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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INNER

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Rays, 209:is disturbed. Where there is disliking, the inner faculty of rebuff works constantly, and cleavagesRays, 212:the complete absorption of the group into the inner Ashram. These are not, however, impossibleRays, 213:those who have facility of relationship with the inner Ashram and are therefore senior disciples,Rays, 214:source, because speech is the result of certain inner sources of ideas, of thought and ofRays, 214:of saturation, if I might so express it) of inner reservoirs which overflow on to the physicalRays, 214:or wasteful of energy, will simply increase the inner banking up and will lead eventually to aRays, 218:also be in full flower as an expression of the inner Ashram, and at the very heart of the groupRays, 218:right conditions - must be transferred into the inner Ashram, found on triadal levels. This may orRays, 220:to the assistance of [220] the Master in the inner Ashram; He is to the group what the Monad is toRays, 220:and draws forth response eventually from the inner Ashram, owing to its relation to the outerRays, 221:produces fusion between the outer group and the inner Ashram. It enables the group life to beRays, 221:of the life from the outer form into the inner being. Hence the difficulty with which you are allRays, 235:a planetary demonstration of the significance of inner causes, producing outer effects. Slowly,Rays, 236:World Servers - men and women sensitive to the inner and newer vision and to the incoming forcesRays, 241:You seldom consider it as an effect of the inner purpose of Sanat Kumara. The emphasis hitherto hasRays, 246:related these phases of consciousness in his own inner experience, and has permitted those innerRays, 246:own inner experience, and has permitted those inner realizations to affect his outer experience andRays, 247:other six. Only by attempting to grasp the whole inner synthesis will we arrive at the merest hintRays, 249:cannot understand or duly appreciate the inner meaning of these fourteen rules. In this fact liesRays, 253:The attempt to form an exoteric branch of the inner Ashrams. This is evidenced in the work I haveRays, 259:himself; he is still passing through a stage of inner adjustment to a state of being and ofRays, 274:concerns the reservoir of energy upon the inner and etheric side of life which will automaticallyRays, 275:and be better understood; it will have its own inner group who will work entirely subjectively,Rays, 276:sensitivity to the higher impression and the inner inspiration. The vertical life of the spirit andRays, 280:lesson ahead of the initiate is to realize the inner meaning (not the obvious and easily graspedRays, 299:impervious to every taint of separateness. The inner organization, to which we have given the nameRays, 300:of all who recognize the factual nature of the inner subjective kingdom of God, will produceRays, 309:The physical form may die and disappear, but an inner process of dying of the subtler bodiesRays, 364:and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divine entity. [365] I have felt it necessary toRays, 383:the two centers [383] will be preserved, but the inner relationship and the spiritual fusion willRays, 392:and still higher Initiates admits Them into His inner deliberations by means of the highest form ofRays, 408:phenomena. There is no such thing as time on the inner planes, as humanity understands it. ThereRays, 414:rapidly passing out of this category, and on the inner planes and subjectively considered is aRays, 442:Christ Himself, the first Initiator. [442] This inner life with its three slowly revealedRays, 465:God" or of the greater Whole. Unfoldment of the inner spiritual will, overcoming all obstacles.Rays, 493:by this picture. Much can happen on the inner planes where there is right intention, as well asRays, 496:major need is for an intensification of your inner spiritual aspiration. You need to work moreRays, 496:it will entail a galvanic upheaval in your inner life. For this, are you prepared? Secondly: itRays, 496:continue to be met, but I am talking in terms of inner orientations, dynamic inner decisions, andRays, 496:talking in terms of inner orientations, dynamic inner decisions, and an interior organizing forRays, 496:and concentrating on the essentials - the inner essentials, as they concern the soul and itsRays, 513:are being taught to work far more upon the inner planes of meaning and not to depend, asRays, 532:bridge between our cosmic physical plane and the inner subjective and cosmic worlds; this entranceRays, 547:Ashram has its own objectives, intentions and inner techniques which are unconnected with theRays, 570:selfish ends, will be at war with the new and inner realization; the "carnal" man (to use the wordsRays, 631:the seventh Ray of Order or of conformity to the inner divine will. The interior problem of theRays, 638:look beyond the immediate outer seeming to the inner (and sometimes remote) spiritualRays, 639:the many smaller renunciations, is the result of inner conflict and ever precedes liberation intoRays, 652:The three worlds of material living and the inner world of meaning which the soul has revealed toRays, 665:and those that are out of incarnation upon the inner planes) who have been enabled to step out ofRays, 761:as in a mirror can be safely trusted with the inner sense. Only he who knows the five senses to beRays, 762:his lips. Until that day the cup is held, and in inner blind dismay the Pilgrim drinks. After thatRays, 763:sound strikes in colorful vibration upon the inner sense, know that a point has been achievedRays, 763:strikes soft upon the ear, that soon the inner hearing will become expanded feeling and will giveRays, 765:and burning, cruel and superb. White is its inner heart, red the surrounding flame, and yellow theRays, 766:that holds hid the secret. The threshold of that inner door, the step unseen that must be reached,Rays, 768:it seems as if the color might transcend the inner shining light. But this is but illusion whichRays, 768:flower. Within this iridescent sheath burns the inner Flame, and in its turn it burns out the lowerRays, 768:Forth from the chalice rosy red shines the inner glow, till soon the red of earth desire becomesRays, 768:Forth from the chalice blue shines and glows the inner light divine till all the forms are burntRays, 768:fire unto its Source. As mounts and spreads the inner flame, the beauty of the central sphere, litReappearance, 20:have also borne testimony to the existence of an inner, spiritual world. All this creates a uniqueReappearance, 51:alignment with the great potency of the inner groups. Those groups who have always proclaimed theReappearance, 83:Thus He inaugurated the new era and, upon the inner spiritual planes, the new world religion beganReappearance, 95:enlightened and perfected men who work upon the inner side of life, on into the outer world ofReappearance, 99:Aquarian energy, already generating upon the inner planes of thought and feeling, and to beReappearance, 111:regeneration. Standing as the focal point of the inner Triangle - of the Buddha, of the Spirit ofReappearance, 129:self-initiated effort, penetrate into those inner realms of thought activity which we call theReappearance, 129:of a closer relation between the outer and the inner worlds of thought. The world of meaning andReappearance, 146:is the instinct of self-preservation. With that inner conviction, we face death and we know that weReappearance, 147:soul, and the innate ability of the spiritual, inner man to work out his own salvation under theReappearance, 161:will be his recognition of the facts. There are inner and outer problems which must be solved;Reappearance, 161:outer problems which must be solved; there are inner and outer possibilities which can be madeReappearance, 161:As the spiritually-minded man faces both these inner and outer possibilities and events, it is easyReappearance, 181:daily, physical living, yet preserves a close, inner, spiritual integration with the center ofReappearance, 184:of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied inReappearance, 186:headway [186] during the past ten years; the inner integration of that part of the group whichReappearance, 189:and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages beSoulthe immediate indeliberate manifestations of an inner play. Poetry and morality, religion andSoul, 10:to find, for every outer manifestation, the inner, or psychic force that thus manifests [11]Soul, 11:Hitherto we have taken that assumption of inner and outer only in the most general way. This book,Soul, 14:the 'entelechy' of Aristotle (who held that an inner purpose determines every form), and issues inSoul, 30:to the effect that little is known, and that the inner essence - technically called "hormones" - ofSoul, 54:seen is but the outward manifestation of inner subjective energies. He regards the entire mechanicsSoul, 70:anything but what is really consistent with his inner Being. Surely the task is a [71] hard one.Soul, 83:which constitutes what we know as the inner life of an empirical self. The Empirical Self is theSoul, 104:consciousness and is immutable. Mind, though an inner organ, is material, and is other than theSoul, 116:the physiological conception of energy, whose inner introspective side it presents. ConsciousnessTelepathynon-existent. They are held together by an inner structure of thought and by a telepathic medium ofTelepathy, 3:family are also found those who respond to that inner group of Thinkers Who, working in mentalTelepathy, 4:that these people have tapped the inner thought currents or have responded to the play of theTelepathy, 5:in the occident. One of these disciples on the inner planes, seized upon the suggestion and passedTelepathy, 14:instances of that lower externalization of an inner spiritual reality. An intermediate stage ofTelepathy, 22:is practically all that concerns man in his own inner individual contacts and work and training.Telepathy, 22:a conscious part of a functioning group on the inner planes gathered around a personalized force,Telepathy, 23:I do not refer here to the contact between an inner group of disciples, functioning consciously onTelepathy, 23:the outer form that group takes. I refer to an inner group and a different outer group or groups.Telepathy, 29:care" spirit and a close attentiveness to the inner "picturing faculty" will net better resultsTelepathy, 32:to learn that - Groups are held together by an inner structure of thought. The focus of theTelepathy, 38:as a unit, so that there will be nothing in the inner attitudes of any of the group members which
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