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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSPIRATION

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Astrology, 124:Clairaudience into mental telepathy and finally inspiration. Instinct into intellect. SelfishnessAstrology, 178:Soul consciousness in later stages. "I realize." Inspiration, governing service - Aquarius. GroupAstrology, 205:the region of the divine will and the result is inspiration and the emergence of a world savior.Astrology, 228:meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration. These five stages are paralleled in theAstrology, 229:of Discipleship. The Disciple. Sagittarius - Inspiration - Preparation for initiation. SoulAstrology, 247:beginning. Spiritual consciousness. Intuition to Inspiration [248] Venus - 5th Ray of Mind - GodAstrology, 304:the Initiator of the Mysteries acts under inspiration and with energies emanating from Capricorn -Astrology, 324:lesser lives that are dependent upon the higher inspiration (which the spiritual soul can give) andAstrology, 398:that creativity which will work under the inspiration of aspiration and vision and constructivelyAstrology, 404:fail carry forward the good undertaken under the inspiration of The Great Architect of theAstrology, 409:until complete freedom to function under the inspiration of the new sign is completed. We are,Astrology, 467:the three words: Sensitivity, Illumination and Inspiration. Another group of energies can beAstrology, 499:respond to the higher impression and the inner inspiration; his ability to live the vertical lifeAstrology, 523:are dying out. All this is happening under the inspiration of service, motivated by love. Thus theAtom, 113:results, they tap the inner reservoirs of inspiration and of power, and bring down from [114] theAtom, 135:is simply a distortion, and this something is inspiration. To be capable of being inspired meansAutobiography, 5:with many other groups, responding to the same inspiration of love of humanity - will have done ourAutobiography, 48:from a narrow theological belief in the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures and theAutobiography, 51:are to be found. I believed in the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures and knew nothing of theAutobiography, 51:aroused to the complete impossibility of verbal inspiration. If God had spoken in English, ifAutobiography, 52:English, how can there be such a thing as verbal inspiration? All that you probably have is an oldAutobiography, 124:Christ. They know too much to accept the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures; but they areAutobiography, 162:poets and artists down the ages get their inspiration? All from some inner source of beauty. ThisAutobiography, 162:that there is another kind of impression and inspiration which can result in writings far above theAutobiography, 230:projects if carried forward under Hierarchical inspiration and in a spirit of true humility andAutobiography, 251:to me but not to them. All are working under the inspiration of the Hierarchy and are, eitherAutobiography, 268:nature of the soul is love. He heals and carries inspiration into the world. That of his Master'sAutobiography, 268:group with which he is affiliated. Under the inspiration of the Master and His band of workingAutobiography, 277:meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration) are gradually mastered and by its meansAutobiography, 287:the student is directed towards Those Who bring inspiration and truth to humanity, and this isBethlehem, 117:small-minded regard this as endorsing the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures. But surely, He wasBethlehem, 140:and His demonstrated synthesis is the inspiration of the present. This consummated Personality,Bethlehem, 159:and portrayed them for our edification and inspiration in His life history, and in the five GospelBethlehem, 239:- Christ alive today, Christ the source of inspiration and the founder of the kingdom of God;Bethlehem, 265:may have, by love, and by becoming sensitive to inspiration from on high. There is no other way. WeBethlehem, 268:arrive at the significance and the condition of inspiration. This is not in any sense theBethlehem, 268:conscience and duty (two of the lowest forms of inspiration) to that high spiritual attainmentBethlehem, 268:scriptures of the world. Unless there is this inspiration, it is not possible for a man to enterBethlehem, 268:that soul or self which opens to man the door of inspiration and reveals to him the nature of hisBethlehem, 268:outer voices. The attainment of the faculty of inspiration is essential to any progress upon theBethlehem, 268:man to make the necessary differentiations. True inspiration is not in any sense the welling-up ofBethlehem, 269:of intelligence is of a relatively low order. Inspiration is something entirely different. It is aBethlehem, 269:minds of the disciples of the world. This is inspiration, and this is the faculty for whichBethlehem, 269:brain with impulses which are purely spiritual. Inspiration is responsible for all the new ideasBethlehem, 269:ideals of our modern world. The age of inspiration is not gone and past; it is present here andBethlehem, 271:claimed and entered into our divine heritage. Inspiration is pouring in all the time; love isBethlehem, 271:service, which is the expression of love, and inspiration, which is the influence of the kingdom,Bethlehem, 284:in every self thus speaketh the Buddha, by its inspiration to inner character, its aspiration toDestiny, 28:the workers upon the seventh ray to speak under inspiration from the Hierarchy Whose foreknowledgeDestiny, 41:or sensed by them in their highest moments of inspiration; this is due to the lack of sensitivityDestiny, 98:are dying out. All this is happening under the inspiration of service, motivated by love. Thus theDestiny, 125:occurrences of animal mediumship under human inspiration will take place. By means of this, theDiscipleship1, XV:I hope all who read this book will receive the inspiration that we who have prepared it haveDiscipleship1, 8:me and you will accept no belief in their verbal inspiration. Language ever handicaps and limits.Discipleship1, 17:caught the new vision and are working under the inspiration and the impression of the Masters. TheDiscipleship1, 38:be built by the many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ and the influence of theDiscipleship1, 66:also be cultivated: they need above all else the inspiration which can be brought to them from theDiscipleship1, 72:the framework of the Catholic Church, under the inspiration of the Master Jesus. These are,Discipleship1, 84:plane and giving insight, practicality and inspiration to the disciple as he works on the outerDiscipleship1, 84:disciples are occupied vaguely with achieving inspiration but know nothing of the earlier stages ofDiscipleship1, 99:disciples have) seek to force that energy of inspiration to work out in an effective display ofDiscipleship1, 115:seek always to act under the urge and the inspiration of your own soul. You work and conform to theDiscipleship1, 120:useful mind and (ponder on this) an open door to inspiration. The astral or emotional body isDiscipleship1, 161:of the Plan. From that continent can the inspiration go forth to the East and to the West. GoDiscipleship1, 181:light and love and become increasingly an inspiration to others. This second word, radiation,Discipleship1, 182:sound it three times as the soul, conferring inspiration. Then, focusing yourself at as high aDiscipleship1, 203:as you study them and bring to them a growing inspiration. I would ask you to study them in theDiscipleship1, 283:It conveys a general sense of beauty, color and inspiration, and thus it clothes and veils ideas.Discipleship1, 283:conveys a different sense of beauty, color and inspiration, clothed in those forms which revealDiscipleship1, 284:Meditate upon the distinctiveness of mystical inspiration and occult revelation and on theirDiscipleship1, 286:that you get out of each day its full quota of inspiration, mental work and physical planeDiscipleship1, 295:brother?) of a fresh source of illumination and inspiration and that the past year has greatlyDiscipleship1, 309:- The technique of alignment. 4th month - The inspiration of the personality. 5th month -Discipleship1, 327:is the distorted reflection of the world of inspiration (the intuitive buddhic plane) then catchesDiscipleship1, 388:and for the good of those who look to you for inspiration. As I told you earlier in your training,Discipleship1, 389:[389] the realization of this Presence, of inspiration, of light and of contact. I will put to youDiscipleship1, 448:keywords which should be for you a source of inspiration during the coming year. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 517:and selfless love can be the means of bringing inspiration to many souls throughout the world. YouDiscipleship1, 541:magnetic that you will become a focal point of inspiration and loving service to all around you.Discipleship1, 649:OF OLD: You have handled life with courage, with inspiration and with temper. Is this not so? IfDiscipleship1, 650:Your courage has carried you through and the inspiration of your soul (which you can with suchDiscipleship1, 661:a self-forgetting person, bringing joy and inspiration to others and ignoring your reactions with aDiscipleship1, 664:service - the "comradeship of the Path" and the inspiration and love of the group do most certainlyDiscipleship1, 690:the working out of these plans under the inspiration and help of the world disciples is in theDiscipleship1, 691:this enables them, under that stimulation and inspiration, to become more effective in the chosenDiscipleship1, 702:outer groups which, though working under his inspiration and upon the Plan, are not definitely andDiscipleship1, 702:same time. They are pledged to work under the inspiration of their soul, as their souls may directDiscipleship1, 704:of the Ashram and its life is only an occasional inspiration instead of a fixed habit of life. TheDiscipleship1, 763:descent of energy or of the process of spiritual inspiration (both these phrases pictoriallyDiscipleship1, 764:evolutionary process. They describe the divine inspiration to which all human beings are subjectedDiscipleship1, 783:to me but not to them; all are working under the inspiration of the Hierarchy and are, eitherDiscipleship2, 5:dedication and a renewed aspiration towards inspiration can prevent the recurrence of a certainDiscipleship2, 8:then that student himself can become a source of inspiration to his fellow students; if he isDiscipleship2, 24:Hierarchy and working under its direction, inspiration and [25] impression, but who know naught ofDiscipleship2, 30:this. There are, as you know, three sources of inspiration which indicate to the disciple -Discipleship2, 30:from the Monad, brings in the fourth type of inspiration. To these spiritual sources of inspirationDiscipleship2, 30:of inspiration. To these spiritual sources of inspiration must be added lesser ones, such as mentalDiscipleship2, 31:as members of a group. There is also emotional inspiration to which - in its most easilyDiscipleship2, 31:who sought to grasp the synthetic effect of inspiration. It is the Will and its immediate evocationDiscipleship2, 45:group which is the teacher of the group, under inspiration from me, when you - as individuals -
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