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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSIGHT

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Patanjali, 103:is to say), the vision of the flash (sputa) of insight which does not pass successively through thePatanjali, 254:of illumination. 3. The shining forth of insight. This gives a new angle on the subject and a mostPatanjali, 254:has made the objective sheath what it is. This insight is more than understanding, sympathy orPatanjali, 294:inner light." In this he is guided by the love, insight and wisdom which is his through thePatanjali, 317:is of sunrise. On the production of intuitional insight, the yogi comes to know everything." ThesePatanjali, 355:of sight and the achievement of spiritual insight is the great objective of our race, and thePatanjali, 378:knowledge, intuitive perception, spiritual insight, pure vision, the attainment of the wisdom. TheyProblems, 95:materially and spiritually, and can gain some insight into the responsibilities involved, much ofProblems, 103:is a material one, and shows no psychological insight or any recognition of the spiritual valuesProblems, 179:are trained in goodwill and who possess clear insight into the principles which should govern humanPsychology1, 134:the development in humanity of that perfect insight which will make every human being a completePsychology1, 237:to make clear. Science can handle with skill and insight the evolution of form. I shall endeavor toPsychology1, 379:right understanding of these laws we can gain an insight into the present world situation as far asPsychology2, 164:down the ages. It requires much spiritual insight, however, to enable the average disciple to seePsychology2, 166:a command which, as a disciple with spiritual insight one will obey, because one is awakened; ifPsychology2, 239:untouched as yet by the highest type of human insight. It would be well to point out here thatPsychology2, 239:which we might call the unfoldment of divine Insight. We have, therefore, the following unfoldmentsPsychology2, 239:- Illumination: All of them leading up to Insight. In these words, sequentially presented, there isPsychology2, 468:not only of mental ability but of real spiritual insight and wisdom. This produces difficultPsychology2, 480:the contributions of modern psychology and the insight into the nature of man (particularly thePsychology2, 676:of good will, and who possess such a clear insight into the principles that should govern humanRays, 7:him control over the elemental forces of nature. Insight into the planetary plans. Upon these IRays, 50:name of the intuition. This is in reality divine insight and comprehension, as expressed throughRays, 78:of that which is being evoked, and thus gain an insight into the interrelation which exists betweenRays, 117:himself as rich in love, in knowledge, wisdom, insight, and all the panoply of God (as he can graspRays, 139:with great verities which are (from the insight of the Enlightened Ones) only the ABC of life.Rays, 155:becomes possible, clear vision and spiritual insight, a developed intuition, and an undeviatingRays, 170:the Hierarchy and Humanity. Will you gain some insight into the all-pervading conditions if I stateRays, 290:and for a brief moment we are given an insight into an aspect or happening of the Sixth Initiation.Rays, 480:of form may be useful and lead to increased insight and understanding: "The physical plane is aRays, 530:to give a theoretical, though not yet practical insight into modes of activity and possible statesRays, 565:direct will intention. In giving you some insight into the relationship of the rays and theReappearance, 34:from the general average as possessing a deeper insight and understanding; they occupy aReappearance, 49:result in such an inflow of spiritual strength, insight and creative accomplishment for man, thatReappearance, 67:us a fresh view of divine intention and a living insight into the minds of Those Who implement theReappearance, 189:the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let innerSoul, 154:thought regarding it. The phrase religious insight is in itself vague. Is it not possible to giveTelepathy, 56:eye of the mind, the eye of the soul, and the "insight" of the Universal Mind which contact withTelepathy, 56:spiritual vision is developed and hierarchical insight is the normal quality of the initiate sight,Telepathy, 92:those he must aid towards a wider and deeper insight. This registering of his own expandingTelepathy, 196:men of inclusive vision and humanitarian insight, and even today by the man in the street. There is
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