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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Fire, 52:Interior fire at the center of the sphere, those inner furnaces which produce warmth. This isFire, 55:veils of substance which hide and conceal the inner Reality. We shall not here take up the subjectFire, 57:so as to leave a free channel for the inner warmth. This blending, which is now a natural and usualFire, 60:not shine save through reflection, having no inner fire to blend and merge with light external.Fire, 60:to blend and merge with light external. These inner fires of the earth can be seen functioning, asFire, 64:in this second solar system. d. The Atom. The inner fires of the atom can likewise be seenFire, 71:and vibratory action. Second. It stimulates the inner fire of the atom and causes its light toFire, 75:when atomic, and with the development of the inner latent heat and its gradual fiery increase untilFire, 107:too soft, and has lost its resilience. The inner triangle transmits the pranic emanations with tooFire, 125:The downrush of Spirit, and the uprising of the inner fires of matter (controlled and directed byFire, 127:continues this in spite of the promptings of his inner self, and in spite of the warnings that mayFire, 130:of the physical from the subtler body on the inner planes, through the shattering of the web. ThisFire, 149:of pralaya and the One Who withdraws the inner spiritual man from out of his threefold body; heFire, 168:a similar statement by Mr. C. W. Leadbeater in "Inner Life," Vol. I, page 447-460. We will note theFire, 172:symbolized by the rotating wheel and the inner rotating cross. He is sensing the spiritual, thoughFire, 172:stage the center becomes fourth-dimensional; the inner rotating cross begins to turn upon its axis,Fire, 191:at all. As evolution proceeds and the inner sense of hearing becomes acute, these other physicalFire, 192:He is not ready yet for such a happening; the inner ear is not duly prepared. Only when theFire, 201:process and by means of the development of the inner vision, sees within the heart of the systemFire, 205:definite process. The vivification of the inner heat of the sheaths, or the tiny point of fireFire, 207:by a dual motion of the periphery and the inner revolving wheels, and by a fourth-dimensionalFire, 207:effect, due primarily to the alignment of the inner subtler vortices with the comparativelyFire, 211:in certain ceremonies connected with the inner round 91 and the triangle formed by the Earth MarsFire, 214:whom the Occidentals call the Christ. 91 The inner round is a mysterious cycle of which little canFire, 228:of heat, - due to intensification of the inner flame, coupled with the assimilated radiation ofFire, 247:a relative thing at this stage. Its sevenfold inner economy in process of evolution. Its eventualFire, 247:I, 174. Atoms are vibrations. - S. D., I, 694. 2 Inner Life: Vol. II, 177-179. Occult Chemistry, p.Fire, 249:units or groups, and synthesis is the law of his inner Self, of the life within the form. Man findsFire, 249:his threefold lower nature. His sevenfold inner economy; the development of his seven principles.Fire, 299:a hidden mystery lies here. The evolution of the inner round has a close connection with thisFire, 396:matter of the intelligent principle; when the inner workings of the Law of Cause and Effect (theFire, 452:into form along the line of evolution. Until the inner faculty of clairvoyance is somewhatFire, 452:are sometimes found but the occult use of the inner vision is still rare. Fire, 455:realizing the menace, so that the truth of the inner life and the need of serving the race as anFire, 465:is part of the working out of the plan. The inner life or fire which animates the animal groups,Fire, 472:knowledge, unaccompanied by wisdom and the inner vision. There are three more points to add to theFire, 478:factors. Basically it is the result of the inner positive nucleus of force or life reaching such aFire, 479:a fanning and care and development of the inner positive nucleus, a period of incubation or of theFire, 479:incubation or of the systematic feeding of the inner flame, and an increase of voltage. There isFire, 479:factors do not count so much, and wherein the inner center of energy in the atom may be left to doFire, 481:the efforts of Those, Who - working on the inner side - feel that the thoughts of men should beFire, 486:and experience, but strengthened in its own inner fiber. As time proceeds, man will gradually doFire, 486:work in the mineral kingdom. Comprehend the inner meaning of radioactivity, or the setting loose ofFire, 490:process as carried on by the Brotherhood, the inner fire which animates the atom, form or man isFire, 491:not through the liberation of the life through inner development and preparedness. It produces theFire, 495:[495] easily acquired when man has developed the inner spiritual ear. When this is the ease, theFire, 516:itself likewise only a relative one, and as the inner fire within the atom burns more brightly, asFire, 516:the atom in due time is consumed, and the inner blaze becomes so great that it destroys itsFire, 526:are the atoms, and threefold the radiation. The inner core of fire hides itself and is known onlyFire, 538:consummated at the three major Initiations) the inner three are revealed. They respond to theFire, 538:it is the stimulation or revelation of these inner petals, by the One Initiator at the third andFire, 539:Man, they all blend and merge. The [539] inner three which complete the twelve, and which areFire, 542:blaze of glory growing in intensity as the three inner petals respond to the stimulation. When theFire, 543:and briefer period wherein the three higher or inner ring of petals are developed and opened. InFire, 545:consciousness; the central nucleus, or the three inner petals, embodies the aspect of pure Spirit.Fire, 550:the exoteric form in mental matter, but with the inner life or Idea within the form and with theFire, 555:that that response must be made by the inner embodied Idea, and that it will then through a complexFire, 555:this impact is transmitted direct to the inner life, and in due turn is retransmitted to substanceFire, 562:its direction, By its keynote, the nature of the inner life, the quality of its vibration and theFire, 568:into the terms of speech, and not lose the inner sense in the process. In these laws we again haveFire, 594:builds the forms that cradle temporarily the inner hidden life, and love is the cause of theFire, 606:that objectivity is an inevitable result of an inner conscious subjective life. When this is betterFire, 610:or of material aspect, to the germ of the inner life. Then [611] the Ego manifests its life withinFire, 613:gives man his body; the Gods give him his five inner principles... Spirit is one. - S. D., I, 248.Fire, 627:Initiation on this plane. On this plane the true inner significance of the "Sun" is apprehended.Fire, 634:esoteric appellation of the "Agnichaitans of the inner or central heat." They are the totality ofFire, 640:believed in because perceived and sensed by the Inner Man in the Occultist." - S. D., II, 167, 168.Fire, 644:self-initiated, and be the result of an inner activity. As the result of reflex action from theFire, 653:II, 622. It is the spiritual evolution of the inner immortal man that forms the fundamental tenetFire, 667:the attributes of divinity. Man is evolving the inner vision and must learn to see. The devas areFire, 667:must learn to see. The devas are evolving the inner hearing and must learn to hear. Both are as yetFire, 668:As the goal of evolution for the devas is the inner hearing, it will be apparent why mantric soundsFire, 672:reached and reveals the three, the nine, and the inner blazing JEWEL, then is the circle ofFire, 691:initiate at this time). In the fifth round, the inner significance may become more apparent to theFire, 697:statements according to the state of our own inner consciousness. H. P. B. hints at this (See S.Fire, 714:three enshrining petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire ofFire, 744:rounds, but a mystery is hidden here: on the inner round one planet has nine cycles to run beforeFire, 747:hath achieved, gleameth the orb of blue and the inner radiant fire. From the gates of gold down toFire, 760:the intuition, [760] and the training of the inner senses. They come with no herald, and only TheirFire, 762:folded petals. Around this central nucleus, or inner flame, are arranged the nine petals in circlesFire, 762:as secondary colors in a varying degree. The inner three petals are of a lovely lemon-yellow hue.Fire, 763:and all the nine petals are closed down upon the inner three; the orange color has a dead aspectFire, 772:to die down, and slowly (as the petals of the inner circle open up) the true Word emerges until theFire, 774:through the outer circle of petals (for the two inner circles and the three central petals are notFire, 777:Saturn scheme, and so do the Manasadevas of the inner round. We should note here that we again haveFire, 781:II, 96. They are the Sons of Fire and fashion inner man. - S. D., II, 114 56 The solar Angels (SonsFire, 793:The figures for the planets concerned with the "inner round" differ as to length of time but not asFire, 798:on the physical plane of [798] certain inner relations, which are seeking outer response. When allFire, 806:powerful; it concerns the evolution of the three inner [807] petals shielding the "jewel," andFire, 808:but it is felt now by the Teachers on the inner side that the main principles had better be givenFire, 814:these days of a statement as to the real or inner man, and as to the laws of the kingdom of God.Fire, 814:and as to the laws of the kingdom of God. That inner man has ever been known to be there, and theFire, 815:regarded as one calling for the elevation of the inner consciousness of the human unit (functioningFire, 815:plane, the life and power and energy of the inner center, the Ego. This involves necessarily aFire, 816:sufficient of that substance to form three inner petals, which closely shield the central spark;Fire, 820:composed of three petals, and all shielding the inner bud where hides the jewel. It is with theFire, 821:"love" triad, or the lords of active love. The inner "sacrificial" triad, or the lords of activeFire, 822:second circle; the third remains shielded. The inner "sacrificial" triad: Petal 1 - The Will toFire, 824:the esoteric key to this great occurrence. This inner circle of petals is organized and vitalizedFire, 825:cases upon certain planets connected with the inner round. This is the circumstance which
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