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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Meditation, 249:and force of virtue (in the occult sense) in the inner life. I have summed up the practical pointsMeditation, 257:on the external sheaths that veil and hide the inner center do we achieve the goal, and find theMeditation, 258:upon the plane of being that hide from us our inner God, and that shut us off from Those in WhomMeditation, 258:and of mind control, there stand on the inner side Those Who know him, and Who watch with eagerMeditation, 261:is known. The practice of meditation and the inner concentration there brought about awakens theMeditation, 263:of the second Logos, and comprehends the inner working of the law of gravitation (or attraction andMeditation, 273:the same: occult meditation and service; the inner life of concentration and the outer life ofMeditation, 273:and the outer life of practice; the inner ability to contact the higher, and the outer ability toMeditation, 273:that faculty in terms of holy living; the inner irradiation from the Spirit, and the outer shiningMeditation, 275:This is (putting it occultly) the effect on the inner planes of the note of the pupil's exotericMeditation, 280:in the pupil's bodies and the awakening of the inner fire. He teaches the pupil the meaning of theMeditation, 282:aims always at regularity, at calmness, at that inner concentration that holds the mystery of theMeditation, 282:realizations will be the outer recognition of inner results, and will be the guarantee to him thatMeditation, 288:vehicle that is a fairly just exponent of the inner man. Oft the man is of far greater caliber andMeditation, 288:is of far greater caliber and attainment on the inner planes than he is on the physical. So many ofMeditation, 293:disciples know their Master intimately on the inner planes and work under His direction, but manyMeditation, 294:octave. This applies to groups consecrated to inner spiritual development, and that are directlyMeditation, 294:When, in meditation, a student hears this inner musical note, he should endeavor to register it,Meditation, 300:therefore, permit of the founding of a chain of inner schools... [301] that will be publiclyMeditation, 304:pupils without exception, that the life of inner unfoldment and development should be paralleled byMeditation, 307:advanced school in direct communication with the inner grades. This will be touched upon later. TheMeditation, 308:approach, and which will give preparation in the inner mysteries. A preparatory occult school willMeditation, 310:that enables man to wield the law and know the inner working of the system from the center to theMeditation, 314:in the school work, to the pupils, and on the inner planes. The fundamentals as regards theMeditation, 316:will be devoted to the definite training and inner development of the threefold man. Under theseMeditation, 318:of the work done by these three will be on the inner planes, and they will work more in theMeditation, 319:aligning the bodies, superintending the work on inner planes, and the pouring in of force with theMeditation, 320:waste not time on those not ready. Only when the inner light shines forth, only when the causalMeditation, 321:assimilation of concrete knowledge, but upon the inner comprehension and the occult understandingMeditation, 321:the tone of his life as it sounds forth in the inner world, upon the brilliance of the indwellingMeditation, 327:depends entirely upon the progress made, the inner powers of assimilation and the outer life ofMeditation, 331:and knowledge in the service of the race. His inner development must be expressed in terms ofMeditation, 343:failure), the need is for the renewal of the inner springs of action. [344] Meditation, 344:of the Masters of the Wisdom, and a strong inner determination to love, serve, and reach Them atMeditation, 349:if reproach and reproof assail him, provided his inner self remains calm and non-accusing; he caresMeditation, 349:of his environing associates, provided his inner sense of contact with Those Who guide and leadMeditation, 349:of little result from his labors, provided the inner light increases and his conscience has naughtMeditation, 353:Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on the inner planes of the solar system who are thePatanjalihimself as he is in reality. 4. Up till now the inner man has identified himself with his forms andPatanjali, 11:nature of the soul, Identifies himself with the inner Reality, and no longer with the concealingPatanjali, 11:Book 1 - The Problem of Union 4. Up till now the inner man has identified himself with his formsPatanjali, 12:the externalities which hinder the light of the inner God from shining forth, and which arePatanjali, 12:is, however, different from that of the Inner Man and they hinder his progress andPatanjali, 13:nature stilled that it becomes possible for the inner ruling entity to liberate himself fromPatanjali, 23:man into line with the nature and will of the inner spiritual man; The sleep of the ordinaryPatanjali, 34:is pondered upon, that it is but a symbol of an inner reality, our whole tangible objective worldPatanjali, 50:those who hold out empty hands, and passed on to inner halls of learning." Students would do wellPatanjali, 53:one Master is found within; it is the soul, the inner ruler, the thinker on his own plane. This onePatanjali, 56:in a newer and fuller way the nature of the inner Identity, of the soul within the form, the son ofPatanjali, 65:They are taught to formulate questions about the inner realities and then to find the answer forPatanjali, 66:up to the intellectual recognition and the inner aspiration. The aspirant has been told what he hasPatanjali, 71:of despondency. Misplaced bodily activity. The inner condition works out on the physical plane asPatanjali, 72:the effect produced in the etheric body by the inner turmoil. These life currents (for the studentPatanjali, 72:in the body. It will be found in an intense inner concentration upon rhythmic living and in thePatanjali, 97:impulses; then having thus contemplated the inner workings of the kingdom of God, he reflects backPatanjali, 120:in the three worlds under the subjection of the Inner Ruler. This science coordinates the entirePatanjali, 121:out into objective manifestation of all the inner impulses. In its ancient and simplest form it wasPatanjali, 124:Subjugation of the lower man to the will of the inner God is taught and all the methods and rulesPatanjali, 130:and he does this through a finding of his own inner reality as latent in his personality. He learnsPatanjali, 139:could be paraphrased as "when realized by the inner man," and the thought back of the words hasPatanjali, 147:Evil causes pain, for just in so far as the Inner Ruler is limited by his body of manifestationPatanjali, 171:(that of spirit, manifesting as the soul or inner ruler) and seeks in the affairs of every day toPatanjali, 188:when his outer conduct to his fellowmen and his inner discipline of life is brought into line withPatanjali, 190:threefold self to the service of the ego, the inner ruler, the God or Christ within. This will bePatanjali, 208:commentary which forms the esoteric basis of the inner teaching on Raja Yoga has some sentencesPatanjali, 210:been brought under the direction of the soul, or inner ruler, then unity with the soul is effected,Patanjali, 211:He begins to function consciously as the divine inner subjective self, using the lower man to veilPatanjali, 211:the fourth of the Rules and concerns the man's inner attitude to the objective universe. It mightPatanjali, 211:of meditation is ability to contact the divine inner self, and through the contact, to come [212]Patanjali, 219:process, the discipline of the outer and inner life and one-pointedness of the mind should be aimedPatanjali, 226:a condition, first of rhythmic response to the inner motivating factor (in this case, the ego orPatanjali, 226:sounding forth of a new note, emanating from the inner spiritual man which produces certainPatanjali, 229:the outer conduct be corrected, not only must inner purity be arrived at, not only must the rightPatanjali, 291:might be enumerated as follows: The awakened inner Light (Johnston), The Light in the headPatanjali, 291:the luminous disposition (Ganganatha Jha), The inner Light (Dvivedi), The mind, full of LightPatanjali, 294:events, circumstances and problems the "awakened inner light." In this he is guided by the love,Patanjali, 294:of the central organ and the emission of the inner radiance can be brought about. Briefly stated,Patanjali, 296:are the means whereby we function upon the inner planes, such as the emotional or astral plane andPatanjali, 322:use he becomes able to function as freely on the inner planes as he does on the physical. He canPatanjali, 337:so as to hear it. This is the voice of his own inner God, the Christ, [338] The AUM, the Word ofPatanjali, 345:they hold for you. The development of your inner sense will enable you to do this." Patanjali, 345:there is the attaining of the vision and the inner realization of God; then the completePatanjali, 350:[350] for it has become a transmitter of the inner light or radiance. The term "thunderbolt" isPatanjali, 400:and concerns the adaptability of the form to inner influence, and to outer environment. The otherPatanjali, 416:to be found. The spiritual Intelligence. The inner Ruler. The Word made Flesh. The Soul. The secondProblems, 7:desire and unlawful ambition control and not the inner knowledge. To put it scientifically and fromProblems, 42:of them and an expression of their own inner life. It is surely the function of the wealthier andProblems, 102:on the outer plane and those guiding from the inner side of the veil) are seeking a solution. TheProblems, 105:restitution for all he has suffered. Changed inner attitudes are needed on both sides, but veryProblems, 133:serene - behind all human affairs and feel no inner allegiance to any outer ecclesiasticalProblems, 137:of all faiths in both hemispheres attain that inner spiritual light which will make them lightProblems, 154:values; let them know that Christ and the true inner church are on their side; therefore victory isProblems, 156:them; the blueprints are already drawn. The inner attitude of humanity and a few outer happeningsProblems, 156:and a few outer happenings indicate a true inner recognition of the necessity for a revisal ofProblems, 158:mankind to function under the control of the inner divinity, or interior spiritual man; thisPsychology1, xxiii:at this time (as a general rule) possess that inner mechanism of thought and that intuitivePsychology1, xxv:rays, and a true and deep comprehension of the inner significance of the teaching, will do for usPsychology1, 8:Not only shall we understand somewhat the inner side of history, not only shall we gain an idea ofPsychology1, 15:its grasp of Reality and its sensitivity to the inner Beauty to be greater and nearer the True thanPsychology1, 52:which is the coordinating factor unifying the inner quality and the outer tangible form or
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