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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Discipleship1, 538:it will entail a galvanic upheaval in your inner life. For this, are you prepared? Secondly: itDiscipleship1, 538:to be met, but I am talking to you in terms of inner orientations, dynamic inner decisions, and anDiscipleship1, 538:to you in terms of inner orientations, dynamic inner decisions, and an interior organizing forDiscipleship1, 539:and concentrating on the essentials - the inner essentials, as they concern the soul and itsDiscipleship1, 539:sincerity, sacrifice, simplicity - and their inner significance. One of the key words which I gaveDiscipleship1, 540:personality that I call your attention. This inner conflict, God-given and of deeply spiritualDiscipleship1, 541:can render some definite service and you have no inner spiritual program of service beyond theDiscipleship1, 542:of the "form divine" in such a way that the inner life is served and the outer form becomes theDiscipleship1, 542:appears. Upon its outer shell, upon the inner side, appears the pattern of the form which is to be.Discipleship1, 543:true to that which lies revealed unto the inner sight. He patterns true and beauty comes to life.Discipleship1, 543:your consciousness and, little by little, the inner program which should govern your life is slowlyDiscipleship1, 543:life should be dedicated to the expression of inner reality through the medium of some outer form.Discipleship1, 544:but in so doing, learnt much, and on the inner side remains close. Discipleship1, 545:This I know you realize. Such tests produce an inner unfoldment which may be more apparent to thoseDiscipleship1, 545:a changed attitude of mind and a more positive inner focusing. This process of repudiatingDiscipleship1, 545:prepared. Two things require adjustment in the inner life of your experiencing. First, you mustDiscipleship1, 545:This will involve outer detachments, inner readjustments and the steady development of the abilityDiscipleship1, 546:and is called a "Meditation on the Path of the Inner Light." This meditation comes at the close ofDiscipleship1, 546:is a creative activity, producing definite inner changes. Upon this you can depend, for it is oneDiscipleship1, 549:in the outer world. You must work from a quiet inner center; it is not your task to struggle withDiscipleship1, 549:Know you not that we - the teachers on the inner side - need those whose lives can be shielded fromDiscipleship1, 550:on the Seven Rays. Direct knowledge of the inner group of workers with whom you are affiliated.Discipleship1, 552:during the past three months; many adjustments, inner and outer, have been required. Detachment hasDiscipleship1, 557:in spite of physical limitations, and the inner sense of weariness will then be carefully negatedDiscipleship1, 564:by in love, send healing thoughts and evoke the inner strength of the soul that the vehicles can beDiscipleship1, 570:and so definitely, did I not know your deep inner love, your true consecration and your developedDiscipleship1, 574:with you I must go slowly, both because of your inner psychological hurry and your outer tension.Discipleship1, 575:to continue with the refocusing, realignment and inner reorganization. Forget not my earlierDiscipleship1, 575:there is a weak and delicate outer shell, the inner subtler bodies can become too dominant; asDiscipleship1, 575:The consequent influence and potency of the inner bodies - particularly the mental body with itsDiscipleship1, 576:I tell you that, for you, the achievement of an inner stillness is the way out of all yourDiscipleship1, 576:the next few months be the attainment of this inner quiet. This will in no way affect or change theDiscipleship1, 577:lessen not your service. It is all a question of inner orientation and of attitude; it is not aDiscipleship1, 577:breathing exercise... Then, sit in perfect inner silence and quiet for fifteen minutes, notDiscipleship1, 577:condition, but actively becoming aware of that inner center of stillness and of peace where joy andDiscipleship1, 578:(are they not?) of small moment compared to the inner happenings. There were moments when theDiscipleship1, 583:In group work and contact comes relief from inner tension, through the sharing of force. You have aDiscipleship1, 593:by me and I have not been unmindful. Your inner contact with your soul and with me has beenDiscipleship1, 594:and stress now lies behind you. Your place in my inner group is assured. Your work in the outerDiscipleship1, 594:told you is only the corroboration of your own inner intuition. Two things lie ahead of you:Discipleship1, 594:coming years, and, also the strengthening of the inner rhythm of the soul as it conditions theDiscipleship1, 595:is a growth, primarily, in sensitivity and in an inner response to the soul. This must beDiscipleship1, 596:this, but divorced from it, has been an intense inner life of aspiration and devotion to the GreatDiscipleship1, 616:closer contact with me and with the group on the inner subjective plane. The inner group remainsDiscipleship1, 616:the group on the inner subjective plane. The inner group remains and is closely linked with me. YouDiscipleship1, 617:contact with me and with your brothers in the inner group does not reawaken into activityDiscipleship1, 617:to the duty of the day and to an intense inner life of meditation. Be consciously the sannyasin.Discipleship1, 617:be developed) and your relation with the inner group on the mental plane will give you scope forDiscipleship1, 618:out as you anticipated and you are full of inner distress, questioning [619] and bewilderment. ThisDiscipleship1, 623:of strain for you and of consistent, faithful, inner work. You have ever been sure of yourDiscipleship1, 624:the shoulders of the Master Jesus. A number of inner adjustments are going on in the exigencies ofDiscipleship1, 626:measure; hence my frankness with you. It is this inner "isolation," deeply loved by you andDiscipleship1, 629:OF OLD: It has been a year of interesting inner development for you, has it not? You have learnedDiscipleship1, 629:the Full Moon. Each month spend your periods of inner recollection in getting ready for the work ofDiscipleship1, 629:carried out, in the development of your inner sensitivity would be immeasurable and its usefulnessDiscipleship1, 633:my brother, nor has your contact with the "inner brotherhoods" anything to do with the intuition orDiscipleship1, 633:mental levels. Your contact with what you call "inner brotherhoods" is astral, with all that thisDiscipleship1, 643:- the group of the new psychologists upon the inner side - may recede into the background of yourDiscipleship1, 647:fact indicates to those of us who watch on the inner side that your monadic ray is the first andDiscipleship1, 648:most desirable; the tension, incident upon your inner contacts and your spiritual work, takes everDiscipleship1, 650:much. (I refer not to your feeling.) Until your inner relation to them is one of complete yetDiscipleship1, 651:increased. I and your group brothers on the inner side are looking for your help in world service.Discipleship1, 652:You stand today at a critical moment in your inner life and on the threshold of great opportunity.Discipleship1, 654:the emotional nature, and are expressive of the inner storms in which you so constantly live. OnceDiscipleship1, 660:difficulties are psychological and caused by an inner tension and tautness which is really quiteDiscipleship1, 660:Enter into a period of happy silence and inner recuperation. [661] But be as far as possible aDiscipleship1, 663:for a long time. I am mentioning this persistent inner relation to me and to your group brothers soDiscipleship1, 663:you have only to establish the outer links. The inner are already forged. The life of the discipleDiscipleship1, 664:through its means, into closer contact with the inner spiritual Sun, the soul, and with all of usDiscipleship1, 666:now doing. It is of value to you in producing inner alignment and the harmonizing of your bodies.Discipleship1, 666:into the head and there visualize the inner radiant sun, formed by the merging of the lesser lifeDiscipleship1, 666:the very center of this life see the Self, the inner Christ or Buddha. Then focus your thought,Discipleship1, 668:taken but only that steady vision which sees the inner side and not the outer happening. Go inDiscipleship1, 677:the smashing of the form and the reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation whichDiscipleship1, 681:organization. They are not so important as the inner unity of vision and the ability to concedeDiscipleship1, 682:achieving of a sense of proportion and a right inner adjustment so that "he faces two ways and eachDiscipleship1, 689:is not the adjustment of relations between the inner spiritual man, the soul and its instrument,Discipleship1, 689:the environing world of men because of a strong inner compulsion and the need they feel to shoulderDiscipleship1, 694:have worked their way out of a group into an inner center where the Master's energy, wisdom andDiscipleship1, 695:in the inclusion of disciples in the Masters' inner Ashrams. Hitherto, these Ashrams had been keptDiscipleship1, 695:so be mentally and astrally en rapport with the inner group and begin to form part of the Master'sDiscipleship1, 696:does a Master form and organize his Ashram or inner group of which the personnel is provided fromDiscipleship1, 697:of Discipleship - Part III Every Ashram or inner group is essentially a reservoir of thought andDiscipleship1, 703:at this point indicate to you that the so-called inner Ashram is to the outer group what the soulDiscipleship1, 703:of their spiritual recognition of the inner group potency and their facility to contact the MasterDiscipleship1, 704:to the realization of the true, persistent, inner level of consciousness; it fosters also aDiscipleship1, 707:there will be an externalization of the inner Ashram upon the outer plane. Disciples, initiates andDiscipleship1, 707:and recognizing the Master of their group. The inner Ashram is a focus of souls, free andDiscipleship1, 717:are not esoteric causes but exoteric effects of inner attitudes. As we continue our studies on theDiscipleship1, 727:the Ashram and to the life and vitality of the inner group. This group is composed, as you know, ofDiscipleship1, 727:the interrelation between the outer and the inner Ashrams, between the objective group upon theDiscipleship1, 727:upon the outer plane and the very much larger inner group. This brings me to a question which mayDiscipleship1, 727:in the outer group and loosely related to the inner group: Is the level of the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 732:What hope is there for the outer world if the inner circle of workers (pledged disciples) areDiscipleship1, 734:differentiating between aspects of the Ashram, inner and outer, and between the few Ashram membersDiscipleship1, 745:should be in reality an externalization of the inner point of tension. In these words, you have theDiscipleship1, 747:externalized by reflecting the radiance of the inner Ashram and by establishing a magnetic field ofDiscipleship1, 747:on its outer periphery relate themselves to the inner Ashram and therefore react to the note andDiscipleship1, 747:therefore react to the note and quality of the inner group, gathered around the Master. An AshramDiscipleship1, 755:though much less powerful, radiations of the inner members of the Ashram are the [756] factors
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