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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Magic, 176:extend their vision; that they hold steadily the inner realization that they already have and seekMagic, 178:3. They write because of the development of the inner hearing. Their work is largely stenographic,Magic, 178:the easier it will be for the teacher on the inner side to render, through his agency, theMagic, 180:facilitate the transmission of truth from the inner side to the outer plane. Precipitated writingMagic, 189:life, as the result of the awakening of the inner light and the adjustment of his karmicMagic, 189:throat, and the eye - constituting part of the inner structure which he must learn to use - has toMagic, 190:Their efforts, to the seer, are indicative of an inner stirring, of an inner coordination and aMagic, 190:seer, are indicative of an inner stirring, of an inner coordination and a motivated activity whichMagic, 195:of force is: Monad. Atma. Spiritual will. The inner circle of petals in the egoic lotus, the willMagic, 214:counterpart (for etheric matter is physical) of inner correspondences. Through this point of focusMagic, 226:to the condition and point of development of the inner man, so will be the outer form and itsMagic, 235:phrases has been somewhat wrought out in the inner experience of the magician. Most true aspirantsMagic, 253:for whom these letters are intended. That the inner vision may be ours, the eye see clearly theMagic, 257:the presentation of geometrical forms to the inner eye of the aspirant. The cardinal pointMagic, 260:and never before has there existed such a strong inner integrity and subjective relation betweenMagic, 260:thing to do. It presupposes the following: An inner sensitiveness to the Plan. An ability toMagic, 261:group ideals and A steady preservation of the inner contact through meditation and the overlookingMagic, 262:diet and discipline, instead of working from the inner outward. In the careful discipline of theMagic, 262:to our contacts, not just exterior, but on the inner planes as well. In similarity of vibrationMagic, 266:to the clarity of vision and the depth of the inner realization so will be the adequacy of theMagic, 273:builders cease their labors then, and let the inner workers enter on their cycle. Thought-FormMagic, 273:the "outer builders" cease from labor. Let the "inner builders" enter on their cycle. We have seenMagic, 276:and a form which will be full expressions of an inner spiritual reality and in line with egoicMagic, 278:that the building may be strong and sure and the inner contact with the creator (human or divine)Magic, 279:the builders of the outer form, and let the inner builders of dynamic force push it forth intoMagic, 279:Through the eye of the creator are these inner builders brought to functioning, directed action.Magic, 279:depends for its duration on the potency of the inner builders, who constitute the subjective formMagic, 280:dharma carried out with precision, whilst the inner adjustments proceed in the silence of theMagic, 287:for me to hint. Those of you who have the inner knowledge will comprehend at once. To Will. TheseMagic, 289:the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light reveal the One. Let dissonance giveMagic, 289:blend. Then let the soul look out upon an inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant goMagic, 300:from both the outer world experience and the inner life expression: - There is no death. There is,Magic, 322:Ones (foreseeing the need of just such points of inner contact in periods of world unrest, such asMagic, 322:exactly in proportion to the extent of the inner contact, and in direct relation to the clarity ofMagic, 324:body is in need of rest, then likewise the inner fails to be recorded. It is the centers in theMagic, 325:with patience carry on the work, who keep the inner calm and surety, who lose sight of theMagic, 325:crystallizing shells built by man. So hold the inner vision steadily and have that long patienceMagic, 326:men recognize this and succeed in isolating that inner significant structure of truth which is theMagic, 328:minority, but a steadily growing one. It is that inner group of lovers of God, the intellectualMagic, 330:of that past. They do not belong to the inner group of Knowers who are working at the task ofMagic, 330:of those forms. 2. That emanating from the inner group of mystics, [331] who, under the guidance ofMagic, 334:vision. The vital or etheric body, lying as the inner structure of the outer forms, will be seenMagic, 335:for brotherhood, and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms. The thirdMagic, 336:the light, for it will be a world of recognized inner radiance, wherein the work of the world willMagic, 341:who follow their personalities, and not the inner God within their own heart. Thirdly, bear inMagic, 344:If this can be done the development of the inner point of contact and the knowledge of how to tapMagic, 348:depends upon the pupil's ability to grasp the inner meaning of all events. His entire progress uponMagic, 348:It is only as we transmute the lessons on the inner planes into practical knowledge that theyMagic, 349:is given. Those of us who watch and guide on the inner side of life realize more than perhaps youMagic, 350:not to judge from the appearance but from the inner vision. Capacity to recognize the Master'sMagic, 351:the disciple's character must keep pace with his inner knowledge. This knowledge grows in threeMagic, 351:An aspirant is definitely taken on the inner planes and shown by a more advanced chela what is theMagic, 351:is achieved. This work is done both on the inner planes and on the physical. In the Hall ofMagic, 353:This works out at first as sensitiveness to the inner voice and this is one of the most necessaryMagic, 353:are looking for those who can rapidly obey the inner voice of their soul. The times are criticalMagic, 354:not the laws of occultism, and only sensing the inner truth, work on broad lines of preparation.Magic, 362:centers - head, heart and throat - carrying the inner fire, with the three major head centersMagic, 369:joy but towards it; not for reward, but from the inner need to help; not for gratitude, but fromMagic, 371:to be the outcome. We who watch and guide on the inner side, watch with loving care all of you whoMagic, 372:increase not decrease as the consciousness or inner expansion of the life of the race vibrates everMagic, 373:the whole cosmos of the atom. By the use on the inner planes by the Mahachohan of one of theMagic, 395:this sequential development is paralleled by an inner growth of soul awareness, though the mode ofMagic, 395:awareness, though the mode of expression of that inner growth is largely dependent upon the rayMagic, 398:together in loose formation and held by the inner spiritual tie and not by any outer organization.Magic, 399:preserved the "outer and visible form of an inner and spiritual" reality. Only those were, in thoseMagic, 403:trend, and this is (for the workers on the inner plane) a most encouraging sign, but love ofMagic, 404:of consciousness and at awakening that inner light which, when seen and intelligently used, willMagic, 409:pessimism. But those who know and who sense the inner guiding hand of the Hierarchy are aware thatMagic, 410:is that they have all been motivated from the inner subjective side of life; they have come forthMagic, 413:work entirely subjectively, thus utilizing the inner sensitive apparatus and the intuition. It isMagic, 414:or financial. They constitute part of the inner group of workers for humanity, and of the worldMagic, 414:soul and its mechanism is essential, and that inner triplicity, [415] usually dormant in theMagic, 423:constant and sequential recollection of both the inner and the outer life. We call it continuity ofMagic, 425:that these objective results are produced by an inner growth and not by an outer activity. AnMagic, 438:center, the solar plexus and the spleen. The inner group of seven major or systemic energiesMagic, 448:man is talking in occult terms and evidencing an inner appreciation of the methods whereby all thatMagic, 448:is consciously bringing it to the stage when its inner purpose and plan can be demonstrated. HeMagic, 457:receive accurately the vision of the inner structure, or of the subjective skeleton, if I may soMagic, 460:manifestation. It is the recognition of the inner and spiritual reality which produces the outerMagic, 461:be the approximation of the outer form to the inner idea and the spiritual subjective reality. TheMagic, 462:impulses which cyclically emanate from the inner side of life, then there will be a steadyMagic, 463:the "worker with the Law" is en rapport with the inner reality within himself, with the soul. It isMagic, 467:words possess the equipment to comprehend their inner sense. We will begin therefore with theMagic, 474:of self and of thy lower destiny prevent the inner [475] voice of thine own soul from striking uponMagic, 485:conceptions and the scarcely sensed facts of the inner occult or mystic life that pass through theMagic, 486:occurrence, and therein lies the difficulty. The inner facts of the occult life, and those thatMagic, 489:the home circle or his group of friends by his inner poisonous attitude, governed by an idea. HisMagic, 500:In the accumulation of testimony, in the inner assurances of the human heart, in the fact of beliefMagic, 505:not usually aware and is [505] produced by an inner aural sensitivity which causes awareness ofMagic, 507:that he encounters failure and finds that his inner grasp of reality does not necessarily result inMagic, 512:stabilized and receptive emotional body and that inner alignment which will make his personality aMagic, 514:two more active stages of [514] experience. The inner life, slowly developed during the cyclicMagic, 514:expression is primarily then the result of the inner thought life and not so much the result ofMagic, 521:above all, from your meditation work; keep the inner link; think truth at all times. The need andMagic, 528:with the planetary purpose. These constitute the inner group of vitally alive brain cells in theMagic, 528:much vaster a scale, and with such an adequate inner alignment that students such as those who readMagic, 528:to all forms in nature which will enable the inner spiritual reality to emerge. Magic, 533:the smashing of the form and the reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation whichMagic, 548:in this present aeon he must understand the inner significance of Taurus, of Leo, of Scorpio and ofMagic, 552:of science and of philosophy, and the driving inner urge which we call religious, but which is, in
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