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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNATE

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Psychology2, 387:of the "power to inspire" adds to his innate qualities certain definitely first ray potencies. AllPsychology2, 397:the [397] fact that there are inherent or innate qualities and attributes in the divine Whole whichPsychology2, 428:Hence the sensed discomfort. That the capacity, innate in that imaginative creature, man, to actPsychology2, 428:of man. Psychology can count definitely upon the innate ability of the [429] human unit toPsychology2, 430:into functioning right activity, for all the innate, and unused faculties of man will be swept intoPsychology2, 433:recovery of dramatic episodes which feed the innate sense of individuality of the reincarnatingPsychology2, 440:form nature, all the inherited tendencies and innate predispositions, all the acquired andPsychology2, 446:man's life pattern, his life vocation and his innate coherent desires, coincide with the trend setPsychology2, 480:difficult one to handle, for it is based on an innate instinctive recognition of the fact of GodPsychology2, 484:Cause and Effect and the truth [484] about man's innate divinity are taught and emphasized, but, inPsychology2, 484:own destiny, and a conscious exponent of his own innate divinity, of the God within. Again, schoolsPsychology2, 503:to make an impression upon the psychologist, his innate truthfulness, his control of thePsychology2, 513:to stimulation and these expressions of innate powers are regarded as evidence of mentalPsychology2, 555:force of evolution itself, plus the inherent or innate forward-pressing urge towards greaterPsychology2, 562:to him appears best. Smell gives him an idea of innate quality, and enables him to find that whichPsychology2, 661:good will and brotherhood and founded in man's innate divinity, must be skillfully preserved; thePsychology2, 725:of the people of peaceful intention and of innate freedom from hatred can the forces of destructionRays, 39:bring this about: the slow moving forward of the innate conscience into greater control, and theRays, 84:The Energy of Purification: This is the power, innate in the manifested universe, which graduallyRays, 98:out of the Master's plans. It was the disciple's innate, instinctual and individual response toRays, 99:an hypothesis or an urge. It is realized as an innate necessity and as inevitable. It connotesRays, 144:which They move safeguards Them, and Their Own innate and inherent radiance repels evil. But TheyRays, 197:early stages of evolution, blindness is natural, innate, unavoidable and impenetrable. For ages manRays, 200:blindness nurtures and protects, provided it is innate and natural, soul-imposed or spirituallyRays, 205:achievement, unrealized [205] by Him, was an innate and (at that time, not now) unconsciousRays, 309:type of destruction) which destroys the innate quality and consequently the form of a civilization,Rays, 311:of the Manu, he will use and express [311] the innate will aspect through the atmic nature orRays, 316:significance of the command to Know and of his innate ability to Express the will nature of theRays, 330:and directing the affairs of humanity as far as innate free will permitted. On a higher turn of theRays, 352:composed of two forces of electricity: the innate, inert and latent force of the physical planeRays, 461:itself most fully through the love petals of its innate being. Through dedicated and devotedRays, 463:mental awareness [463] to develop; these are all innate or inherent in him, and all (when mastered)Rays, 519:inherent urge towards the light - which is innate in all forms, which produces interplay andRays, 616:of Christ's coming and thus implements the innate expectancy of the masses. The evocation of aRays, 622:any nation which will bring this about, but the innate rightness of the people themselves when theyRays, 626:her lack of thinking capacity and her curious innate cruelty permitted the Forces of EvilRays, 633:to hold it down, killing individualism. The innate strength of the human spirit to rise has neverRays, 677:second initiation, struck the first blow at his innate selfishness and has demonstrated hisRays, 680:the freedom to think, govern and worship as innate, instinctual human desire may dictate, under theRays, 710:in the nature of a culminating triumph of that innate sense of Deity which has driven man forwardRays, 714:The repository of the will aspect of man's innate divinity is to be found at the base of the spine;Rays, 750:Christianity upon weakness, wickedness and the innate sinfulness of the human being has today to beRays, 752:Evil is in reality of two kinds: There is that innate tendency to selfishness and to separationRays, 768:divine. This light, through radiating heat and innate divine vibration, constructs for itself aReappearance, 5:and have come to an end of all their own innate possibilities and that the problems and conditionsReappearance, 10:reappearance of the Christ is based. It is the innate recognition of all these facts that has ledReappearance, 36:from within all kingdoms in nature, expressing innate divinity through human beings and - twoReappearance, 41:recognition lies in the deep seated conviction, innate in the human consciousness, that some greatReappearance, 51:Christ revealed the glory which is innate in all men. The triple lower nature - physical, emotionalReappearance, 51:the Sonship of the Transfigured Christ. On this innate divinity, upon this recognized [52] Sonship,Reappearance, 121:the affairs of humanity, as far as man's innate freedom permitted. Now, in the immediate future andReappearance, 147:The immortality of the human soul, and the innate ability of the spiritual, inner man to work outReappearance, 150:shall be revealed is the expression of that innate divinity in all its attributes and aspects, itsReappearance, 165:constructive attitude must also be based on an innate recognition of the existence of the ChristTelepathy, 21:of the content of the soul's consciousness, an innate content, or that which is part of the groupTelepathy, 58:them to utilize in service their inherent and innate sensitivity. Let us, as we discuss theseTelepathy, 65:of life. That is an occult platitude. It is an innate potency which forever accompanies life inTelepathy, 73:and became a human being he came possessed of an innate potency of sight; for aeons he has seen inTelepathy, 74:and passed the fourth initiation. It is an innate responsiveness to the Purpose of the UniversalTelepathy, 95:is the result of his own mental activity, of his innate receptivity, and which provides theTelepathy, 183:your conscious imagination and by means of the innate symbol-making faculty which all men possess,
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