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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Initiation, 131:religious, or cultural - is the working out of inner forces and causes, and, before they definitelyInitiation, 135:simultaneously on the three planes with full inner realization. Initiation, 137:body" at each initiation, and to the idea of the inner central fire gradually breaking through andInitiation, 141:three enshrining petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire ofInitiation, 146:nothing can then be transmitted from the [146] inner group to the outer. The latter confineInitiation, 146:and the chanting of certain formulas, and in the inner group around the Hierophant a dualInitiation, 150:for meditation produces eventually that inner dynamic purpose and recollection, or that internalInitiation, 150:and the whole completed as a picture before his inner vision, he brought into use a certain Word ofInitiation, 156:forth of the Brahma, or third aspect, of the inner God. To control his speech every minute of everyInitiation, 157:with the clearly defined purpose of the inner God. It is the shining forth of the second aspect ofInitiation, 157:prominence, and the conscious will of the inner God can make itself felt on the physical plane. TheInitiation, 158:the seven, and again he sees it before his inner eye. Finally the Initiator sounds it forth, andInitiation, 158:divisions, and thus the significance of its inner reaction will be apparent. 6. The Masters andInitiation, 159:differentiated diversified speech - expresses an inner purpose or state of mind, and thus builds aInitiation, 165:is both heard and appears symbolically to the inner eye. It will now be apparent why so much stressInitiation, 165:signs. It prepares them for the grasp and inner retention of the symbols and formulas which embodyInitiation, 170:profound [170] interest become clarified to his inner vision. They are: The mystery of the astralInitiation, 177:of consciousness, to be guided and led by the inner ruler or Ego entirely, and to unravel, throughInitiation, 183:the surmounting of tests and trials, and in that inner adherence to the voice of the God within,Initiation, 189:that the Logos on the cosmic planes is evolving inner cosmic vision, just as man in his lesserInitiation, 190:or first plane of the system, on the subjective inner side, and it corresponds, in an occult sense,Initiation, 190:cosmic vibration. It means a specializing in the inner sight, and the development of a certainInitiation, 195:kingdom of God is within, and the duty of that inner hidden Ruler is twofold, first, to the livesInitiation, 196:under control. Thus the solar Lord, the inner Reality, the Son of the Father, and the Thinker onInitiation, 196:lower nature becomes clogged and heavy, and the inner blaze can not shine forth when meat isInitiation, 199:necessary word to some brother concerning the inner life, or to some superior or group ofInitiation, 201:through the development of the control by the inner God, who works through the head center and thusInitiation, 201:He will also record all that seems to him in his inner life to be concerned with the evolution ofInitiation, 202:group of servers to which they belong on the inner plane, to recognize them upon the physicalInitiation, 205:used; the spiritual will of the divine inner God is the main factor, and there will be a unity ofInitiation, 207:occult students have gathered concerning the inner round. On the surface, the expression "the eyeInitiation, 207:and lies hidden in the following facts: That the inner vision is that which all self-consciousInitiation, 208:and their utilization in the evolution of the inner spiritual life, application then made of thatInitiation, 210:helpless held, and cannot grasp and hold, the inner life slips from its sheath, mounting the limbInitiation, 218:Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on the inner planes of the solar system who are theIntellect, 8:and to register with equal facility the inner or intangible world. This ability to reorient itselfIntellect, 31:of nature. We can simultaneously overlook the inner and the outer world. Since we canIntellect, 39:system of mind-control, leading eventually to an inner awareness of a new state of being. ItIntellect, 53:which constitutes what we know as the inner life of an empirical self. "The empirical self is theIntellect, 82:effect union with the soul, and become aware of inner states of consciousness. This is summed upIntellect, 83:to become in outer manifestation what he is in inner reality, and to make him identify himself withIntellect, 85:and consciously developed, but because as the inner God assumes control and dominates His bodies,Intellect, 96:reading with the eyes of the soul, with the inner vision alert to find out that which is sought. ItIntellect, 96:realized that all forms are only symbols of an inner or spiritual reality, and spiritual readingIntellect, 98:of fluctuating opinion. The continuity of the inner life could not accommodate itself to soIntellect, 135:and he becomes identified with the true inner and spiritual man. What is technically called theIntellect, 135:It is a period of silence whilst something inner [136] transpires, and is perhaps the hardest partIntellect, 138:we endeavor to receive impressions from the inner God, the Higher Self, direct to the physicalIntellect, 171:of psychic complications, and thereby frees the inner personality from emotional and imaginaryIntellect, 172:"They are called Brahmins only that have an inner light working in them... the human soul is a lampIntellect, 189:without [189] out any distinction of outer and inner), and thus, by the eye of KnowledgeIntellect, 219:have relation also to the nervous body and that inner structure of fine nerves, called by theIntellect, 222:ignorance was that he opened up the inner hearing in the psychic sense. He said in his letter toMagic, 19:correlating, and producing an outer and inner group activity demonstrates primarily through theMagic, 19:of the soul, and an outer and visible form of an inner spiritual reality. 3. There is finally whatMagic, 21:shifting ever into more esoteric and inner realms. These three aspects are seen in man, the divineMagic, 21:right relations between the various parts of the inner nervous structure to be found in everyMagic, 26:They employ the awakened and developed inner light of their souls to interpret and comprehend thatMagic, 45:to the environment but is the transmitter (from inner sources) of certain types of energy, and theMagic, 47:soul; it is the outer and visible sign of the inner reality, the concretion of the sensitiveMagic, 48:It is the physical correspondence to the inner light body we call the soul body, the spiritualMagic, 58:(through the form side) will be to the inner as well as the outer worlds. Man has included in hisMagic, 65:done. The disciple on the physical plane and the inner teacher (whether one of the Great Ones orMagic, 65:to each other's vibration. Teachers on the inner planes have much to contend with owing to theMagic, 65:unrest will hinder. Long patience those on the inner side need in dealing with all who must, forMagic, 65:rhythm impossible for the right reception of the inner purpose; some prejudice, some criticism,Magic, 65:themselves with infinite care, and keep the inner serenity and peace and a mental pliability thatMagic, 66:as transmitters. The silence that comes from the inner calm is the one to cultivate. Aspirants areMagic, 66:will form part of the group of teachers on the inner side of the veil. If then they have not learntMagic, 66:work, toil, strive, aspire, and hold the inner calm. Withdraw steadily into interior work and soMagic, 66:with the higher planes. A perfect steadiness of inner poise is what the Masters need in those whomMagic, 66:need in those whom They seek to use. It is an inner poise that holds to the vision yet does itsMagic, 66:attention which is in no way deviated by the inner receptiveness. It involves a dual activity. [67]Magic, 69:Secondly, he can wait, resting back upon an inner sense of direction, knowing that in due time heMagic, 75:within, focus the light, and see, revealed, an inner world of being. With this the Manas stillsMagic, 83:by the brains of theologians. Therefore the true inner comprehension finds no room for expansion,Magic, 84:of the majority of men. [84] Men deaden the inner voice that bears witness to the life hereafter,Magic, 94:wherein the aspirant struggles to achieve that inner quiet and directed attentiveness which willMagic, 95:clear hearing and correct interpretation of the inner voice of the soul and broods reflectivelyMagic, 103:(passing beneath the outer appearance) see the inner cause which produces the conditions noted inMagic, 107:the soul light, and there is then produced that inner radiant sun of which the aspirant becomesMagic, 108:the sheaths is subordinated to the life of the inner divinity; the light of the sheaths is fusedMagic, 121:as in a mirror can be safely trusted with the inner senses. Only he who knoweth the five senses toMagic, 127:which will develop the sensitivity of the inner ear, the etheric ear. Later, when the personal noteMagic, 127:personal note or sound is established and the inner sound is sensed, there can be definite practiceMagic, 129:first one way and then another. As seen on the inner side, the emerging factors are simpler. TheMagic, 130:[130] untrammeled and undisturbed in their inner life by the upheavals on the surface. Could youMagic, 130:themselves and learning dependence upon the inner Ruler. When all outward props fail and when allMagic, 130:upon themselves and learn to seek within. This inner contact with the higher self is becomingMagic, 130:inward calm which is based upon the rule of the inner God and which, therefore, makes a man anMagic, 136:construct and refine, in the failure to turn the inner ear to those voices on the subtler planesMagic, 138:which they work and the strength of their [138] inner contact with the soul. It is not easy for anyMagic, 138:These things have to be dealt with on the inner planes and are noted by the watching guides of theMagic, 138:Great Ones look. They look to see whether the inner flame - the result of effort wisely to work andMagic, 139:The transference of this law to the inner planes and its working out in the new cycle of effortMagic, 140:leaders will be found among those who sense the inner issue. Leadership that endures does not comeMagic, 147:allure. The outer world ceases to attract. The inner world of the Self assumes paramount place inMagic, 147:of awareness is set up, and because the inner subtle response apparatus is only in an [148]Magic, 148:is equipped to respond to the vibration of the inner spiritual world. It exists in embryo, and theMagic, 174:world so great, that those who can contact the inner side of life, who can even in a small way
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