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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Discipleship2, 452:you until the time comes when you will work upon inner levels, free of the physical body; you willDiscipleship2, 453:of your life, I know, that the keynote of your inner program should be ever the recognition of theDiscipleship2, 453:to the withdrawing from outer service but to an inner, constant, cyclic attitude of determined andDiscipleship2, 455:time of May and June full moons. These points of inner abstraction, of interludes in yourDiscipleship2, 455:The need is for you to work with him on the inner planes, giving him what support you can, andDiscipleship2, 464:you would do what you could but that you had no inner confidence in yourself, owing to theDiscipleship2, 465:he reassured you and told you that the potent inner unfoldment of your love nature and yourDiscipleship2, 465:outlined task, my brother? Is your stamina, your inner spiritual orientation and your fixed psychicDiscipleship2, 466:I simply take, at this time, those needed inner steps which are permitted to the Master of anyDiscipleship2, 467:may mean much to you, if subjected to the inner insight, or it may mean little. It is, however, ofDiscipleship2, 471:reached), and yet which bring about a life of inner tension which can lead inevitably to the nextDiscipleship2, 483:power of your soul-infused personality. Your inner development is greater by far than your outerDiscipleship2, 484:does the entire problem of sensitive response to inner contacts and outer relations. It is the keyDiscipleship2, 486:provided you keep it so yourselves. The inner contact is still there, exactly as it was before; theDiscipleship2, 486:told you before, you are well developed on the inner planes, but your esoteric expression of thisDiscipleship2, 486:planes, but your esoteric expression of this inner unfoldment is not adequately dynamic; it doesDiscipleship2, 488:as far as may be possible, attempt to assume an inner attitude of planned, quiet discarding of theDiscipleship2, 489:physical plane and your positive attitude to the inner planes will bring a moment of release,Discipleship2, 492:forth more radiantly. I, your Master, know your inner radiance. Permit the world of outer things toDiscipleship2, 492:the gained soul contact and the training of the inner attentive man to catch the communications ofDiscipleship2, 495:is a creative activity, producing definite inner change. Upon this you can depend because it is oneDiscipleship2, 499:the work to be done will clarify. Count on your inner strength and rely on your inner spiritualDiscipleship2, 499:Count on your inner strength and rely on your inner spiritual contacts. Feel not futile orDiscipleship2, 500:but summarizing. Deepen the content of your own inner spiritual life by mature, profound dailyDiscipleship2, 501:found in you those springs of interest and those inner urges which will enable you to reach outwardDiscipleship2, 505:the Master M. is due to the fact that he is the inner Head of all esoteric groups, and in theDiscipleship2, 508:as heretofore, but deepen persistently your own inner life; give more time to quiet reflection andDiscipleship2, 508:OM inaudibly three times. Then, having achieved inner quiet and relaxed mental focusing, seek, withDiscipleship2, 510:he passed into clearer light and life in the inner Ashram. [511] Discipleship2, 519:of the more exoteric significances, whilst the inner meaning must be drawn forth by you in deep andDiscipleship2, 526:four years with more than usual care. I know the inner turmoil, the self-recriminations and theDiscipleship2, 526:your own, in a state of irritation and constant inner explosion over your brothers in the AshramDiscipleship2, 534:You underwent a period of much training and inner adjustment. Is this not so, my brother? I watchedDiscipleship2, 540:in my Ashram, though you are not as yet in the inner circle you belong to a group of brothers who -Discipleship2, 542:but your realism must extend also to the inner realities and to the subjective, which are moreDiscipleship2, 544:consciousness. Up till now - after a period of inner wrestling and consequent decision - you haveDiscipleship2, 544:of a disciple is frequently affected by his inner worries and defensive suppressions. The free flowDiscipleship2, 544:thought; it may be found in a state of inner rebellion against life, against people, against theDiscipleship2, 545:the service until such time as right inner adjustments are made. In a curious way, you are isolatedDiscipleship2, 551:ago you would have wasted time and strength in inner worry, in self-condemnation or in refutation.Discipleship2, 552:need to listen. That must be the keynote of your inner life for the remainder of this incarnation.Discipleship2, 555:Deepen your meditation and intensify the inner silence within which it is desirable that you shouldDiscipleship2, 555:will be at the termination of our outer (not the inner) fellowship; forget not that the outerDiscipleship2, 555:the sign of a strong, vital and unshatterable inner fellowship. The inner relation of the group toDiscipleship2, 555:vital and unshatterable inner fellowship. The inner relation of the group to me and to the AshramDiscipleship2, 559:and you can be a potent focal point upon the inner planes of such a meditation process, if you soDiscipleship2, 562:upon work in mental matter, under clear, inner impression. Such is now your opportunity. But, myDiscipleship2, 572:the development of a more dynamic and inclusive inner life. All disciples have both objectives, oneDiscipleship2, 579:realization, silence, loving understanding and inner synthesis. That is why it is essential thatDiscipleship2, 579:and of the group - be implemented from this inner center, and will therefore be lasting, sound andDiscipleship2, 579:Light... I would ask three of you... to form the inner central triangle, and together and inDiscipleship2, 584:the Ashram - of all Ashrams. That life is one of inner and outer relationship, of sensitivity toDiscipleship2, 584:done much to carry you steadily forward, for an inner surety ever enables a disciple to surmountDiscipleship2, 586:the Ashram, thereby definitely strengthening the inner link. Even those who have passed on shouldDiscipleship2, 591:aid and fuse them into one. And this upon the inner side. Joy comes through pain and not aloneDiscipleship2, 591:of us who are working with all of you on the inner side are not unmindful of it... [592] The work,Discipleship2, 596:Plan is to reproduce upon the plane of earth the inner kingdom of the soul. This has the Master ofDiscipleship2, 601:with her sense of truth and her attitude of inner solitude. These qualities she has had to learnDiscipleship2, 602:for several lives (so slow were they to register inner spiritual impression) before I communicatedDiscipleship2, 602:to them my intention to train them. This inner direction definitely precipitates [603] situationsDiscipleship2, 603:if disciples would be more occupied with the inner realities and less engrossed with the outerDiscipleship2, 607:- again as in your case - there is full and free inner expression and at the same time definiteDiscipleship2, 610:Hierarchy will be one; there will be no outer or inner and no middle chamber, but only completeDiscipleship2, 615:ray, and therefore its task is to relate the inner to the outer. This it cannot yet do properly, asDiscipleship2, 619:alone, spiritually repulsing contact from the inner side of daily living (and consequently on theDiscipleship2, 634:discovers he is no longer standing upon the inner side of the door but has already penetrated aDiscipleship2, 635:final test, prior to being allowed through the inner door. Discipleship2, 636:recognize more definitely that the way into the inner sanctum is the way of outer service. ThisDiscipleship2, 637:for decision confronts you. I await you in the inner room. Discipleship2, 637:your consciousness. They are: The way into the inner sanctum is the way of outer service. TheDiscipleship2, 640:the automaton of the inflowing forces and of the inner man. The energy which governs the physicalDiscipleship2, 645:is dependent upon specific achievement upon the inner planes and upon wresting the true values outDiscipleship2, 651:enter into light. Work not under such a sense of inner strain and effort. I refer not to the outerDiscipleship2, 651:and are hard and difficult. I refer to your own inner attitude of recognition and acquiescence, ofDiscipleship2, 652:back upon a life of great usefulness and of much inner spiritual progress. You have disposed ofDiscipleship2, 654:garden stands between the outer world and the inner sacred place you call my Ashram. Within theDiscipleship2, 655:that my strength goes out to you when your own inner strength is called into play and is used byDiscipleship2, 656:disciple entered "into the brightness" of the inner Ashram. Discipleship2, 657:(and this must not be forgotten) a deepening inner growth and a subjective spiritual reorganizationDiscipleship2, 657:and is an opportunity for greatly increased inner, spiritual relation which later will produce thatDiscipleship2, 661:this in mind and as you meditate, seek ever the inner significance and not just the assembling ofDiscipleship2, 661:and let not physical liability hinder your inner life and joy. Seek closer contact with me, yourDiscipleship2, 671:is what you yourself desire. Relation to the inner Ashram. The friendship of the Christ. The way ofDiscipleship2, 675:both the situations and opportunity from an inner point of enlightenment and from a sustainedDiscipleship2, 683:than you can guess or grasp. We who work on the inner side of life and who deal with the massDiscipleship2, 688:touch environing outer conditions, but concern inner developments, attitudes and mental processes.Discipleship2, 689:decisions can and do lead to [689] basic inner unsettlements (is there such a word?), and theseDiscipleship2, 689:unsettlements (is there such a word?), and these inner disturbances are necessary to andDiscipleship2, 689:are necessary to and preparatory to great inner crises. These inner crises lead to points ofDiscipleship2, 689:to and preparatory to great inner crises. These inner crises lead to points of tension, as well youDiscipleship2, 695:of the soul, and remember that you three form an inner triangle which has certain spiritualDiscipleship2, 700:of few. I would like to see you enter within the inner place of the Ashram, yet you persist inDiscipleship2, 705:and the cultivation of the spirit of steady inner spiritual learning, if he is ever to make hisDiscipleship2, 706:activities of an active mind, interfere with the inner learning process which is so essential toDiscipleship2, 707:conduct may stand clear before you. Have you the inner grace of heart to admit error and weaknessDiscipleship2, 711:and has passed on to other and more important inner work; this group will necessarily be under theDiscipleship2, 711:now engaged should give you the time for much inner reflection; it should deepen your power to liveDiscipleship2, 713:of entrance." You will ever find me at the inner point. Discipleship2, 718:a measure of definite contact. The way into the inner circle of the Ashram is through a stillDiscipleship2, 719:brain. It does not in reality affect the inner spiritual man. Could you but know it - and this is a
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