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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATOR

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Initiation, 143:coincide with the ceremonial chart by which the Initiator is guided, is it possible to perform theInitiation, 144:planet. By the use of a particular mantram the Initiator then focuses the energy in his own body,Initiation, 144:therefore, to the student that when the Initiator is the Lord of the World, or the physicalInitiation, 146:to the initiate, being repeated after the Initiator [147] phrase by phrase; it is punctuated atInitiation, 148:three Heads of Departments collaborates with the Initiator in the work of administration. In thisInitiation, 148:planetary scheme, and it is the work of the Initiator to put the initiate in touch with thisInitiation, 148:has been effected, and is brought about by the Initiator using certain words and elevating his RodInitiation, 158:he sees it before his inner eye. Finally the Initiator sounds it forth, and the initiate becomesInitiation, 163:(when in due course of time he stands before the Initiator) he will lose no time in utilizing theInitiation, 163:circulating energy emanating from the Rod, the Initiator confides to the initiate the secret. TheInitiation, 197:who has stood in his subtler bodies before the Initiator. Should he not do this, and should it beMagic, 362:him into the Presence of the Hierophant. The Initiator then, with full knowledge of the disciple'sMeditation, 75:stand in the Presence of the Great King, the One Initiator. Meditation, 168:for all three departments. He [168] is the One Initiator, and whether a man works on the line ofMeditation, 168:all finding their focal point through the same Initiator, and all, at the same time, quite distinctMeditation, 259:Master's aura, till he finally contacts the One Initiator, is admitted into the Secret Place, andMeditation, 261:He sees that star flash out above the One Initiator, and recognizes it in those of equal place toMeditation, 268:Who administers to him the mysteries, to the One Initiator Who effects the final liberation, and toMeditation, 302:that place, directly under the eyes of the One Initiator Himself, Who is - as is seldom realized -Meditation, 304:self, his Master, his egoic group, the First Initiator, the One Paramount Initiator, until he hasMeditation, 304:group, the First Initiator, the One Paramount Initiator, until he has contacted the Lord of his RayMeditation, 305:lead all to the point of standing before the One Initiator, the methods employed are fundamentallyMeditation, 330:to three years - be ready to stand before the Initiator. Patanjali, 52:were initiated into the mysteries by the one Initiator, the representative in our planet of thePsychology1, 85:Sacred Fire The Whirling Sphere The Sword of the Initiator The Divine Alchemical Worker The BuilderPsychology1, 240:of a particular ray always functions as the Initiator. This ray cyclically alters. In the majorPsychology1, 240:connection with humanity, not only is the first Initiator, the Christ, officiating, not only is thePsychology1, 351:enable him to take the needed steps towards the Initiator. Psychology1, 406:relation in the three Initiators. The first Initiator - the soul of man. This controls graduallyPsychology1, 406:controls gradually the personality. The second Initiator - the Christ. Releasing the love nature.Psychology1, 406:the Christ. Releasing the love nature. The final Initiator - the Planetary Logos. Illumining thePsychology2, 278:His divine acquiescence that He is the First Initiator. [279] From one point of view, these twoRays, 18:to move forward, unitedly to stand before the Initiator, and unitedly and simultaneously to achieveRays, 22:the fire (right at its very heart) let the One Initiator appear Whose star shone forth when theRays, 26:present their groups (large or small) to the Initiator, but the personnel of [27] these groups willRays, 34:section of the Path and not approach to the Initiator. I would have you reflect upon thisRays, 56:with the Planetary Logos, the Hierophant, the Initiator at the third initiation, just as theRays, 56:Christ, the Master of all the Masters, is the Initiator and the Hierophant at the first twoRays, 81:At the third initiation he stands before the One Initiator, the Lord of the World, and "sees HisRays, 90:of the life of the Head of the Hierarchy, the Initiator Whom they must face at the time of theRays, 92:work here referred to concerns His activity as Initiator and His responsibility as Head of theRays, 113:and who can together be presented to the One Initiator as a "unit of Light." This sense ofRays, 127:time, people and life itself to the call of the Initiator - or rather, to be correct, to what theyRays, 172:the fire (right at its very heart) let the One Initiator appear Whose star shone forth when firstRays, 174:and in balanced sequence; each contact with the Initiator leads the initiate closer to the centerRays, 175:refers to the time when "we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, when we see His star shineRays, 175:can shine forth - the focused light of the One Initiator. For the first time the expandedRays, 176:of Christ passes the dynamic power of the One Initiator, as a stream of light, stepped down orRays, 176:initiation, the candidate must face the One Initiator alone, with no protective Individual standingRays, 176:side by a Master. Nevertheless, he faces the Initiator alone and unprotected. Even now, at thisRays, 177:or protects him, but he stands before the Initiator face to face, and the freedom of the City ofRays, 194:he was brought [194] to the feet of the Initiator through the effect of love, and thus he availedRays, 198:referred to above. Christ is no longer the Initiator, but stands to the initiate as the Master doesRays, 226:in a recognition of the true nature of the One Initiator. The stage of the dissipation of all veilsRays, 268:third initiation when the planetary Logos is the Initiator. At that initiation, the will aspectRays, 343:spirit that the disciple must appear before the Initiator empty-handed, but that in group formationRays, 386:They stood in the Presence of the One Initiator, the Lord of the World, and not in the Presence ofRays, 441:this solar Ashram, the Christ Himself, the first Initiator. [442] This inner life with its threeRays, 531:and in relation to the Christ as the Initiator. After the third initiation, the ceremonial angleRays, 553:existing within the consciousness of the One Initiator, the planetary Logos. It was Their decision,Rays, 579:"the race of men" can stand before the planetary Initiator, the Christ, and under the focusedRays, 581:and "in the house of bread" stand before the Initiator. The coming Christ will therefore initiateRays, 584:effort to understand) will stand before the initiator and undergo the Baptism Initiation; bread andRays, 600:third initiations) until he stands before the Initiator at the sixth Initiation of Decision, whenRays, 657:subjected Himself, in the sense that He is the Initiator. Humanity, being the most highly developedRays, 688:because the initiate (standing before the One Initiator for the first time at the third initiation)Rays, 688:The application of the Rod of Initiation by the Initiator (working this time from the highestRays, 689:achieves an initiation and stands before the Initiator, he becomes simply an instrument whereby theRays, 706:recognition. It is in reality the voice of the Initiator in Whom we live and move and have ourRays, 727:possible is not only the action of the One Initiator and of the initiating group (when such a groupRays, 733:of the Lord of the World. At this initiation the Initiator is attended by two groups of Beings; oneRays, 738:as little delay as possible stand before the Initiator and join the ranks of Those Who - activelyReappearance, 65:self-imposed discipline) to stand before the One Initiator; this worldwide group (whether in theReappearance, 87:and aid them that they can stand before the One Initiator and become pillars in the Temple of God
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