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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Discipleship1, 348:I would ask you to cast your eye, the eye of the inner spiritual insight, back over the past eightDiscipleship1, 349:contact is brought about very frequently by an inner reflective attitude of mind, by a life givenDiscipleship1, 352:each in his own place, knowing that upon the inner planes, the time equation counts not. That theDiscipleship1, 354:concepts, and also with the assimilation of that inner and occult knowledge which has been yourDiscipleship1, 354:of knowledge. You can touch heights in your inner life. Your service, steadfastly rendered, bringsDiscipleship1, 354:leading to personal cleavages in your inner life, hinders the full expression of the soul and theDiscipleship1, 360:into your life a little discouragement, a faint inner disgust with yourself and a sense of failureDiscipleship1, 360:It is to be found in your realization that your inner knowledge far outstrips your outerDiscipleship1, 360:grows out of your intelligent awareness that the inner worlds hold for you much of interest whichDiscipleship1, 360:versed occult student and your grasp of the inner occult realities far outstrips that of theDiscipleship1, 360:you as with other knowledges you acquire. Your inner sense of inferiority (a racial inheritance) isDiscipleship1, 360:of your labor; but in the sensitive life of the inner planes, you succumb to it constantly; soDiscipleship1, 360:rapid is your reaction to the truth and to the inner realities that you promptly absorb much moreDiscipleship1, 361:and the capacity to shut off the outer from the inner worlds of expression. Besides this, it hasDiscipleship1, 362:that is ever accorded by us, the teachers on the inner side, when duly merited. I can, therefore,Discipleship1, 363:things: Lose sight of yourself. Your constant inner habit of self-deprecation indicates too muchDiscipleship1, 364:Your progress in the outer expression of your inner knowledge has been needlessly slow. Given aDiscipleship1, 369:at moments hovered o'er the blue prints in the Inner Room and looked the Master Workman in theDiscipleship1, 371:evoke from us who are the teachers upon the inner side of life many and diverse reactions. We lookDiscipleship1, 372:become a clear channel for the expression of the inner beauty and radiance. Having pointed thisDiscipleship1, 378:response is one of going out to them with the inner distinction ever clearly held. I am not hereDiscipleship1, 388:will be necessitated the imposition of that inner pressure which will refuse to let the tired bodyDiscipleship1, 388:with color and form has done much in the work of inner adjustment. I seek now to speed up theDiscipleship1, 391:and responsibilities. What is required is an inner attitude of complete abandon to the will of yourDiscipleship1, 393:increasing power detaching yourself from their inner hold upon you. They must fail to reach you inDiscipleship1, 393:upon you. They must fail to reach you in the inner fortress of your soul. There you must learn toDiscipleship1, 395:as her correspondence shews, has had deeper inner problems to solve, based on her immediate pointDiscipleship1, 396:are to be handled by the assuming of a right inner attitude and not by the changing of outerDiscipleship1, 398:during the past seven months, made more definite inner progress than in the previous three years,Discipleship1, 400:are oft offset by the pouring in of a sense of inner release. The compensations on the Way are notDiscipleship1, 400:fellowmen and for the stabilizing of your own inner attitude? I have given you much about which toDiscipleship1, 401:that sphere of activity, you have preserved an inner orientation to the spiritual values and aDiscipleship1, 408:to be a server whom we, the teachers on the inner side, can more fully use. You are on the "lightedDiscipleship1, 410:good results. I am referring definitely to an inner attitude towards time which you do not as yetDiscipleship1, 414:come about in your case? It is based upon an inner inherent ability to touch soul levels and thusDiscipleship1, 417:chela has to learn is the growth of that [417] inner detachment which will enable him to mergeDiscipleship1, 417:suffer. Conservation of energy and increased inner work will produce a greater magnetic realizationDiscipleship1, 418:for there to be fewer communications and more inner realization of relationship. You are gettingDiscipleship1, 418:the capacity for usefulness and the deeper the inner conservation, the more severe will oft be theDiscipleship1, 418:during the Conference and it resulted in an inner reorganization of your subtle bodies, locatingDiscipleship1, 418:usually produced such an intense activity of the inner bodily forces (that are the battleground ofDiscipleship1, 419:he may feel and no matter how acute may be the inner turmoil. You are emerging from the conditionDiscipleship1, 420:of happiness, of joy - which is based on an inner assurance as to the Plan and your future work inDiscipleship1, 429:the plane of superficiality. It leaves the real inner man untouched and leaves your influence,Discipleship1, 433:free, spiritual consciousness are negated by an inner attitude of mind. It is the cultivation of aDiscipleship1, 433:You are learning it. With a sense of inner freedom, you must learn to function as a Messenger,Discipleship1, 439:than it is with disease, per se. Remember that inner acquiescence with physical limitations is theDiscipleship1, 439:seriously impaired and who also has to fight an inner revolt against her limitations - as do allDiscipleship1, 449:your attention and will give you much. The inner link upon the spiritual side between all the groupDiscipleship1, 449:to the ---. For several days I watched your inner turmoil and distress until you escaped by theDiscipleship1, 450:aspiration are rampant and where those on the inner side (who possess the eye of vision) can seeDiscipleship1, 456:the adding of increased work but the constant inner pressure of constructive thinking. In allDiscipleship1, 458:of physical disability. The discipline of inner isolation. The discipline of astral purification.Discipleship1, 458:reality of the group life with its similarity of inner activity and training. The emerging factDiscipleship1, 458:All of you are seen and watched and, on the inner planes, you walk together; your outerDiscipleship1, 458:objective are one. Loneliness will end when the inner group continuity of consciousness isDiscipleship1, 459:and from my capacity to know you all on the inner plane, I but make suggestions for fear that I mayDiscipleship1, 459:perfect alignment and the further release of the inner channel of contact. Continue as heretoforeDiscipleship1, 461:be dependent upon the changes wrought in the two inner, subtler bodies through the medium of theDiscipleship1, 461:of the Wesak Festival, must be for you months of inner recognition, of a spiritual withdrawing andDiscipleship1, 462:and this becomes irradiated by the soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue.Discipleship1, 463:and the need, perhaps to intensify your inner contact with myself. I gave you "permission thus toDiscipleship1, 468:the group meditation. After achieving alignment, inner poise and rest, see each of yourDiscipleship1, 473:might come to you. The past period has seen much inner progress towards realization... You are muchDiscipleship1, 474:intent that counts with us, the teachers on the inner side, even if this intent is not correctlyDiscipleship1, 475:will have to function as a group - both on the inner and the outer planes. Have this in mind in allDiscipleship1, 477:I am doing is oft rendered null and void by your inner antagonisms and your outer separate attitudeDiscipleship1, 479:You are an integral part of the group upon the inner planes and that remains an esoteric fact. WillDiscipleship1, 483:Beauty, color, service, outer relationships, inner linings. No more I give you now except myDiscipleship1, 484:in the right way. This, in its turn, involves an inner brooding upon the quality and the need ofDiscipleship1, 485:success of the attempt to help. This process of inner, brooding reflection is oft omitted throughDiscipleship1, 491:concerned with is to ascertain the growth of the inner light and the quality of his service. WeDiscipleship1, 491:mental illumination. With you, my brother, the inner light is intense indeed, but it does notDiscipleship1, 491:closely shut lantern may serve to irradiate the inner walls of the lantern but of what use is it toDiscipleship1, 491:of this instruction to you. You have an intense inner light and one which emanates from theDiscipleship1, 491:you have applied; most of it you have not. This inner light or knowledge does not serve to revealDiscipleship1, 491:or knowledge does not serve to reveal to you the inner walls of your being - those aspects of theDiscipleship1, 499:purpose that I have chosen them. Your sense of inner contact, the power to intuit, and the abilityDiscipleship1, 504:are dire and full of disaster. Achieve that inner poise which faces all that comes in the light ofDiscipleship1, 507:plane to its conclusion by yourself. But on the inner plane, there is a drawing closer to you ofDiscipleship1, 509:should have reached a point where the sense of inner freedom will be so strong that you willDiscipleship1, 514:to May 1935 you made very real progress and your inner spiritual strength was notably augmented.Discipleship1, 515:pure gold is seen. 4th month - Liberation of the inner light, and then the treading of the LightedDiscipleship1, 516:men - and whom you truly love. You have also an inner recognition of truth and of the Plan which isDiscipleship1, 517:less as a personality. As you read this, your inner truthful nature will respond. Your problem, letDiscipleship1, 517:Those of us who function with full vision on the inner side of life see the equipment and theDiscipleship1, 518:you realize. We, who look at all of you from the inner side, can symbolically gauge this fact moreDiscipleship1, 521:few months have seen the working out of much inner tension. This has materialized upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 521:has climaxed in a period of illness. But - when inner causes have spent themselves in physicalDiscipleship1, 521:My word for you is, therefore: Let not the inner tension resume its sway. You might at this pointDiscipleship1, 522:Today I would like to tell you that on the inner planes your garden is of service to my group ofDiscipleship1, 522:also come in order to contact you who, upon the inner side, appear other than you fancy yourself toDiscipleship1, 522:rejects the possibility of achievement. Upon the inner planes you have achieved; upon the outerDiscipleship1, 525:you have subjected yourself and your pronounced, inner, subjective withdrawal to the mental andDiscipleship1, 527:disciple went forth "to love and serve" on the inner side of life. Though out of the physical body,Discipleship1, 532:there is relatively so little to do before the inner beauty finds release that I seek to have youDiscipleship1, 532:and thought in a paper, thus externalizing your inner recognitions. Discipleship1, 535:Upon these I ask you to ponder. A more intense inner life and a more vital life of service are, IDiscipleship1, 535:and with all who are close to you on the inner planes and send forth the spirit of love and peace.Discipleship1, 538:major need is for an intensification of your inner spiritual aspiration. You need to work more
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