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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNATE

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Astrology, 18:of the rajasic or the activity aspect of the innate man. Fundamentally, the forces here found areAstrology, 53:condition the solar Logos are blended with the innate energies of the seven rays or of the sevenAstrology, 139:to subjective realization. Uranus gives innate spontaneous activity and this produces evolutionaryAstrology, 295:lead to the final goal. I want you to have this innate spiritual sensitivity and this outerAstrology, 306:mind. Neptune - Mystical consciousness or that innate sensitivity which leads unerringly to theAstrology, 309:of which he is notably capable. It is this innate ability to control which frequently gives the LeoAstrology, 361:well-meaning evasion of responsibility and its innate fears and distrust. When the focus of theAstrology, 372:whole and more definitely subordinated to the innate divine urge for beauty, synthesis and the freeAstrology, 385:to find the material upon which to expend his innate art and to fashion [386] that which isAstrology, 516:lower nature and has the goal of expressing his innate divinity requires a golden thread whereby heAstrology, 516:arrive at knowledge through the activity of some innate sense, apart from the reasoning or logicalAstrology, 608:of the 1, the 3, the 7, the 12. Because of that innate, inherent correspondence, it has withinAstrology, 623:the culminating Messenger, and demonstrated the innate possibilities of mankind, radiating theAstrology, 623:of the past and as the guarantee of man's innate capacity. Christ, whilst able also to say "I amAutobiography, 150:they are unable to distinguish from their own innate fears. This is very terribly true today. FearBethlehem, 56:of God and of man. God had such faith in man's innate spirituality - and what is spirituality butBethlehem, 139:of man, Dr. Bosanquet says that: "...his innate self-transcendence, his ineradicable passion forBethlehem, 149:and tendencies of the mystic - his own innate quality - have also much to do with his descriptionBethlehem, 192:side as the temple of God, but recognizing his innate divinity, strives to bring it to theBethlehem, 250:his struggle to achieve, his sense of God, innate and true, his constant effort to betterBethlehem, 252:an individual, with his own life cycle his own innate purpose and his eternal future. Secondly, asBethlehem, 276:faith in survival upon tradition or even upon an innate sense of persistence does not seemBethlehem, 276:Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom Yet there is innate in humanity the sense of belongingDestiny, 75:at one time to express quite phenomenally its innate subjective tendency to save the world (forDestiny, 94:soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the innate urge to betterment will inevitably triumph.Destiny, 94:expression than the head. All this indicates an innate recognition by humanity that behind theDiscipleship1, 79:all profit thereby. You will have discovered an innate weakness which discovery of my identity willDiscipleship1, 129:With you I can and must be entirely frank; your innate honesty recognizes the same quality inDiscipleship1, 154:task of achieving divine self-confidence and innate, not borrowed, strength. Let such people go andDiscipleship1, 170:effect upon other personalities and offset its innate and oft most useful destructive work. PonderDiscipleship1, 170:thought; then the glamor of fatigue and of innate disgust will give place to a keen interest andDiscipleship1, 178:These adjustments will be along the lines of innate predispositions and their utilization to theDiscipleship1, 232:creative work, but it was only the fulfilment of innate capacity and most definitely personalityDiscipleship1, 327:into the unusual and the rare. Secondly, to your innate humility which induces in you a tendency toDiscipleship1, 433:[433] watching and suggesting and developing the innate faculty of prevision - a thing which youDiscipleship1, 516:the group of disciples? Because of the [516] innate sincerity of the true disciple, the nextDiscipleship1, 608:I speak this warning, for you have such an innate tendency to be glimmered. The injunctions which IDiscipleship1, 625:you as a strong and steady helper, added to your innate isolation, swept you too far apart. TheDiscipleship1, 630:will permit. But within you, you have much deep innate love which must - under the process ofDiscipleship1, 696:the vision as through a glass darkly. But their innate convictions are [697] basically the same andDiscipleship1, 736:carried on by the aspirant is based upon his innate realization that he does not really love in theDiscipleship2, 12:of thought, that quality of feeling, or that innate predisposition, which stands between you andDiscipleship2, 33:against his constantly recurring glamors and his innate glamor-making tendency; I, therefore,Discipleship2, 190:The goodwill of the masses is based on innate divine tendency; that of the disciple is based onDiscipleship2, 340:there this great Law - governing substance and innate in matter - must control and must conditionDiscipleship2, 413:types of light: The light of substance, or the innate light of the personality. The light of theDiscipleship2, 450:closing let me say: Preserve your essential and innate integrity, my brother. Be like the saplingDiscipleship2, 457:those tasks which call forth the full quota of innate effectiveness are of real value. Should youDiscipleship2, 570:stimulation. That stimulation will apply to any innate glamor as well as to your spiritual life.Discipleship2, 592:that it should expand through the potency of its innate life, and that there should be aDiscipleship2, 624:which he has welded into unities through his innate capacity to identify himself sequentially withEducation, 2:- which restrict man's free expression of his innate divinity. Here we can only prepare the groundEducation, 12:to the exigencies of the life. Response to the innate need to search. This leads to experiment onEducation, 21:is the attribute latent in all forms and is that innate urge or discontent which leads man toEducation, 22:opportunity of dealing intelligently with the innate idealism to be found in any child, and withEducation, 23:an established rhythm through the development of innate faculty to function under directed purposeEducation, 23:will have to work with this principle of innate attribute and this instinct to ordered rhythm,Education, 68:them to live redemptive lives, to unfold their innate mental sensitivity, and to work continuouslyEducation, 78:of imposed difficulties which are not innate in the child or truly characteristic of him, but whichEducation, 78:him by others and did not form a part of his innate equipment when he came [79] into incarnation.Education, 82:training for specialized activities, based upon innate tendencies, talents or genius. It is,Education, 101:It leaves out of reckoning altogether the innate and inherent [102] capacities of the child, hisEducation, 102:idealism of the child (and what child is not an innate idealist?) has been slowly and steadilyEducation, 106:selfish, self-protective reasons or because of innate paternalism. The intelligentsia and theEducation, 113:is a peculiar quality in every human being - an innate, inherent characteristic which is inevitablyEducation, 114:is. It is no more and no less than the power, innate in man, to reach out and to grasp that whichEducation, 134:it will then be found that there are certain innate reactions which will negate conception, andExternalisation, 48:what we are apt to call the evolutionary urge, innate in matter itself. They [49] have painfullyExternalisation, 55:a recognition of subjective destiny, and an innate knowledge of and reaching out to the UnknownExternalisation, 98:or tangible but which is, in reality, an innate recognition of the lower aspects of the divine PlanExternalisation, 100:who were dedicated to the production of this innate synthesis and subjective fusion and to theExternalisation, 182:and aggression. At present, the last of these innate tendencies is in the saddle, with the second,Externalisation, 207:of no government or religious attitude and are innate in the consciousness of all men, evokingExternalisation, 245:recognized the hindrances, and dealt with innate prejudice and fear, it will then become apparentExternalisation, 268:Who are responsible for implanting this innate desire in humanity. The reason why these Lords ofExternalisation, 276:of the soul. They are potencies which are not innate in the lower self, but only in the higher. TheExternalisation, 286:a divine Revelation. The reason for this faith, innate in the human heart, is to be found in theExternalisation, 290:and the divine. Transcendence. This means the innate capacity to pass beyond so-called natural law.Externalisation, 355:attitudes take their stand upon belief in the innate rightness of the human spirit, in the divinityExternalisation, 409:a new form. Man's inner realization of his own innate spiritual potency and the unfoldment of hisExternalisation, 424:evoke greater evil from those susceptible from innate weakness, and from the unthinking andExternalisation, 493:back on the trite religious platitude that the innate good in humanity and mankind's inherentExternalisation, 496:itself. Men, impelled largely by fear and the innate mobilizing of the human spirit againstExternalisation, 539:possessed that which might be depended upon as innate and as present in a living, creative manner.Externalisation, 561:lines of responsibility, but only one of them is innate within the living organism of which He is aExternalisation, 583:come into incarnation with certain gifts and innate talents and with certain firmly rooted ideas,Externalisation, 592:from within all kingdoms in nature, expressing innate divinity through human beings and - twoExternalisation, 595:recognition lies in the deep seated conviction, innate in the human consciousness, that some greatExternalisation, 604:Christ revealed the glory which is innate in all men. The triple lower nature - physical, emotionalExternalisation, 604:the Sonship of the Transfigured Christ. On this innate divinity, upon this recognized Sonship, isExternalisation, 618:constructive attitude must also be based on an innate recognition of the existence of the ChristExternalisation, 691:necessary detachment cannot be based upon the innate instinct of self-preservation, even when thatFire, 153:wheels or planes that rotate through their own innate ability, due to latent heat - the heat of theFire, 193:one begins and the other ends. Touch is that innate recognition of contact through the exercise ofFire, 194:to him appears best. Smell gives him an idea of innate quality, and enables him to find that whichFire, 276:and again is the method of exercise. When the innate conscious faculty of every unit ofFire, 316:The spheroidal form of all manifestation. The innate heat of all spheres. Differentiation of allFire, 346:manifestation previous to ours), when, through innate force and energy, the conjunction of theFire, 606:potentiality brought into full activity and of innate capacity demonstrating in perfect fruition.Fire, 709:has appeared upon the fourth subplane through innate instinct approximating mentality. This
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