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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Psychology2, 486:and to orient the man or woman to the inner subjective worlds and to the subtler planes of being -Psychology2, 492:direct, is true divine guidance, coming from the inner divinity. It can, however, be distorted andPsychology2, 492:there is true and right apprehension of the inner divine voice, then - and only then - do you havePsychology2, 492:have infallible guidance, and the voice of the inner God can then speak with clarity to itsPsychology2, 493:and indicative fact - the fact of the interior, inner subjective life of humanity, which is basedPsychology2, 496:the resources of the life, produces constant inner fret, leads to envy, hatred, bitterness, intensePsychology2, 512:establishing of the facility to tap at will the inner sources of vital stimulation and the changingPsychology2, 516:if you could see the play of forces as we on the inner side can see them - you would become awarePsychology2, 571:of the phenomena of that plane, released to his inner sight and hearing through his aspiration. Psychology2, 574:which remain usually unrecognized because the inner mechanism of perception remains latent orPsychology2, 586:plane) and the atrophying of that part of the inner mechanism which has made these powersPsychology2, 600:in his consciousness as the symbol of an inner reality which he would some day know, as it in truthPsychology2, 602:experience of the past are never lost. The inner spiritual realization remains latent in thePsychology2, 602:he arrives at a stage where he has no real inner control, he develops the [603] mystical sense toPsychology2, 609:sun. [609] The intensifying of the light of this inner sun. This is in reality the recognition ofPsychology2, 609:to be borne. The extension of the rays of this inner sun first to the eyes, and then finally beyondPsychology2, 609:at the moment of death. The registering of this inner light often causes serious concern andPsychology2, 638:position between the masses of men and the inner subjective world government. They draw theirPsychology2, 646:under the direction of Those who watch, on the inner, spiritual side of life. This program mustPsychology2, 647:will and the New Group of World Servers and the inner spiritual Hierarchy which is working to bringPsychology2, 649:success. Those Who seek to lead and guide on the inner side will also have reason to go forwardPsychology2, 651:past few years and [651] there is a much closer inner welding than heretofore. The group will bePsychology2, 651:group will be found divided into two parts: An inner nucleus, composed of those active servers whoPsychology2, 651:vision as it has been presented to them by that inner nucleus, and have ranged themselvesPsychology2, 652:has been made that Those who constitute the inner government of the world, or the so-calledPsychology2, 655:to reveal to humanity the true and underlying inner synthesis, which is based on uniform objectivesPsychology2, 656:and working in cooperation with Those upon the inner side of life Who know. These aims will bePsychology2, 658:for the following ideals: They believe in an inner world government and in an emerging evolutionaryPsychology2, 658:That they may express the significance of this inner world government and of the planetaryPsychology2, 661:fields of human expression. By means of right inner activity and wise leadership, the New Group ofPsychology2, 661:new ideas and will grow in strength, optimism, inner relation and interplay. They will and shouldPsychology2, 661:outer world. The test will then be to hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjectivePsychology2, 661:be to hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjective relationships and, at the samePsychology2, 661:emphasis upon the reality of that which is inner and subjective (the world of real values) and uponPsychology2, 663:will be drawn from two sources: First, from that inner center or subjective world government, [664]Psychology2, 664:have led humanity onwards from age to age. This inner center has always existed and the greatPsychology2, 665:that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening. They are unfoldingPsychology2, 665:and of a subsequent prompt readjustment of the inner, received commands, is characteristic of thePsychology2, 675:harmlessness in speech and writing, and for that inner synthesis of objectives which recognizes thePsychology2, 678:in human consciousness. The new, compelling, inner impulses must stand revealed to the humanPsychology2, 685:spiritual responsibility and can preserve an inner quietness and a focused esoteric attentivenessPsychology2, 686:between the world thinkers and this inner spiritual group of workers. We have, therefore, thePsychology2, 686:here. The period of the Wesak Festival on the inner planes in 1936 and 1937 was extended to coverPsychology2, 687:itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silent solemnity that can be preservedPsychology2, 688:turned away from ourselves but also from the inner subjective planes to the outer world, and ourPsychology2, 689:and the June full moon. The evocation from the inner side of a strenuous and one-pointed activityPsychology2, 697:union with a Master's group or fusion with one's inner band of pledged disciples, nor even withPsychology2, 701:dwarfed. But the soul has not retreated and the inner spiritual conditions remain essentiallyPsychology2, 706:follows: Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties, inner warfare and a collision of divergent views. APsychology2, 707:attempt to express the world of feeling and of inner moods and those emotionally psychologicalPsychology2, 715:of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied inPsychology2, 720:the plan more clearly Become more sensitive to inner, subjective, spiritual impression Make thePsychology2, 720:list them, and if we read with the eye of the inner vision open, and with our intuition alert andPsychology2, 724:full moon of May, 1936, there was in evidence an inner, subjective, spiritual effort. This wasPsychology2, 724:Yet the problem remains ever the same: - can the inner condition, spiritual, potential, idealistic,Psychology2, 724:and living form upon the physical plane? Can the inner integration of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 724:and outer understandings (based on the inner inspiration) which will end this cycle of dangerPsychology2, 725:with each other that there would emerge a united inner movement - working out through the separatedPsychology2, 726:of the achievements of the Hierarchy upon the inner side of life. For instance, each department andPsychology2, 727:and we can depend upon the strength of the inner integration, produced by these synthesizingPsychology2, 728:a duplicating or a paralleling expression of an inner subjective fact. One of the facts upon thePsychology2, 728:and thus produce on earth the counterpart of the inner spiritual organization. The problem to bePsychology2, 730:not adequately sensitive to others. It had no inner integration such as is now possible through ourPsychology2, 732:cooperation has been clearly sounded from the inner side, and by the leaders and workers in the NewPsychology2, 734:their meditations in such a manner that an inner fusion can take place, producing the awakening ofPsychology2, 739:of death. As those who guide and teach upon the inner side of life look out upon the world they seePsychology2, 739:which makes him susceptible to the higher inner spiritual impression. The servants of the spiritualPsychology2, 745:kingdom of God is emerging upon earth, that the inner world of light, love and meaning is fusing inPsychology2, 746:warring schools of thought. The workers on the inner side and the disciples who are responsible forPsychology2, 747:of the impressions and impulses coming from the inner side of life, and will make us quick also toPsychology2, 750:upon: [750] The producing of sensitivity to the inner spiritual impression, emanating from thePsychology2, 751:public. It is your meditation and intense inner cooperation which will construct that channelRays, 6:of the Christ within. The shining forth of the inner radiance or glory. The demonstration of theRays, 9:imprisoning cubes," or the cross upon which the inner spiritual Man is to be crucified. These fourRays, 11:the evolving world. To those of you who have the inner sight and intuitive comprehension comes theRays, 12:the physical plane are necessarily the result of inner subjective causes, emanating from some levelRays, 12:of certain profoundly important happenings upon inner planes of such advanced states ofRays, 13:suffers and experiences as a result of the inner occurrences and the meeting of subjective forcesRays, 29:them desire to move forward and possess a strong inner spiritual life - hence my finding the timeRays, 42:symbology as the initiate begins to grasp the inner meaning of those simple words. For long theRays, 46:to learn the nature of the will by the power of inner illumination and by certain intelligentRays, 57:place under the inspiration of a self-initiated inner program. Progress, from the larger angle andRays, 59:all in the three worlds is but the symbol of an inner reality) is the driving urge to bettermentRays, 59:discontent to discontent he passes, driven by an inner something which constantly reveals to him anRays, 67:of servers with which he is affiliated on the inner side. This is a very different thing to theRays, 83:apprehension of sound, by the awakening of the inner ear to the significance of the Voice, just asRays, 84:removes the forms which are imprisoning the inner spiritual life, and hiding the inner soul light.Rays, 84:the inner spiritual life, and hiding the inner soul light. This energy is therefore one of theRays, 108:bent. Having exhausted all tangible goals, the inner life forces the man on towards the intangible,Rays, 124:manner and the teaching is imparted in the inner Ashram. Therefore, as you have not taken the thirdRays, 124:All I can therefore do is to touch upon the inner [125] significance of the obvious and seek toRays, 125:the obvious when he should be beginning with the inner and with that which is not so easilyRays, 134:that phrase all the kingdoms in nature in united inner and outer relationship - will be the mediumRays, 141:Kumara. Few of the great Lives Who form the inner group of the Council Chamber at Shamballa are nowRays, 170:of reality through the development of an inner mechanism of light which - in its turn - willRays, 179:in man's etheric body is the result of his inner direction and the cause of his outerRays, 195:true, is misleading, they lie between the subtle inner man, mental and astral, and his physicalRays, 195:of the world of causes and of meaning. This inner world can be emotional or mental in its focus andRays, 197:(if I may coin such a word) for which the inner Teacher and later the Master looks, and "occultRays, 208:can work together in such a manner that an inner fusion can be seen - by the Masters - to be taking
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