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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Psychology1, 70:that which the form is powerless to hide, - the inner synthesis, the all-embracing prism, thatPsychology1, 70:the two alone. Form and its soul are merged. The inner vision watches o'er the fusion, knows thePsychology1, 70:a higher vision blazes forth before the opened inner eye. The three are one, and not alone the two.Psychology1, 75:forces receive their secret names, reveal their inner purpose, and all is seen as rhythm, aPsychology1, 83:Hence also the effort that I, a worker on the inner side of life, am making to teach the newerPsychology1, 84:of the Lord. Give them the light. Unveil the inner shrine, and through the work of all thePsychology1, 87:Make all colors bright and clear. See to the inner glory. Build the shrine well. Use care. QualityPsychology1, 89:Rays 2. 4. 6 are the rays connected with the inner life, expanding through those forms, - the raysPsychology1, 104:happenings. There are warnings given by some inner monitor which have again and again saved manPsychology1, 114:the groups gathered around a Master on the inner planes. These groups of accepted disciples on thePsychology1, 114:These groups of accepted disciples on the inner side are sensitive organisms, and each member ofPsychology1, 117:and then trains himself to be responsive to the inner group of workers, who later, as a result ofPsychology1, 158:their activity every form is imbued with that inner evolutionary attribute which must eventuallyPsychology1, 160:to the outer world is left open, and that to the inner world is also cleared of obstacles. Psychology1, 161:handle. The man then finds that the path to the inner worlds of desire-emotion, of mind and ofPsychology1, 161:focuses itself upon the physical plane, and the inner lure of the soul is temporarily offset,Psychology1, 171:interpreters, and intermediaries between the inner active Hierarchy and the thinkers of the world,Psychology1, 175:- and here is the important point - because the inner synthesis of effort is not emphasized,Psychology1, 175:the great concepts, and no understanding of the inner Brotherhood which is guiding humanity towardsPsychology1, 175:to bring the nations, through the agency of the inner department of government and the politicalPsychology1, 177:and northern Africa must be awakened to the inner significance of their own faiths, and to the partPsychology1, 177:will greatly increase. Soon we shall have the inner structure of a world-faith so clearly definedPsychology1, 177:appearance before the end of the century. The inner structure of the World Federation of NationsPsychology1, 178:it. Recognition of its truth is dependent upon inner growth and illumination, and this growth isPsychology1, 181:structure emerges from and is built upon certain inner thought patterns, and it is these thoughtPsychology1, 181:to the contact with the world of reality and of inner truth. They will not necessarily be peoplePsychology1, 182:will be seen and known, yet with the eye of the inner vision can God be seen even when a man isPsychology1, 182:enable its possessor to see God working on the inner side of Life, within Himself and within allPsychology1, 184:chaos, that they are apt to forget that from the inner side there is also a great effort and "push"Psychology1, 185:intermediaries for a number of scientists on the inner side of life and those who are still inPsychology1, 186:the carefully laid plans of the Watchers on the inner side. The word has gone out to rally all thePsychology1, 187:nations, - a federation that now exists on the inner side but waits for the activity of the worldPsychology1, 188:they thereby release is great. Those on the inner side are grateful for the giving by those who canPsychology1, 196:aware of color, of new ranges of sound, of an inner evolving and newer response apparatus which isPsychology1, 196:Builders, the Seven Rays It is this unrevealed inner beauty which lies back of the emphasis laid byPsychology1, 199:consciousness is such that he can, through an inner mechanism as yet unevolved in the majority,Psychology1, 221:in full potency and magical revelation until the inner eye of true vision is developed and thePsychology1, 224:and essentially part of a tremendous inner process. These stages are the correspondences in thePsychology1, 234:it into form and color. Purpose: Magnetism. That inner source of beauty, loveliness and attractivePsychology1, 236:the realization of the above three. It is the inner relations with which I deal in this treatise,Psychology1, 237:I deal in this treatise, [237] and with the inner ray influences, which bring about the desiredPsychology1, 249:sensitivity and responsiveness to outer and inner environing conditions, than does the precedingPsychology1, 249:Each manifests a fuller revelation of the inner and hidden glory. When, however, a unit of life isPsychology1, 258:of growth in sentiency and awareness, and the inner urge was adequately strong, the life forcedPsychology1, 268:on the prejudices in men's minds, and upon their inner assurance that their particular point ofPsychology1, 285:Christ guarantees for us the reality of the inner significance [286] and the true spiritual basisPsychology1, 322:process as enacted in the universe. This is the inner creative side of consciousness, just as wePsychology1, 326:developed sense of awareness which produces an inner demand for improved equipment. The improvingPsychology1, 326:of the evolutionary impulse, down the ages. This inner demand in man awakens the centers, and thePsychology1, 326:an indication of the point of evolution of the inner subjective and spiritual man. Psychology1, 337:by the egoic ray and the ray of each of the inner bodies, so every cell and atom in the body of thePsychology1, 347:and a more plastic sensitive reflector of the inner man, definition and analysis become easier.Psychology1, 350:and the sensitivity of certain nations to the inner guidance) can offset the more obvious majorPsychology1, 368:more importance in the eyes of Masons than the inner spiritual meaning. The symbols and the systemPsychology1, 368:function and place of the W.M., and not upon the inner significance of the work upon the floor ofPsychology1, 376:schemes which indicate solar achievement. The inner constitution, or so-called "chains", whichPsychology1, 391:mould the planetary forms, and thus produce the inner potency of the evolutionary processes. ThisPsychology1, 396:Jewish race: "The law went forth from the inner group which guided the destinies of men: DetachPsychology1, 417:the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light reveal the One. Let dissonance givePsychology1, 417:blend. Then let the Soul look out upon the inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant goPsychology1, 424:it into form and color. Purpose: Magnetism. That inner source of beauty, loveliness and attractivePsychology2, 6:of form and quality to life Produce that inner transmutation which will bring [7] intoPsychology2, 13:have done a great deal of the needed work of inner contact, but have not yet whipped the lowerPsychology2, 14:and brought into functioning existence the inner spiritual body, the sheath of the inner spiritualPsychology2, 14:the inner spiritual body, the sheath of the inner spiritual man, which will eventually enable thePsychology2, 15:a wonderfully sensitive instrument of the inner, emotional and mental selves, and gifted with greatPsychology2, 16:solar angel, because focused primarily in the inner spiritual body. Awareness of the Presence isPsychology2, 17:the dominant vibration of the soul ray and whose inner, sensitive mechanism is vibrating to thePsychology2, 19:itself, as it affects the consciousness of the inner spiritual man, who is using the form as aPsychology2, 25:Gradually, however, we find a steadily growing inner realization of desire itself, and lessPsychology2, 35:the World. They must all be trodden before the inner Being is released, and the liberated Son ofPsychology2, 44:and to personal work through the means of that inner silence which broods over the disciple andPsychology2, 44:to cooperate with the Plan correctly, need that inner reflective quiet which in no way negatesPsychology2, 46:forth with power: 'I understand the Way - the inner Way, the silent Way, the manifested Way, forPsychology2, 48:complete unity between the outer and the inner, the objective and the subjective, between spiritPsychology2, 56:microcosmic thinker, but that the process of the inner conditioning of matter is mutable and in aPsychology2, 56:the Heavens. There is a physical form, but the inner, fluid, subjective nature, emotional andPsychology2, 56:But crisis after crisis occurs, and the inner form nature responds more definitely and precisely toPsychology2, 63:Their responsiveness to impacts, outer and inner, is unbelievably great. The nervous reactions ofPsychology2, 67:is dependent upon the carrying forward of the inner subjective and spiritual work previouslyPsychology2, 83:there will be more initiates in the world, and inner vision and inner hearing will be morePsychology2, 83:initiates in the world, and inner vision and inner hearing will be more generally recognized andPsychology2, 84:the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light reveal the One. Let dissonance givePsychology2, 84:blend. Then let the soul look out upon an inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant goPsychology2, 85:therefore given in terms of effects, produced by inner causes which have not always been specified.Psychology2, 88:in the world, for it is one of the first of the inner subjective laws to express itselfPsychology2, 106:as servers cooperate from the standpoint of an inner subjective linking can a united work bePsychology2, 106:as yet in the future. The establishing of an inner contact and relationship, based on a realizedPsychology2, 107:of principles is not possible. But - the inner relationships and cooperation Must be establishedPsychology2, 107:of the outer divergences of opinion. When the inner link is held in love, and when disciplesPsychology2, 107:to it that you permit no rift to appear in the inner relation in which you stand to each other. ThePsychology2, 107:you stand to each other. The integrity of the inner band of servers must be preserved intact.Psychology2, 107:the race, preserving at the same time a deeper inner love for those with whom you are destined toPsychology2, 108:and adjust another's work, and thus preserve the inner group integrity. More plans for service havePsychology2, 108:they are the rules by which the Teachers on the inner side, guide Their actions and Their thoughts,Psychology2, 108:with each other and with Their disciples. The inner integrity is necessarily a proven fact to Them.Psychology2, 108:to Them. To the disciple it is not. But to the inner Teachers, the outer differences are abhorrent.Psychology2, 108:and in the sense of joy and in the strength of inner cooperative love is the best work done. It isPsychology2, 110:behind the scenes. This law concerns those inner esoteric activities which are not primarilyPsychology2, 113:with a Master's group, or fusion with one's inner band of pledged disciples, nor even with one's
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