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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INJUNCTION

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Astrology, 193:that there is no need for elucidation. The injunction to the man upon the orthodox wheel is asAstrology, 193:then I see another." May the words of this final injunction to the disciple carry meaning to theAstrology, 292:Lives. Ponder on this. This is my frequent injunction, given because the activity of reflection isAstrology, 310:The "lion must emerge from its lair," and this injunction is badly needed by Leo aspirants. ItAtom, 45:is logical and practical. The old occult injunction which said to a man "Know thyself, for inAutobiography, 233:death under the leadership of St. Peter with the injunction to be fishers of men. It is for thisBethlehem, 11:many Christians may now pass, and thus obey His injunction to enter into new life? Must we not allBethlehem, 16:to perfect ourselves in consonance with Christ's injunction, "Be ye therefore perfect," (St. Matt.,Discipleship1, 292:approval and coalesces with your own soul's injunction. Your meditation for a while has been thatDiscipleship1, 326:this time can be best summed up in the strong injunction to practice truth at all times. My word toDiscipleship1, 414:light in the saddle" (to use an old proverbial injunction) and the other is to develop a sense ofDiscipleship1, 521:to take form. Note how I have worded this injunction. Stand as the soul and (as a constant habit ofDiscipleship1, 567:who compose part of my Ashram I gave a certain injunction to a brother. I told him to go forwardDiscipleship1, 575:and inner reorganization. Forget not my earlier injunction to go slowly. Discipleship1, 594:intensity must be avoided. That is a definite injunction from me. Esoterically speaking, yourDiscipleship1, 602:The two are allied. Forget not either my earlier injunction to you that "There are other things toDiscipleship2, 356:formulation in the Archives consists of an injunction to the Master and runs as follows: "RegardDiscipleship2, 463:Disciples are apt often to think that the injunction to identify themselves with other people mustDiscipleship2, 553:you an instruction which through its directive injunction covered the remainder of your life eventsDiscipleship2, 556:In my last instruction to you I gave you the injunction to act as if the ideal which you have setDiscipleship2, 556:in the form of changed behavior. This injunction is not the same in meaning as the injunction "as aDiscipleship2, 556:injunction is not the same in meaning as the injunction "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."Discipleship2, 556:"as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." That injunction, if rightly followed, brings about theDiscipleship2, 629:months, come to a clear understanding of my injunction to you, given earlier, to "seek the pinnacleDiscipleship2, 629:place whereon truth can be known." This is an injunction to increase your capacity to withdraw intoDiscipleship2, 631:by your soul to question; you have absorbed the injunction that a Master arrives at his goalDiscipleship2, 652:to the usual platitudes expressed in the injunction "dwell in the eternal." I refer definitely toDiscipleship2, 653:and seeing into your future, I reverse the injunction in your case and urge you to make the AshramDiscipleship2, 699:different note and key upon your life. Does this injunction surprise you, brother of old? You areDiscipleship2, 710:that the task undertaken is, by reason of soul injunction, obediently followed, but he must workDiscipleship2, 720:you are the victim. Adhere strictly to this injunction. One of the factors in ashramic relationsEducation, 137:is "the light of the world," and to fulfil the injunction, "let your light shine." Again, theExternalisation, 139:of Forgiveness and of Fulfilment of the Biblical injunction to "forget the things which lie behindExternalisation, 332:the graces of humility, prompt obedience to soul injunction, and inner integrity are unfolded andExternalisation, 587:develops. The statement in the Bible (or rather injunction) to "take root downward and bear fruitFire, 1017:path. This rule is very briefly summed up in the injunction: Let desire and mind be so pure and soFire, 1237:Path of Life: "Know thyself" is the first great injunction and long is the process of attainingFire, 1245:it is this basic quality which lies behind the injunction given by all spiritual teachers to theirGlamour, 246:life, to organize his time in obedience to the injunction of his higher self, and to produce,Healing, 105:for this work and should discontinue it. This injunction is far more important than you canHealing, 234:become increasingly apparent. [234] The Biblical injunction to remember that the sins of theHealing, 450:effect produced by the central Cause, and the injunction is consequently: "This they must bringHealing, 631:of the patient's energy in line with the injunction of the healer, and a consequent "display" ofHealing, 632:I am not here going to enlarge further on the injunction to use medical and surgical methodsHealing, 648:paragraph of this Rule starts with an important injunction to the healer: The healer must seek toHealing, 680:the soul - on its own plane - is the Son. This injunction, therefore, concerns the relation ofHercules, 22:There is much sound counsel in the Biblical injunction, "Be not righteous overmuch, why shouldstInitiation, 194:Under this symbology comes to the disciple the injunction to make the desert of the physical planeInitiation, 195:and thus keep the wheel revolving. Here comes an injunction to the disciple to remember hisInitiation, 195:luminary in the microcosmic sky. To fulfil this injunction all applicants need to do two things,Initiation, 204:be interpreted by the superficial reader as an injunction to the celibate life, and the pledging ofMagic, 18:by an understanding of himself, and the Delphic injunction "Man, know thyself" was an inspiredMagic, 143:we speak we should think, thus remembering the injunction, "You must attain to knowledge, ere youMagic, 257:: "This rule is very briefly summed up in the injunction: Let desire and mind be so pure and soMagic, 258:Hence the constant, e'en though badly worded injunction in many of the esoteric books, "Kill outMagic, 412:psychologists [412] who work under the Delphic injunction "Man, know thyself", and the financiersMagic, 467:are of [467] far less importance than the injunction to live kindly, speak words of gentleness andMagic, 467:but within himself the very familiarity of the injunction palls and is deemed, at best, a neededMagic, 467:for the important revelation. Yet the earlier injunction is the conveyer of occult information andMagic, 635:I in all earnest offer to you the paradoxical injunction to work with utter earnestness, and yet atPatanjali, 198:dharma" and fulfil his own role, is the Eastern injunction. "Mind your own business" is the WesternPatanjali, 198:attempt to teach the same truth and convey the injunction that we each of us must not steal fromPatanjali, 255:premature awakening of the psychic nature. The injunction to grow as the flower grows, carries withPatanjali, 255:with it a tremendous occult truth. There is an injunction in Ecc., VII, 16. which carries thisPatanjali, 360:a higher goal. At every stage of the path, the injunction sounds forth: "Forgetting the thingsPatanjali, 419:he hears the Voice of the Silence and obeys its injunction, working steadily at the task ofPatanjali, 423:great initiate, Paul, and was the cause of his injunction to the disciples he sought to help.Problems, 143:of Karma. To that, he adds in another place the injunction to "work out your own salvation" and -Problems, 158:near to Him and He will draw near to you" is the injunction, emanating in new and clear tones fromPsychology1, 241:diet, and which gives force and truth to this injunction. It is the failure to conform to this wisePsychology1, 275:They may be offered sound common sense, and the injunction to avoid excesses and those conditionsPsychology1, 304:the minds of aspirants on this matter, and the injunction as to celibacy is assuming the positionPsychology1, 312:has lain hidden in the Mind of God. Hence the injunction before us today (in the words of the greatPsychology1, 404:fivefold knowledge, he has fulfiled the Delphic injunction: "Know thyself," and can consequentlyPsychology2, 33:of the Blessed Ones. It ends with the wonderful injunction: "Therefore be full of joy, 0 pilgrim onPsychology2, 176:some of the deeper significances of the simple injunction: "Learn to discriminate." How much havePsychology2, 176:How much have we truly understood this injunction? Intellectually, the mind may give assent.Psychology2, 565:as individuals; they regard some clairaudient injunction or happening as appropriately theirs, andRays, 60:The key to this whole Rule lies in the injunction to the initiate that he add to his applicationRays, 60:motivated by the dynamic will, does the further injunction come that he move forward. What areRays, 104:effect produced by the central Cause, and the injunction is consequently: This they must bringRays, 191:in the light, We come now to a definite group injunction or instruction. The aid of the group isRays, 191:form of an order. The point of this formulated injunction is that in the new era and in theRays, 200:He comprehends the significance of the injunction which is embodied in the third phrase of thisRays, 210:therefore, is to recognize this and hence the injunction so oft misunderstood: Kill out desire.Rays, 211:about by the group itself, independently of any injunction of the Master, and as a result of theRays, 221:is destroyed. So died, according to theological injunction, the Christ upon the Cross. Yet He diedRays, 222:the possibility of fulfiling the third great injunction contained in this rule: Let them destroy byRays, 264:Rules For Group Initiation The first major injunction in this Rule XIII reads as follows: Let theRays, 267:Rules For Group Initiation The second major injunction (though the fourth phrase in our rule) is.Rays, 267:group together towards the Higher Three. This injunction holds in it information which is somewhatRays, 276:"the will of God will hold sway," as our injunction expresses it. Paralleling all this will be theRays, 277:that will give you the clue to the third major injunction, with this we shall now deal. Rays, 277:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation This injunction is worded as follows: Let TransfigurationRays, 278:three words which distinguish this third major injunction (but which symbolically constitute theRays, 278:(but which symbolically constitute the fifth injunction in the rule) might be defined as follows:Rays, 293:the initiate takes into his consciousness this injunction to express, it signifies to him not hisRays, 293:on their way. This word, therefore, is to him an injunction to be creative. The initiate createsRays, 303:can give you at this time upon the word and the injunction given to the initiate: Reveal. I wouldRays, 709:one of the first places where the value of the injunction, "Know thyself" can be seen. The nature
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