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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATIONS

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Reappearance, 87:becomes an agent of the love of God; the higher initiations enable him, however, to become, stageReappearance, 125:the so-called Mysteries, offering spurious initiations (usually at a cost and with a diploma) andReappearance, 129:(through its massed populations) of one of the initiations. History will some day be based andTelepathy, 87:two stages cover the period of the first two initiations; the third precedes the third initiationTelepathy, 90:of service and each related to the last three initiations of the total possible nine initiationsTelepathy, 90:three initiations of the total possible nine initiations which confront developing humanity. TheTelepathy, 90:related to the seventh, the eighth and the ninth initiations. Never does the geometrical pattern,Telepathy, 91:man and all who have taken the three highest initiations are always referred to as "the diamondTelepathy, 97:a whole, when he has attained some of the higher initiations. This indicates ability to registerTelepathy, 103:impression). When he has taken certain important initiations, his magnetic aura will be capable ofTelepathy, 134:aspects of divinity which connote the nine major initiations and those divine characteristicsTelepathy, 161:of the personality, are essential before certain initiations can be taken. The theme is too complexTelepathy, 161:enables a man successively to take the five initiations which make him a Master of the Wisdom. TheTelepathy, 162:and falls into five natural stages which we call initiations. The symbolism of the Rod ofTelepathy, 163:number of disciples have taken the nine possible initiations, this triangular formation of the
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