmic Initiation being His
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