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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSPIRATION

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Discipleship2, 45:you - as individuals - reach me, and under the inspiration of your own souls and of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 45:and test out those who can serve the race under inspiration from the Ashrams of the Masters. IDiscipleship2, 72:by you. It might be regarded as the mechanism of inspiration, for - in the last analysis - it isDiscipleship2, 72:the last analysis - it is individual and world inspiration which is the goal of all our work. ThisDiscipleship2, 72:transmitter of force, of energy and life and of inspiration to the three subhuman kingdoms. It isDiscipleship2, 77:dealing with personality limitations, and much inspiration. Read now my personal instructions toDiscipleship2, 83:inherent potentialities and tinder the spiritual inspiration of the energy coming from the AshramDiscipleship2, 105:reflective meditation. This latter is based upon inspiration (in the occult sense) from Shamballa.Discipleship2, 106:to the Hierarchy - from the angle of dynamic inspiration. Had you done this (which you did not) theDiscipleship2, 115:esoterically as the "withdrawal to the center of inspiration" and it is to this withdrawal that IDiscipleship2, 133:to grasp - wherein another source of energy, of inspiration and of light can be made available toDiscipleship2, 138:of service into contact with the source of inspiration and the source of impression, i.e., theDiscipleship2, 138:done) to begin the task of bringing through the inspiration and impression consciously, byDiscipleship2, 143:has been received from the higher sources of inspiration. This involves also the power toDiscipleship2, 143:work and condition the quality of the inspiration which can be received from the Ashram to whichDiscipleship2, 144:to open the door to a month's realization and inspiration, plus the consequent service. Here areDiscipleship2, 147:them pick three which seem to carry the most inspiration and which you judge could be a seed forDiscipleship2, 155:which you are affiliated. The quality of the inspiration which you can receive and register andDiscipleship2, 161:train their disciples to tap this source of inspiration, to become sensitive to the awaitedDiscipleship2, 186:the true source or fount of all ideas and of the inspiration which makes their work possible; theyDiscipleship2, 201:of Activity, and it is under their creative inspiration that they work. This stream of inspirationDiscipleship2, 201:inspiration that they work. This stream of inspiration or of "energy flooded with creative light"Discipleship2, 203:Ashram - an Ashram which is the source of their inspiration and of their creative efforts to thinkDiscipleship2, 203:totally unaware of the unseen source of their inspiration. This matters not, for - if their motiveDiscipleship2, 203:capacity adequate - they receive the inspiration and develop the intuition in any case. It is thoseDiscipleship2, 209:creative meditation which impresses the needed inspiration (another phrase for the breath of lifeDiscipleship2, 210:are the Custodians of life, under the direct inspiration of the Buddhas of Activity, and they spendDiscipleship2, 212:way dedicated to the service of humanity, under inspiration of the Hierarchy; your instinctualDiscipleship2, 212:seek a better world and those who respond to the inspiration of goodwill. This last group, in itsDiscipleship2, 212:the active creative group who act as the dynamic inspiration to the seventh group, which is 7.Discipleship2, 213:into that contemplation which is the source of inspiration and of illumination. Trace theseDiscipleship2, 217:into two parts: the first part is evocative of inspiration from the Nirmanakayas with whom theyDiscipleship2, The fu:under directed guidance and the highest possible inspiration. Each Ashram can approach theDiscipleship2, 218:of World Servers, working creatively under the inspiration and the impression of the Hierarchy? ItDiscipleship2, 273:flag is a point of power which is the point of inspiration to the soul of the people. Not yet,Discipleship2, 273:point at the center - with the source of divine inspiration, which is one for all types, allDiscipleship2, 275:not in detail but as [275] a suddenly contacted inspiration; then for the first time the initiateDiscipleship2, 278:see the way that the world is going under the inspiration of the spiritual Will. The third hint IDiscipleship2, 278:of the disciple, working under the inspiration of the Ashram to "modify, qualify and adapt" theDiscipleship2, 331:they may become more common as the spiritual inspiration to which humanity is now subjected andDiscipleship2, 371:energy - generated by the Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directedDiscipleship2, 373:the sphere of activity of which it will be the inspiration. I would have you ponder on the wordingDiscipleship2, 378:first opportunity to work with Light under the inspiration of the Will - as do all the Members ofDiscipleship2, 398:personality may function directly under the inspiration of the Spiritual Triad - the tripleDiscipleship2, 443:you can do unusually well. The gift of divine inspiration, as it can be used to affect andDiscipleship2, 493:It is the imparted truths, the teaching and the inspiration which is of moment and this fact IDiscipleship2, 493:you are en rapport with a world of spiritual inspiration and awareness which you can appreciate.Discipleship2, 503:new lines. Through my Ashram, working under the inspiration of his, the newer, esotericDiscipleship2, 542:much, but all of us need the cooperation, the co-inspiration and the use of a sustaining mind otherDiscipleship2, 544:and defensive suppressions. The free flow of inspiration is halted in the astral body and thereDiscipleship2, 544:so inappropriate a word). He is conscious of the inspiration but is puzzled at the small effect itDiscipleship2, 562:of Shamballa - according to his degree - the inspiration (again speaking technically) for a newDiscipleship2, 582:are in a position to use both methods under the inspiration of the Ashram. The result should beDiscipleship2, 609:and contact; there is increased opportunity and inspiration; there are focal points ofDiscipleship2, 642:ask for lifting power. I choose the way of inspiration, and therefore ask for flowing life. IDiscipleship2, 707:esoteric angle - you may have to be a source of inspiration, and not A.A.B.? From whence will youDiscipleship2, 707:and not A.A.B.? From whence will you draw inspiration, and how will you make the world of meaningDiscipleship2, 710:followed, but he must work also under the inspiration of true Love. You have a second ray soul, andExternalisation, 7:Thus is the New Age dawning. Access to levels of inspiration, hitherto untouched, has beenExternalisation, 22:is to educate public opinion. It carries both inspiration and the power to produce cleavages in theExternalisation, 41:illumination. It should be remembered that it is inspiration which is the goal of all trueExternalisation, 96:of the human family, sensitive to hierarchical inspiration and to human need and to spiritualExternalisation, 103:of force and of creative energy - working under inspiration from the Hierarchy, via the focusedExternalisation, 118:from the sons of God who responded to no such inspiration but who chose to stay in their originalExternalisation, 130:into concentrated wholes, responding to the same inspiration but employing their own specializedExternalisation, 131:reason is based upon the different source of the inspiration producing the effects. Another reasonExternalisation, 141:and universal event which will serve as the inspiration and the inauguration of the new era ofExternalisation, 179:the men and women of goodwill, acting under the inspiration of the New Group of World Servers, hadExternalisation, 307:to avataric impression. Ponder on this. 2. Inspiration. This is more direct than over-shadowing andExternalisation, 307:of and inspired by some evil entity; in inspiration, there is no possession but only what is calledExternalisation, 308:are relatively temporary. In the processes of inspiration, the lesser Avatar - through His life andExternalisation, 308:oriented disciples and aspirants, and thus the inspiration coming from the cosmic Avatar becomes inExternalisation, 308:from the cosmic Avatar becomes in time a group inspiration, and therefore can be more safelyExternalisation, 308:therefore can be more safely handled. This group inspiration can happen today. If it does, thereExternalisation, 316:of light which is forming everywhere under the inspiration of the world disciples and aspirants inExternalisation, 327:by the right direction of thought, the inspiration of right ideals, and the educating of theExternalisation, 332:line of activity to be followed is clear and the inspiration [333] is fresh and vital. But theExternalisation, 358:on to the Path of Discipleship. The energy of inspiration which will bring about, through theExternalisation, 399:disappear under the impact of new truths and new inspiration, and based also on a determination atExternalisation, 420:the minds of men, convincing them and carrying inspiration and revelation. Thus has it ever been inExternalisation, 425:The Great White Lodge, working under the inspiration of the Christ and of Shamballa, functionsExternalisation, 441:which will be carried forward under the direct inspiration of the Hierarchy. The medium will be theExternalisation, 471:truth. All men will come under the tide of inspiration from on high, and though they may speak withExternalisation, 476:work - consciously or unconsciously - under the inspiration of the Hierarchy. This has been amplyExternalisation, 483:activities of the Spirit of Resurrection, the inspiration of the Buddha as He this year conveys theExternalisation, 505:nation an ideal for the whole are under His wide inspiration. Internationalism is the aim of HisExternalisation, 509:of men and their power to respond to inner inspiration be developed and demonstrated. By the growthExternalisation, 517:minds of the pupils to be responsive to direct inspiration from above. The faculty of the intuitionExternalisation, 544:may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration. The gradual dissolution - again if inExternalisation, 553:only three or four countries can work under this inspiration. The effects of this development willExternalisation, 592:has lost none of its freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement and example. TheExternalisation, 641:use this festival each year as the point of inspiration for the coming year's work. See that you doExternalisation, 652:purposes. Such workers under hierarchical inspiration are by no means mediumistic in their nature,Externalisation, 652:after due recognition of the information and the inspiration given. Will this system of working onExternalisation, 659:where descending potencies under mantric inspiration are concerned." This means that, due to theExternalisation, 683:spirit, to touch again closely the Sources of inspiration on the higher levels of consciousness,Externalisation, 683:three worlds to the higher field of contact and inspiration. Much of this can be noted in theExternalisation, 698:Then - under a great wave of spiritual inspiration - the divine spirit of expectancy for theFire, xv:as to the authoritative value of its source of inspiration. It should stand or fall solely on theFire, xv:in us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from some
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