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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INJUNCTIONS

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Astrology, 93:They can be expressed in the following four injunctions which are given, symbolically, to theAutobiography, 235:they should receive and these suggestions and injunctions we immediately proceeded to carry out.Bethlehem, 144:limits beyond which man may not go, defining the injunctions which he must set upon his lowerDiscipleship1, XV:of individual disciples, following out the injunctions of the Christ and leading to a completeDiscipleship1, 106:questions if you understand not the above injunctions and I will answer. You will find this line ofDiscipleship1, 274:for you and which take the form of four dynamic injunctions. If you grant them an obedientDiscipleship1, 276:- R.V.B. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The four injunctions which I gave you earlier have done theirDiscipleship1, 364:thoughts for meditation. Otherwise my earlier injunctions to you hold good and your futureDiscipleship1, 415:leisure to grasp at least the purpose of these injunctions? Can you endeavor to profit by them?Discipleship1, 608:such an innate tendency to be glimmered. The injunctions which I have given you in my two previousDiscipleship2, 130:system of training and give you hints and brief injunctions, leaving you to do your ownDiscipleship2, 130:or fail to profit as seems best to you. These injunctions will take the form of six statements,Discipleship2, 130:not only arrive at the meaning of your personal injunctions, hints or instructions (for that isDiscipleship2, 601:and aspirationally what I said then. To the injunctions there given I would add some furtherDiscipleship2, 676:disciple or initiate receives training, injunctions as to character development and personalityDiscipleship2, 688:sees and should see changes. In my last set of injunctions, if I may call them so, which I gave youFire, 993:emphasized and urged, and hence the constant injunctions to self control, comprehension of theFire, 995:his experiments until he has attended to these injunctions, and until the whole bent of his thoughtHealing, 550:in attempting the impossible. There are four injunctions in this rule: The healer must trainHealing, 602:it states very definitely certain fundamental injunctions. Rule Three Let the healer concentrateInitiation, 192:FOR APPLICANTS There are certain aphorisms and injunctions which the applicant for initiation needsIntellect, 184:In the first, the devotee is subject to injunctions and prohibitions... i.e., 'bound by theMagic, 251:itself felt. The brain has "heard" occultly the injunctions and instructions of the mind as itMagic, 273:which are true of all forms, and three strong injunctions are given in the following terms: TheMagic, 273:As a result it grows in strength. The three injunctions are: Let the magician go on building hisPsychology1, 69:Brothers, Sons of the one Father, chanted these injunctions to Him on the day of His renewedPsychology1, 276:themselves deluged in a flood of puritanical injunctions, in righteous platitudes, and withPsychology2, 488:and phenomenal, and he regards them as divine injunctions coming from God. They have, however,Psychology2, 489:also be simply a sensitivity to the voices and injunctions and well-meaning intentions of goodPsychology2, 491:the time, the physical man is responding to the injunctions and impulses of his own personality.Psychology2, 580:have, with determination and in obedience to the injunctions in the Old Testament, insisted onRays, 217:relate these qualities to the various phrases or injunctions in this Rule XI. We must consider eachRays, 258:This, my brother, is one of the most advanced injunctions in any of the world Scriptures and isRays, 259:we shall note as we proceed. The two preparatory injunctions simply summarize the effects in theRays, 263:in a position to give it. These two preparatory injunctions will give you some idea of how abstruseRays, 263:His intention. We can now take up the four major injunctions given to the initiated disciple as heRays, 691:right reaction to hierarchical intention and the injunctions of his own soul. Both integration andTelepathy, 37 To:You need to bear in mind the following three injunctions: First: It is essential that you acquireTelepathy, 40:due attention and obedience to the above three injunctions as to motive, technique and method. [41]
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