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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Glamour, 197:the sun but at the same time radiating its own inner light upon the mists and fogs of Earth, for inGlamour, 208:comes where the aspirant discovers that this inner light can be used, and he begins tentatively andGlamour, 228:are presumed to have acquired some measure of inner polarization and to be able to withdrawGlamour, 231:These are all symbolic ways of registering the inner reality and are an attempt to externalizeGlamour, 232:out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtle world of glamor.Glamour, 238:out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtle world of glamor.Glamour, 247:by the breath, under the direction of the inner eye and controlled by the spiritual man. WhichGlamour, 250:direction at the disposal of the disciple. The inner eye, the single eye of the spiritual man. ThisGlamour, 250:which is in direct responsive relation to the inner eye. Through this eye the highest activity ofGlamour, 251:the aspirant and the probationary disciple. The inner or divine eye is quiescent and relativelyGlamour, 254:but the effects are dependent upon motive and inner fixed intention. The oriental, unless he hasGlamour, 255:dynamic incentive and the ability to exert that inner pressure upon himself which will produceHealingof those diseases - originating in the three inner bodies - which today devastate the human frame,Healing, 5:upon the need to deal with the patient in his inner life, for the basic law underlying all occultHealing, 5:In that way we shall work from the world of inner causes to the world of outer happenings. We shallHealing, 9:of the "evil humors" bred and festering in the inner subjective life of the patient. In theHealing, 17:of himself, and so learn to eradicate those inner compelling situations which are responsible forHealing, 26:between the diseases which are due to inner personal conditions, or to inherited tendencies, or toHealing, 27:or magnetization, or both. Through right inner psychological adjustment, aided by true insight onHealing, 28:there is disease; that disease is an effect of inner causes; that man has made as vast strides inHealing, 28:secondary causes which have their roots in man's inner bodies and in the subjective side of natureHealing, 31:of disease are not primarily the result of inner subtle forces, but are the pouring upwards, intoHealing, 31:upon the physical plane, and which affect the inner bodies. There are physical energy and streamsHealing, 34:The physical body is an automaton of whichever inner body is the strongest. When you remember thatHealing, 36:to demonstrate increasingly. Seen from the inner side where time is not, the human creatureHealing, 36:itself in two major localities to the dense inner core of the physical man. These two points ofHealing, 41:The esoteric healer knows much about the inner forces and energies and has some understanding ofHealing, 47:are: The psychological, or the gauging of the inner bodies of man from the angle of theirHealing, 48:the use, or misuse, of the subtler forces on the inner planes. It must be remembered, however, thatHealing, 54:apparent to you, therefore, that a shift of the inner attention (the mental attitude) of theHealing, 56:I seek to deal primarily with causes, with the inner sources of disease and deal with those statesHealing, 57:he must [57] have a clear grasp of the patient's inner emphasis; this last aids him in theHealing, 57:three Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one whoHealing, 57:body to seek relief and achieve release from inner pressures, from subjective inhibitions andHealing, 57:or wrongfully placed stimulation and of inner tensions in some part of the mechanism. Inhibitions,Healing, 68:that it will take time for even this first inner structure of ideas and this somewhat newHealing, 74:causes - is in reality those causes, plus an inner condition of etheric congestion. It is theHealing, 74:together of the outer apparent cause and the inner true cause which is responsible for the outbreakHealing, 74:can always be traced to these two causes - an inner and an outer cause. In these cases, the outerHealing, 74:outer cause is not an effect of the individual inner cause, which is interesting. You will note,Healing, 79:a good deal of trouble. The etheric body is the inner "substantial" form upon which the physicalHealing, 79:physical body is built or constructed. It is the inner scaffolding which underlies every part ofHealing, 79:there is weakness in the relation between this inner structure and the outer form, it will beHealing, 82:outer tangible form to respond adequately to the inner and subtler impulses. Here is found theHealing, 87:vehicle. The glands do not condition the inner man or his states of consciousness, but they can andHealing, 87:consciousness, but they can and do prevent those inner states finding manifestation outwardly. InHealing, 87:to the physical body and its receptivity to the inner energies most decidedly condition the man. ItHealing, 87:does, act as the transmitting agent of the inner energies to the outer plane, and the physical bodyHealing, 98:3. Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one whoHealing, 103:standpoint, they work alone; from the true inner standpoint, they work in the closest cooperation. Healing, 108:use of the energies which pour through from the inner man, via the etheric body, to the physical.Healing, 120:full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within theHealing, 125:has mastered the rhythm of his outer and inner life, and has organized his reactions so that heHealing, 134:full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within theHealing, 134:three Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one whoHealing, 141:coming from the environment as well as from the inner spiritual man and the subtle bodies,Healing, 141:and forces which are the outer expression of the inner, vital, dynamic network of the etheric bodyHealing, 162:of the physical mechanism to measure up to the inner unfoldment which causes so much trouble. ThusHealing, 195:system is in fact an externalization of the inner pattern of energies. There is as yet no word inHealing, 196:nerves being the dense physical result of an inner sensitive response apparatus is still undefinedHealing, 198:coordinated, psychically responsive to the inner pattern of nadis and centers, and consciouslyHealing, 204:are first, last, and all the time effects of inner predisposing causes, and it is through theHealing, 212:health will be normal and declarative if the inner consciousness is harmless (and the majority ofHealing, 220:Disease. We have carried the idea down from the inner and more subtle causes of disease to theHealing, 273:the outer, tangible, physical effects and to the inner causes, as they are to be found in theHealing, 285:in collaboration with some physician who has the inner vision and can see the centers, or withHealing, 289:entirely with karma or the effect of the inner causes of events, equipment and circumstances uponHealing, 289:upon the physical plane. We saw how the inner bodies, via the etheric body, conditioned the man'sHealing, 289:at the conclusion that the condition of these inner bodies, their limitations and their richness,Healing, 297:of a healing group or a healer for aid in inner spiritual healing. Clear vision as to the outcome.Healing, 309:causative factor exists in the meeting of the inner and the outer existing factors. Let me make theHealing, 309:that disease is the result of two causes - an inner cause and an outer cause. The subjective [310]Healing, 310:to a wrong use of energy, sets in motion those inner tendencies which find their way out, as vitalHealing, 310:relation established between the outer and the inner forces is the basic cause (expressing itselfHealing, 310:a term could be applied. There must be both the inner psychological situation and cause, which isHealing, 311:In the case of contagious [311] diseases, the inner cause is of group origin, and has therefore anHealing, 311:It is the working out into manifestation of an inner undesirable factor, and when the inner and theHealing, 311:of an inner undesirable factor, and when the inner and the outer causes are brought out into theHealing, 311:Diabetes is more definitely the result of wrong inner desires, and is not so definitely the resultHealing, 312:the class of diseases which are connected with inner emotional desires and the violent suppressedHealing, 324:vaccine and other substances. The effect on the inner bodies is practically nil, and far less thanHealing, 324:in the human body carry through and affect the inner bodies from the structural angle? It is aHealing, 324:are the precipitation on earth of certain inner activities on the astral plane of a most definiteHealing, 327:cannot be changed, and are prolonged by inner rebellion and revolt. A disciple has to learn theHealing, 333:apparatus which is the direct result of the inner activity of the centers, network and nadis, isHealing, 335:and reacts to the outer world of impacts and inner impulses, but has no initiatory life of its own.Healing, 335:a "spark," as it is called, is made between the inner living bodies of man (through the medium ofHealing, 336:of Vision and the registration by the eye of the inner worlds will receive an enormous impetus, andHealing, 338:real understanding of the relation between the inner psyche and the outer form, via the ethericHealing, 338:further and relate the glandular system to the inner centers. Healing, 343:of the transfusion of subtle energies on the inner planes? Are there some special means, besidesHealing, 344:Through the decentralization of the whole inner conscious life. The server becomes: The mysticalHealing, 345:without. I would remind you, however, that the inner harmony of one brother in a group may not beHealing, 352:Success might mean the correction of wrong inner attitudes, of erroneous lines of thought, and atHealing, 355:ignore the outer forms and to concentrate on the inner lines of light which unite brother toHealing, 360:alignment with the greater potency of the inner groups. [361] You will find (fairly soon perhaps)Healing, 361:is due to their increasing sensitivity to the inner planes and particularly to the fact that soHealing, 362:of the general public, and if there is an inner relaxation in the world of men which will permitHealing, 367:seem to think that we, the teachers on the inner side, have read every book that may be written,Healing, 375:unity that is of interest to the teachers on the inner side of life, and the production of a
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