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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSIGHT

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Astrology, 4:of approximately 25,000 years. Astrologers with insight may deny that this is the commonly acceptedAstrology, 184:most astrologers who have any real capacity and insight regard as deplorable and unsatisfactory.Astrology, 203:is so strongly felt in world affairs that true insight may be cultivated, optimism andAstrology, 300:reflection of the illumined mind may bring insight to you in time. The influence of Sirius is notAstrology, 341:are studied, you will eventually arrive at an insight into the relationships we touched uponAutobiography, 183:them has ever given me Cancer rising and he had insight and sympathy with my problem of publicity,Autobiography, 278:quality and appearance, and thus gains some insight into the nature of the divine Trinity and theAutobiography, 290:the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let innerBethlehem, 20:activity, bringing with them that intuitive insight which will recognize the coming spiritualBethlehem, 26:membership of most of the groups who claim an insight into the initiation processes, is that theyBethlehem, 89:of a great mind, namely, enthusiasm, intuitive insight, and systematized factual equipment," and itBethlehem, 90:the principle of divine wisdom and, with clear insight into the world of causes, saw mortalBethlehem, 107:Jesus Christ we are given perhaps the first real insight into the processes of His innermost mind.Bethlehem, 111:that those revelations come and that clear insight is developed which enable a Savior to emerge forBethlehem, 118:the Word sounds forth, carrying illumination and insight, distorted as yet though the vision mayBethlehem, 167:of the belief of those who have had the insight to penetrate the theological presentation ofDestiny, 27:and particularly so in the realm of spiritual insight (so rapidly developing at this time) whichDestiny, 152:They had a touch of prevision, of prophetic insight, and foresaw a little of the wonder of theDiscipleship1, 83:need of the time. Note that phrase. Cultivate insight and a fluid response to the immediate needDiscipleship1, 84:brought down on to the physical plane and giving insight, practicality and inspiration to theDiscipleship1, 84:but know nothing of the earlier stages of insight, leading to the practical and wise expression ofDiscipleship1, 115:freer service, greater understanding and clearer insight. You have laid a firm foundation. The twoDiscipleship1, 162:need in your strenuous service, the power and insight you require to stabilize your work, but alsoDiscipleship1, 218:for all true seekers is the development of "true insight" and this is becoming a nearer goal forDiscipleship1, 266:with self-effacement and yet with true insight. This is the task for you, my brother. You must alsoDiscipleship1, 348:to cast your eye, the eye of the inner spiritual insight, back over the past eight years, and thusDiscipleship1, 383:has been achieved. You have a greater clarity of insight (a thing you needed) and a freer and moreDiscipleship1, 640:your astral body which gives you the intuitive insight you can use, if you remain humble andDiscipleship1, 729:to learn the distinction between true analytical insight and so-called criticism. A Master does notDiscipleship1, 790:the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let innerDiscipleship2, 9:upon the spiritual techniques of approach, insight and vision. Incidentally, the question arises inDiscipleship2, 117:the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let innerDiscipleship2, 146:the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight. [147] Let the future stand revealed. LetDiscipleship2, 167:the general average as possessing a [167] deeper insight and understanding; they occupy a no-man'sDiscipleship2, 175:your orientation and give you intuitive insight into this new Invocation. The Stage of AlignmentDiscipleship2, 185:carries the practicing disciple on to greater insight, or should do so, if properly approached andDiscipleship2, 221:and brought into expression by spiritual insight, and by a recognition of the claims of Christ (noDiscipleship2, 254:and of recognition which bring with them insight into the Mind of God. [255] Four lines of teachingDiscipleship2, 282:wisdom and [282] understanding. These give him insight into the plan. The power which he can bringDiscipleship2, 293:of opportunity for vision, for fresh spiritual insight and for revelation (for that is what theyDiscipleship2, 297:in him predictive power and gives him initiate insight into purpose and its unfolding plan. It is aDiscipleship2, 332:The sharing in the accession of power or love or insight which comes during any cycle ofDiscipleship2, 344:ideas and endeavor to give you initiatory insight into their esoteric significance. You will haveDiscipleship2, 364:Now. Right interpretation of this formula gives insight into the past and into the Law of Cause andDiscipleship2, 366:for it involves creative thinking, intuitive insight, and the use of the spiritual will; theseDiscipleship2, 429:in order to cooperate as far as your [429] insight permits, and thus further the right productionDiscipleship2, 451:time and space, and thus fail to register the "insight" of the soul, regulating timelessness andDiscipleship2, 467:may mean much to you, if subjected to the inner insight, or it may mean little. It is, however, ofDiscipleship2, 569:yourself a renewed dedication and a very deep insight into another layer (if I may so call it) ofDiscipleship2, 579:instructions, so as to arrive at this depth of insight, vision and source of activity. All theDiscipleship2, 589:and this will require a dedicated, spiritual insight. The New Age will not be ushered in and findDiscipleship2, 630:with increased potency, clearer vision and truer insight. This will not be as easy as it sounds,Discipleship2, 650:approximate the true reasons or give any real insight into the problem. Men must wait forDiscipleship2, 662:in this instruction and give you a deeper insight into them. They hold for you the blueprint ofDiscipleship2, 702:I look to see you apply, with will and spiritual insight, those physical disciplines which willDiscipleship2, 708:been lasting. You have a gift of teaching, clear insight and executive ability and a loving heartDiscipleship2, 756:a supreme effort, based on clear perception and insight, is essential. To aid you in making thisEducation, 2:of ideas, of intuitive perception, of spiritual insight and understanding. Methods of Building theEducation, 13:brain are aligned and coordinated. Flashes of insight and vision when seen in the young, areExternalisation, 61:but it must be carried forward with spiritual insight, right technique and true understanding.Externalisation, 70:at this point, for in them I sought to give some insight into the essential situation whichExternalisation, 132:major changes in Europe if there is an awakened insight, a true and sympathetic justice and wiseExternalisation, 142:the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight; let the future stand revealed. Let innerExternalisation, 189:world, and to this their own words testify. Only insight into the true nature of this crisis, aExternalisation, 193:government must be faced with courage and insight; the restoration - psychological, spiritual andExternalisation, 233:and wrong) are fearlessly and with true insight fighting humanity's battle, and with them theExternalisation, 247:women are needed who have the courage and the insight to stand with steadfastness and to take theExternalisation, 277:need all the light that is in you, and a trained insight, if you are to recognize it whenExternalisation, 357:weight of their armed forces, plus their clear insight. The educating of humanity in theExternalisation, 437:with clear perception of the truth and spiritual insight into the true situation. In collaborationExternalisation, 454:gifted with renewed strength and with the needed insight which will enable them to drive out theExternalisation, 551:be grasped by humanity, and the strength and insight as well as the love of the Hierarchy must beExternalisation, 602:result in such an inflow of spiritual strength, insight and creative accomplishment in men, thatGlamour, 16:phrases as an exercise for your intuitional insight, but dropping the consideration of the moreGlamour, 163:weight of their armed forces, plus their clear insight. [164] The educating of humanity in theHealing, 7:with the patient, so that the healer achieves insight into the trouble and establishes theHealing, 27:inner psychological adjustment, aided by true insight on the part of the healing agent. ThroughHealing, 148:them "seeing" simultaneously, you will then have insight into divine purpose (the initiate),Healing, 176:intelligently and as the result of knowledge, of insight and of higher and subtler contacts, andHealing, 271:faculty, intuitive perception and spiritual insight, and also until they have worked out aHealing, 312:surprise you but so it is. A student with some insight into occult causes might suppose that whenHealing, 382:a great expansion of the understanding and a new insight into the conditioning causes which areHealing, 478:have sought, in the preceding pages, to give an insight into the true nature of that which we callHealing, 683:"light reception," or that period when spiritual insight is developed, when the vision is seen andHealing, 710:through the personalities of men and women of insight and genius everywhere, is useful to theInitiation, 120:groups, units and himself; he is given an insight into the specific group purpose, and its relationIntellect, 7:parcel of our understanding and only clouds our insight when it lays claim to being the one andIntellect, 30:step in any given case should be. It requires insight, sympathy and understanding on the part ofIntellect, 69:considering." "There is, first, the belief in insight as against discursive analytic knowledge; theIntellect, 69:relying wholly upon the senses..." "The mystic insight begins with the sense of a mystery unveiled,Intellect, 69:inarticulate experience gained in the moment of insight..." "The first and most direct outcome ofIntellect, 69:of knowledge which may be called revelation or insight or intuition, as contrasted with sense,Intellect, 70:from which we are to be liberated by the insight of the vision..." - Russell, Bertrand, MysticismIntellect, 150:a [150] part in preparation for their final insight. In every case," he adds, "they experiencedIntellect, 156:especially in the West, gains his flash of insight; he sees the Beloved; he touches heights ofIntellect, 187:will... The Buddha attained this end when a new insight came upon him at the end of hisIntellect, 266:work with worldly wisdom as well as spiritual insight. Above all, they work together and come intoMagic, 56:observers". They possess the power of spiritual insight or perception as well as objective orMagic, 165:under his control. He experiences flashes of insight, and of knowledge which seem unaccountable andMeditation, 348:than his see the end from the beginning; that insight, deeper and more loving than his, is weighing
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