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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Discipleship1, 18:the world disciples. There is at this time an inner intention of blending the occidental and theDiscipleship1, 20:the human kingdom - is focused through the inner subjective group of workers? That love is now inDiscipleship1, 21:Master. A Master's group of disciples, upon the inner side of life, forms an integrated organism,Discipleship1, 23:humanity. The potent rhythm which animates the inner Brotherhood of the Lodge of Masters will makeDiscipleship1, 24:that such powers are inherent in all men. The inner group of Masters with whom I am associated workDiscipleship1, 28:So I summon you to a new phase of intense, inner living and dynamic thinking, but this time with aDiscipleship1, 28:thinking and group relation. . . . It is the inner life of reflection, the cultivated recognitionDiscipleship1, 30:disciples become active in the world and their inner integration and group relationship becomeDiscipleship1, 32:which will make possible the merging of the inner subjective Hierarchy of souls and the outer worldDiscipleship1, 33:disciples, the externalization in embryo of the inner Ashrams. These in the New Age will multiplyDiscipleship1, 33:and so carry forward the work of integrating the inner and the outer groups and fostering theDiscipleship1, 33:to a group of us who form a part of the inner world government - disciples and initiates - and toDiscipleship1, 33:felt the need for reticence, where there is any inner spiritual experience, and have felt that theDiscipleship1, 34:of the New Age groups and ever in a Master's inner Ashram, there is no need for this theory ofDiscipleship1, 40:These groups are also an externalization of an inner existing condition. They are an effect and notDiscipleship1, 40:true; but they are themselves the product of an inner activity and of a subjective aggregation ofDiscipleship1, 40:groups is to keep in close rapport with ten inner groups which form, nevertheless, one large activeDiscipleship1, 40:things as a group: 1. Keep en rapport with the inner source of power. 2. Never lose sight of theDiscipleship1, 41:brothers. Alignment with his soul and with the inner group which is the subjective cause of theDiscipleship1, 42:in so far as all words are inadequate symbols of inner truths. Each group has its innerDiscipleship1, 42:symbols of inner truths. Each group has its inner counterpart. This inner counterpart is aDiscipleship1, 42:Each group has its inner counterpart. This inner counterpart is a completed whole. The outerDiscipleship1, 42:outer results are still only partial. These ten inner groups, forming one group, are related to theDiscipleship1, 42:by a thinker or group of thinkers. These ten inner groups, embodying ten types of force and workingDiscipleship1, 45:that the work to be done is only upon the inner planes and that he is working solely from mental orDiscipleship1, 45:is not right in his conception of the process. Inner work which does not work out into objectiveDiscipleship1, 46:point out to you what we, the Teachers upon the inner side, seek to see accomplished. TemporarilyDiscipleship1, 49:personal interests in service and who seek that inner linking which will fuse the group into anDiscipleship1, 50:to Disciples - Part V Increasingly must your inner life be lived upon the mental plane. SteadilyDiscipleship1, 52:is it that I and those who are working on the inner side are seeking to do with these groups? WhatDiscipleship1, 55:the individual disciple is concerned) upon his inner power to live [56] each day as a soul - freeDiscipleship1, 56:his own self-pity and free himself from the inner emotional storm in which he finds himself living.Discipleship1, 57:within the forms of soul and personality. This inner realization grows with the development ofDiscipleship1, 57:Meditation is essential for establishing a freer inner spiritual interplay - again whether as aDiscipleship1, 58:such very distant date, as we view time on the inner side. Discipleship1, 58:The training, hitherto carried forward upon the inner planes, and unrealized oft in the wakingDiscipleship1, 58:of right external conduct based upon right inner orientation and attitude. But under the new systemDiscipleship1, 58:must be paralleled in the New Age by right inner relations, consciously established and consciouslyDiscipleship1, 58:involves true knowledge of the disciple's inner group relation, spiritual penetration to the innerDiscipleship1, 58:group relation, spiritual penetration to the inner life of a brother disciple and the consequentDiscipleship1, 59:of all that is known on both the outer and the inner planes. This has not hitherto been the case.Discipleship1, 66:is becoming so acute that we who work on the inner side must hasten to impress sensitive, awakeningDiscipleship1, 71:I seek to emphasize - the externalization of the inner work of the planetary Hierarchy for theDiscipleship1, 71:a precipitation (if you like that term) of an inner and ready condition. The New Age is upon us andDiscipleship1, 73:on our side and is found, therefore, upon the inner planes. The providing of an adequate instrumentDiscipleship1, 75:your group love, purpose and service so that the inner, subjective integration may proceed apace. IDiscipleship1, 96:The disciples in a Master's Ashram upon the inner planes know somewhat the status of theirDiscipleship1, 97:disciple may be doing effective service upon the inner planes and on a large scale and yet thereDiscipleship1, 100:to you and again I wait. Will you intensify your inner life and achieve the power which will enableDiscipleship1, 106:has been released somewhat, though some of the inner fret for the outward achievement still remainsDiscipleship1, 108:call you this as the outer recognition of the inner status (as well as of inner [109] states ofDiscipleship1, 108:recognition of the inner status (as well as of inner [109] states of consciousness which is anotherDiscipleship1, 109:Note, therefore, your response to that inner consciousness [110] and, during the coming half year,Discipleship1, 110:psychic response to life itself and to that inner awareness which will make you react to need fromDiscipleship1, 110:contacts. This is a detachment based on an inner [111] attitude and not on any outer condition orDiscipleship1, 112:the next two years hold in them for you much of inner testing and the achievement of the subtleDiscipleship1, 117:the play of these two forces produces in you an inner readjustment, a realignment and anDiscipleship1, 122:emphasis from the outer objective work to the inner subjective realities. In order to accomplishDiscipleship1, 122:were, therefore, free to concentrate upon the inner realities. You have largely profited by thisDiscipleship1, 130:your output in service and reorganize both your inner and your outer life. You have to workDiscipleship1, 135:of a dynamic relation between all the inner and subtler forces which are focused in your ethericDiscipleship1, 135:You should aim at the outer expression of the inner nature with greater frequency and should seekDiscipleship1, 135:the conscious link between the outer and the inner more dynamic and real. Ponder on this. TheDiscipleship1, 136:goal of all groups of disciples. Frequently the inner attitude is at one with the main purpose andDiscipleship1, 136:work can be made possible, to produce that inner synthesis and unified effort which will enable meDiscipleship1, 137:held you back and inhibited the free inner movement of your soul, and has prevented that joy inDiscipleship1, 144:into activity. By the steady power of your own inner radiance, you must hold your workers steady.Discipleship1, 145:because they recognize your wisdom, realize your inner link with the Hierarchy and lean on yourDiscipleship1, 146:three things: First, you need to acquire that inner, divine detachment which sees life in its trueDiscipleship1, 148:not so much in the physical sense as in the inner mental attitudes. So much of your sense ofDiscipleship1, 153:changes and adjustments which have been your inner realized goal for some long time and which canDiscipleship1, 153:an increased magnetic radiance, based upon an inner freedom which makes possible the relinquishingDiscipleship1, 154:fits them to work as we, the teachers upon the inner side, have learned to work. We work not withDiscipleship1, 159:which their souls call them, is to preserve an inner sensitivity. This they do in the majority ofDiscipleship1, 159:group, there is a realization of the Plan and an inner determination to cooperate and thisDiscipleship1, 159:two things are required. Your sensitivity to inner impression must grow and increase; your willDiscipleship1, 160:the disciple - a life of outer activity and of inner sensitivity. You have but little to fear, forDiscipleship1, 160:fear, for much is already accomplished upon the inner planes. The seizure of opportunity, theDiscipleship1, 163:for you are building in collaboration with the inner Builders and the two structures must beDiscipleship1, 163:on non-essentials. Take the tensity of your inner pressure off the work for awhile, my brother. TheDiscipleship1, 164:Hence, again, the necessity for a trained inner attentiveness, not only to the voice of your ownDiscipleship1, 164:This year should see you achieving a greater inner freedom and a clearer spirit of true liberationDiscipleship1, 164:will easily become apparent. The work upon the inner planes is already done and only the awakeningDiscipleship1, 164:gaining physical strength. The steady, unbroken, inner push, carried forward through rightDiscipleship1, 166:activity but to a greater organization upon the inner planes and greater intuitive reflection. ThisDiscipleship1, 170:and bliss; these release the channels of the inner life and reach - in a wide circle - many kindsDiscipleship1, 170:in the world along the correct, indicated inner lines. The disciple who has achieved a measure ofDiscipleship1, 172:and [172] performance of a tangible kind to inner, subjective activity. Visualization is a powerfulDiscipleship1, 173:of pressure. Those of us who teach from the inner side have usually to deal with two extremeDiscipleship1, 173:with their work even when apparently there is no inner contact. These disciples offer no strain toDiscipleship1, 173:contact. These disciples offer no strain to the inner teacher and, in the last analysis, make theDiscipleship1, 173:In this movement, those of you who have some inner vision and who can grasp the magnitude of theDiscipleship1, 173:I am pointing this out, because, for you, this inner mental work is at present essential - a mentalDiscipleship1, 175:free for the deepening and the excitation of the inner, subjective life, wherein your center ofDiscipleship1, 177:constitute already a harbor of refuge upon the inner planes. The love of your co-disciples isDiscipleship1, 179:within your environment as the result of your inner conflict, silently waged in the shrine of theDiscipleship1, 183:use. Stimulate you to such an extent that the inner urge to express the spiritual reality (which isDiscipleship1, 185:part. To the exoteric relation must be added the inner. This I think you know. Such a contactDiscipleship1, 186:if you realize also that this is known on the inner side and that none of it has been lost motionDiscipleship1, 186:with a closer cooperation with and from the inner Center and with less loneliness. You have now
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