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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Fire, 828:much remains to be done, nevertheless when the inner circle of petals is awakened - through theFire, 830:By the time the third Initiation is taken, the inner circle of petals is opened and the full-blownFire, 830:beauty can be seen. At the fourth Initiation the inner bud bursts open through the effect of theFire, 830:synthetic ray of the solar system itself; the inner jewel is thus revealed. The work has beenFire, 838:was scarcely felt. The first and second of the inner lines throbbed with the burning, but the restFire, 839:allied, and cubes are formed, shielding the inner fire. The altar is prepared, and four squareFire, 851:The "coming-in" of advanced Egos from the inner round, or from other planetary schemes, or fromFire, 851:lies back of the coming in of egos from the inner round, only this time the energy is sent forth byFire, 851:planetary Logos) who are the "custodians of the inner circle." This touches upon a mystery andFire, 860:of petals in the egoic lotus (the fourth or inner circle) unfolds. The significance of the fourFire, 861:brain, and cause him to become aware of the inner currents. This takes place usually when the fifthFire, 863:radioactive, and as the energy of the inner God demonstrates more and more through the lowerFire, 864:these that the student becomes aware of the inner planes, becomes conscious in the physical brainFire, 864:becomes conscious in the physical brain of the inner happenings, and can (if a disciple) make hisFire, 866:him from the higher planes, and from his own inner God, produces at times peculiar results upon hisFire, 866:This fact is used by Those Who work on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This itFire, 897:but outer sheaths or frameworks, sheltering an inner "vault"; both forms are hollow, both haveFire, 909:problems men learn, and all that those upon the inner side are permitted to do is to give a hint orFire, 966:D., III, 548. Goal of evolution to develop the inner vision. The occult significance of the eye. -Fire, 966:the divine Voice. - S. D., I, 721. The organs of inner vision: The exoteric organ - Pineal gland -Fire, 966:the mirror of the soul. - S. D., II, 312. To the inner spiritual eye the Gods are no moreFire, 966:soul and body are to us. - S. D., I, 694. The inner eye can see through the veil of matter. - S.Fire, 974:such a sutratma. It links a man's bodies to the inner Identity, or to that magnetic current which,Fire, 977:forms of others. Of responsiveness to one's own inner impulses, or of responsiveness to theFire, 984:sufficient is imparted to those who have the inner ear attentive, and the eye of wisdom in processFire, 984:The Basis of Magic. Magic is based on the inner powers in man's soul. - Isis Unveiled, I, 459. TheFire, 986:the generative organs being neglected by the inner fire, which passes to the throat, the center ofFire, 993:there may be in this connection with the inner round? The inner round has many meanings, someFire, 993:be in this connection with the inner round? The inner round has many meanings, some impossible toFire, 996:plane life and service bear witness to the inner transmutation, then he can proceed to parallelFire, 1001:have for their purpose the revelation of the inner God, and the bringing in of the illuminatingFire, 1001:The result of this "coherency" is that the inner light becomes veiled, its brilliancy dimmed, justFire, 1001:veiled, its brilliancy dimmed, just as the inner light of the Ego in its shadow, or thought form,Fire, 1004:the Ego, and are, therefore, in touch with the inner center of all knowledge within themselves.Fire, 1007:that called meditation. In contemplation, the inner eye is fixed upon the object of contemplation,Fire, 1011:the other two. [1011] It is the eye of the inner vision, and he who has opened it can direct andFire, 1017:builders cease their labors then, and let the inner workers enter on their cycle. One of theFire, 1017:aspect forming the "jewel in the lotus," or the inner [1018] center of electrical energy, and theFire, 1026:as practical work is concerned, but much where inner intellectual development is desired. He whoFire, 1028:which we see and can touch is but an effect of inner underlying causes. The occultist does notFire, 1060:student, who has developed the power of the inner vision, the vault of Heaven can therefore be seenFire, 1061:is without form and usefulness apart from the inner energy. Second, that the "true form" or theFire, 1062:we are dealing with the effect produced by the inner essence as it makes its presence felt throughFire, 1111:solar Angel, just as the outer tier is - to the inner vision of the Adept - a clue to the point inFire, 1111:of forces in those petals. Monad, through the inner circle of petals; its stage of lower awarenessFire, 1112:of evolution - makes itself felt through the inner circle of petals, and which is the result of anFire, 1113:rings which are energy rings, and symbols of an inner verity. f. Energy also pours in upon theFire, 1114:form of influencing energy originates in the inner circle of petals, which is the focal pointFire, 1115:action) produce very rapid unfoldment. It is the inner of the two types of force; their mutualFire, 1116:through, and thus producing activity in the inner tier of petals, the Sacrifice Petals, are againFire, 1116:particularly strong vibration because, when the inner circle is unfolded, the jewel is revealed,Fire, 1123:of the nations. When the glory of a man's inner God is seen, when his radiance shines forth thenFire, 1123:Petals. The knowledge petal in each of the two inner circles. The centers on the mental plane. TheFire, 1124:he cannot align the knowledge petals in the two inner groups, as the love-wisdom aspect isFire, 1149:and of discipline. This is in order that the Inner God may function in full consciousness and wieldFire, 1151:of force. When this becomes apparent on the inner side, some advanced disciple puts the energy ofFire, 1164:constitute what has sometimes been called "the inner round" and transmit their force through thoseFire, 1164:in occult books as having a connection with the inner round. Each of these planetary schemes can beFire, 1175:a peculiar fashion with certain spheres on the inner round, a dual opportunity exists for mankind,Fire, 1175:seven divisions of the field of knowledge." The inner round, which carries with it vast opportunityFire, 1175:its problems and withstand its temptations. This inner round has a peculiar appeal to units onFire, 1175:Rays, and has its own specific dangers. The inner round is the round that is followed by those whoFire, 1176:These three planets - in connection with this inner round - are considered only as existing inFire, 1176:as yet been exoterically communicated anent this inner round and by the study of the human ethericFire, 1176:it, much may be deduced about the planetary inner round. We must bear in mind in this connectionFire, 1226:and Love. It can only be appreciated as the two inner rows of egoic petals are unfolded; knowledgeFire, 1232:from the Jewel and the radiance which veils the inner glory. The seer (see-er) has then become pureFire, 1236:the physical plane is the exoteric symbol of an inner subjective idea which is possessed of qualityFire, 1257:from our planetary scheme are transferred to the inner round and from thence to the Jupiter scheme.Fire, 1264:that the Logos on the cosmic planes is evolving inner cosmic vision, just as man in his lesserFire, 1265:first plane of the system, on the subjective or inner side, and it corresponds in an occult senseFire, 1265:cosmic vibration. It means a specializing of the inner sight, and the development of a certainFire, 1272:second group has for its name "the Lords of the Inner Lotus." These are They who sleep, yet not soFire, 1278:the sacred seven. This is the mystery hid, the inner secret found in the heart of cosmic spaceFire, 1278:Seek ye the same on lesser scale within the inner round and on the plane of density see the lesserFire, 1279:of being; dense are the forms, which hide the inner light; gross is the sheath that acteth as aGlamour, 2:is not, I think my words will find in you an inner response. Glamour, 6:Symbols are the outer and visible forms of the inner spiritual realities, and when facility inGlamour, 6:work from the standpoint of reality, from the inner nucleus of truth and must "take their stand atGlamour, 12:interpretation and all forms are symbols of an inner quality and life. The study of symbolsGlamour, 16:up till now, as the group was incomplete and the inner cohesion needed strengthening. Now I can doGlamour, 16:are functioning together with a much increased inner relationship, and a "spirit of love" has beenGlamour, 27:first of all: To distinguish between these three inner illusory aspects. To discover whatGlamour, 27:in the steady release from the control of these inner delusions will come the eventualGlamour, 28:of the group itself as a whole. The amount of inner light that can shine through and make itsGlamour, 42:application is made. As these realizations and inner activities become practical parts of theGlamour, 49:The authority to which we, the teachers on the inner side, respond is twofold in nature, and to itGlamour, 70:we pass and come and go, we the Teachers on the inner side; and in that fog - seeing all thingsGlamour, 86:the animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses, [87] emanating from the world ofGlamour, 87:man is concerned. The moment, however, that an inner orientation towards the world of higher valuesGlamour, 95:to produce some sense of unity. Because the inner and subtle man is as yet "weak in impact" (as itGlamour, 96:the other is the mechanism of contact with the inner forces, energies and worlds of being. ThisGlamour, 122:The glamor of the outer, which hides the inner. [123] RAY VI The glamor of devotion. The glamor ofGlamour, 126:great experience which is so deeply coloring his inner life. He has prolonged moments wherein he isGlamour, 149:their lives under a closer scrutiny by the true inner or spiritual man and could thus determineGlamour, 160:take much of your time, interest and attention. Inner group adjustments and more firmly establishedGlamour, 187:out those who form the true Church upon the inner spiritual plane and in helping them to walk inGlamour, 191:of the light within all forms and atoms. The inner world of reality stands visible to him asGlamour, 196:term used by Patanjali to describe the inner life of the initiate. Most of what I have said aboveGlamour, 196:service to the world. It might be said that the inner light is like a searchlight, swinging out
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