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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATORY

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Astrology, 170:in spirit and in truth, he is then ready for the initiatory process upon the mountain top. TheAstrology, 351:of this is one of the developments of the initiatory process at the end of the long, long pathAstrology, 392:was revealed to the Christ at the fourth great initiatory crisis in His life) some definite, activeAstrology, 415:that there is: Electric fire - will - monad - Initiatory fire. Solar fire - love-wisdom - soul -Astrology, 437:of man, latent in the human center. The initiatory activity of Capricorn. The illumining radianceAstrology, 613:- Saturn. This is the will which lies behind all initiatory activity, that is, The initiation ofAstrology, 625:initiation and that which is revealed by the initiatory process and that is something which as yetBethlehem, 51:by stage through the great experiences of the initiatory process. Every initiation is preceded by aBethlehem, 59:been so, and a very interesting study of the initiatory process and of the new birth could be madeDiscipleship1, 40:not a cause. That they themselves may have an initiatory effect (as they work out intoDiscipleship2, 123:3. Pause here and endeavor to feel and sense the initiatory vibration or embryonic interplay whichDiscipleship2, 253:with me, your Master. Your recognition of the initiatory process. I told you, therefore, that youDiscipleship2, 261:as you imaginatively can the magnificence of the initiatory process - so vastly more inclusive thanDiscipleship2, 282:that inner side. During the early stages of the initiatory process he works in the world ofDiscipleship2, 328:surmise, can be among the secrets [328] of the initiatory process. The "principle of absorption"Discipleship2, 340:what is, for him, at his particular point of initiatory unfoldment, the consummation of all visionDiscipleship2, 344:governing ideas and endeavor to give you initiatory insight into their esoteric significance. YouDiscipleship2, 350:that Will will be according to the degree of the initiatory control). Their task is therefore toDiscipleship2, 351:sphere of work is producing a unification of initiatory effort which is new in the spiritualDiscipleship2, 367:from the angle of the initiate, that (in the initiatory process where the disciple is concerned)Discipleship2, 370:they indicate the revelation in its primary and initiatory individual recognition; the meaning is,Discipleship2, 372:the ashram and perceives - as a result of the initiatory process - the nature of the divine Plan,Discipleship2, 373:interpretations; these are dependent upon the initiatory status of the disciple. With these weDiscipleship2, 385:consolidation and irradiation. All the initiatory processes through which the disciple must passDiscipleship2, 385:theme of redemption (which underlies all the initiatory processes) is hidden in the karmicDiscipleship2, 388:each other, and how they cast a light upon the initiatory process which is unique, synthetic inDiscipleship2, 399:at the remaining five initiations; in these initiatory processes there is a "spiritual absorptionDiscipleship2, 400:into being, and then - at the close of the initiatory process - fades out, leaving however aDiscipleship2, 400:out the attitude of the third eye during this initiatory process and its new function in relationDiscipleship2, 400:the planetary Logos what the third eye (in its initiatory function) is to the disciple of the thirdDiscipleship2, 410:one by one to initiation. Administration of the initiatory formula will have to be in groupDiscipleship2, 416:other formulated hints deal with the particular initiatory process with which the disciple isDiscipleship2, 424:forward, it frequently coincides with the initiatory processes which are being applied to initiatesDiscipleship2, 429:man may have no practical knowledge of academic initiatory teaching but - if he loves his fellowmenDiscipleship2, 430:that makes you personally feel adequate to the initiatory demands, and to look for that which willDiscipleship2, 430:this instruction, to give you a new slant on the initiatory processes and thus to present to you aDiscipleship2, 430:therefore that we study this problem of the initiatory process from the angle of Penetration, ofDiscipleship2, 431:field of consciousness of a human being. This initiatory penetration is achieved by the discipleDiscipleship2, 432:termed the stage of Polarization. Then when the initiatory process is completed and "he returnsDiscipleship2, 525:and this the inflow of soul energy in the initiatory period intensifies; it is endowed with acuteDiscipleship2, 541:[541] of you, in his own place, is facing this initiatory process. I might add that every member ofExternalisation, 258:again in their case, there appears inevitably an initiatory seven - the base and dark parallel ofExternalisation, 532:entails much specialized training, and as the initiatory process becomes exoteric and menExternalisation, 575:as a major initiation, for which the first two initiatory degrees are only preparatory. This firstExternalisation, 576:their initiates at this time to carry out this initiatory task. The three major Ashrams so engagedFire, 259:in the chain of reasoning from phenomena to its initiatory impulse, can only be safely impartedFire, 348:Logos. Planetary, used by a planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, the fourth,Fire, 613:as used in esotericism. It means literally initiatory life impulse. It is that subjective activityFire, 613:with both aspects. The solar Logos is the initiatory impulse or Father of the Son in His physicalFire, 617:in the animal kingdom. When they, as the initiatory impulse, had produced animal man they hadFire, 716:and which are of a nature corresponding to the initiatory process in man, involving a rapidFire, 724:as far as our Logos is concerned, and give the initiatory impulse to the processes of adjustment,Fire, 772:To return to the reincarnating jivas: When the initiatory impulse has been given, the vibrationFire, 791:brief, or the reverse. In the early stages, the initiatory impulse is heavy and slow, and theFire, 798:it also in saying that the will aspect or initiatory impulse is primarily that which producesFire, 798:of phenomena which ever involves this dual initiatory cause and its objective effect: [799]Fire, 802:kalpas and that unknowable period in which the initiatory impulses were set up which are stillFire, 803:of the solar Logos as it demonstrates itself in initiatory activity. Beyond this we need hardly go,Fire, 958:when it is studied as an instrument of initiatory energy. Therefore, it will be apparent that aFire, 1016:or other of their grades. These are based on the initiatory sound of the Ego, and distinguishFire, 1028:the past only approached the realm of these initiatory impulses when he began to comprehend theFire, 1053:evolution," and the life and persistence of the initiatory Being sets the term for their duration.Fire, 1076:the mineral monad emerged as from an initiatory test, incomprehensible as this may seem. It will beFire, 1076:few. The others will run a longer cycle. The initiatory cultural process which has in view theFire, 1186:Atomic Subplane. Fohatic. Central Fire. Initiatory. 2. Plane Devas. Centers. Prana. Solar Energy.Fire, 1241:undergoes the discipline and who passes through initiatory rites which will enable him to treadGlamour, 126:he proceeds to master the essentials of the next initiatory lesson. I am here putting a great dealGlamour, 136:of these processes, proving them effects and not initiatory events; through the intuition manGlamour, 205:to revelation. The whole process of evolution is initiatory in character, leading from oneHealing, 144:the four and the two. This correspondence to the initiatory process is, however, in the reverseHealing, 335:world of impacts and inner impulses, but has no initiatory life of its own. It is composed of unitsInitiation, 26:illumination, and that the attainment of the initiatory process, and the entrance into the fifthInitiation, 95:Logos or Ray. These differences affect: The initiatory process, both in its ceremonial andInitiation, 102:who have no recollection of having undergone the initiatory process, yet who, nevertheless, mayInitiation, 126:men. 3. Planetary, used by a Planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, fourth,Initiation, 152:the solar system fall into two groups: The initiatory sounds, or those which produce manifestationInitiation, 176:that constitutes the not-self, and in this great initiatory process, as in all the later ones, theInitiation, 179:out on our planet as a vast period of trial or initiatory testing; it is, nevertheless, equally aMagic, 264:of all forms, standing alone in the vortex of initiatory rites, bereft of all on which he may haveMeditation, 319:within the school depend upon his own effort and initiatory powers. The rules of admission into thePsychology1, 156:a third. When ready for this, he comes under the initiatory power of the planetary Logos; andPsychology1, 198:liberation of the animal kingdom. Hence certain initiatory processes are working out on a largePsychology1, 235:frequency. This book is a basic treatise for initiatory training. Take, as an illustration of this,Psychology1, 240:through this kingdom, subjecting itself to the initiatory fire. This is of course expressedPsychology1, 248:effect can be seen in the five stages of the initiatory process, leading to eventualPsychology1, 259:and brought to the door of that peculiar initiatory process which we call - for lack of a betterPsychology1, 328:third great initiation marks a crisis in the initiatory work, and produces a further synthesisPsychology1, 355:ray forces, playing upon humanity again. The initiatory goal is today a mental at-one-ing.Psychology2, 13:and a mental grasp anent the facts of the initiatory process before they are practicedPsychology2, 145:actively participating in the work which is the initiatory work of the seventh ray. It is alsoPsychology2, 193:but an effect. That they may themselves have an initiatory effect as they work upon the physicalPsychology2, 213:transforming, and rendering humanity creative. Initiatory work becomes possible and a new andPsychology2, 280:for this is the Temple of the most difficult initiatory processes. The reason for this difficultyPsychology2, 393:Inclusive Reason, which is the theme for the initiatory meditation of the second ray disciple,Rays, 26:is related to human knowledge but not to the initiatory procedure. That has always existed andRays, 35:They are useless to the individual under the new initiatory dispensation. Only the group, under theRays, 41:will for a very long time constitute major initiatory experiences, but in the life and realizationRays, 74:soul make contact. Beyond the mental plane, the initiatory impulse or emphasis is upon the lifeRays, 79:is the number of initiation. The goal of all the initiatory process is to admit mankind intoRays, 158:wielding of this law (controlling energy in the initiatory world of causes) automatically brings
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