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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSPIRATION

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Fire, 757:himself up in utter selflessness to the inspiration of His Lord. This is effected via the chela'sFire, 757:to recognize the higher psychism, and the true inspiration and mediumship, and to do thisGlamour, 31:at the same time, to the higher intuitional inspiration. It is mediating interpreters of ideas thatGlamour, 42:the mind steady in the light Maya Etheric Inspiration Devitalization Path of Probation PurificationGlamour, 42:of glamor are: Intuition - Illumination - Inspiration - The Angel of the Presence. Glamour, 85:freedom which are: Intuition, Illumination and Inspiration. The problem of maya is complicated byGlamour, 91:[91] the personality, prior to illumination, to inspiration and to initiation. The personality, atGlamour, 93:Define maya and give your understanding of inspiration as a factor in dispelling it. I haveGlamour, 114:Aspirants; Laya Yoga: Disciples 1st Initiation Inspiration. Atlantean The Pairs of Opposites;Glamour, 128:The contrast between Maya and its opposite - Inspiration. The contrast between the Dweller on theGlamour, 148:of Glamor c. The Contrast between Maya and Inspiration Here we come definitely into the realm ofGlamour, 150:is twofold: To bring all his centers under the inspiration of the soul. To transfer or transmuteGlamour, 150:diaphragm, which respond automatically to the inspiration of the soul. It is in this thought thatGlamour, 165:on to the Path of Discipleship. The energy of inspiration which will bring about, through theGlamour, 172:to the call or pull of matter, then inspiration becomes possible. This technique is related toGlamour, 172:enables man to "live a life, inspired by God." Inspiration is the applied power of transmission. Glamour, 195:Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, and Inspiration are illustrative; these, in their turn,Glamour, 241:plane, via the etheric plane, leading to inspiration. This is related to the Science of the Breath.Glamour, 245:Breath. The relation of the will and the breath. Inspiration. The Technique of Indifference.Glamour, 257:of sound rhythmic breathing will appear. This is Inspiration. Breathing exercises, my brother, haveGlamour, 259:than those normally used; this will produce the inspiration which will involve the whole man andGlamour, 259:breathing which will carry energy and consequent inspiration from sources without the personalityGlamour, 259:those who will know how to tap the reservoirs of inspiration by means of a new method and techniqueGlamour, 259:in the new and coming schools of esotericism. Inspiration is a process of qualifying, vitalizingGlamour, 260:out this theme as a meditation exercise and gain inspiration thereby. Glamour, 261:by: The vital body and the forces of maya; or by inspiration, emanating from points of spiritualGlamour, 261:of the incentive, impulses, impressions or inspiration which - via the etheric body - sweep theGlamour, 261:and the practical recognition of the sources of inspiration will automatically and safely swing theHealing, 35:the creative workers, who are conscious of the inspiration and the spiritual contact whichHealing, 51:Certain cancers. Creativity. Sensitivity. Inspiration. Sixth ray. Devotion. Solar plexusHealing, 138:produces difficulty, and the vitalization or inspiration (either of these words would beHealing, 343:M. and the Master K. H. be of practical help and inspiration to us? You will see from the above howHealing, 381:of many of the dreaded inherited diseases. The inspiration and inflow of occult knowledge, via theHealing, 482:(as produced by man down the ages under the inspiration of his divine nature), of the newer aspectsHealing, 499:of the integrated personality, or under the inspiration of soul intention which subordinates theHercules, 87:of being. Involution, incarnation, expression, inspiration, are the four words that express theInitiationin us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from someInitiation, vii:is tendered in the hope that it may prove an inspiration and a help. There are those again whoInitiation, 2:of inner response it may evoke, for whatever of inspiration and of light it may bring. In theseInitiation, 12:life of the spirit, and to take the flashes of inspiration that come to him from the Hall of WisdomIntellect, 45:living also in the world of spirit and carrying inspiration and illumination with them into theIntellect, 93:from the same root. Aspiration must precede inspiration. There must be a breathing out from theIntellect, 99:brain consciousness of the knowledge achieved. Inspiration. The result of illumination, as itIntellect, 144:illumination is experienced, and the life of inspiration, with its many special characteristicsIntellect, 148:instability. The light of illumination and of inspiration is quite compatible with the pursuit ofIntellect, 163:practical mystic or knower. "...intuitive inspiration and instinctive energy are finally tamed andIntellect, 173:stage of the meditation process which we call Inspiration. To the possibility of such a life theIntellect, 183:upon at will, produces eventually the life of inspiration. If these stages are grasped and masteredMagic, 4:Science, those who believe in the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures, and numerous (so-called)Magic, 4:What I say of truth alone is of moment; the inspiration and help I can accord to any pilgrim on theMagic, 80:and stimulated action it hinders the downflow of inspiration from on high. It acts as a darkMagic, 179:through gradually and at need. Thirdly, we have inspiration. This involves another aspect ofMagic, 179:This involves another aspect of development. Inspiration is analogous to mediumship, but isMagic, 179:astral levels. On the egoic plane this involves inspiration. Ponder on this explanation for itMagic, 180:plane methods. Some people combine the method of inspiration and of receiving instruction alongMagic, 180:useful instrument for the aiding of humanity. Inspiration originates on the higher levels; itMagic, 180:this way be deficient; but it harbors no evil. Inspiration is always safe, whereas mediumship isMagic, 180:whereas mediumship is always to be avoided. Inspiration may involve telepathy, for the personMagic, 246:to reach the hearts of men and to carry to them "inspiration" from the depths of the heart ofMagic, 344:and the knowledge of how to tap the sources of inspiration will increase in a wonderful manner. SoMagic, 501:permits the inflow of light, information and inspiration; it confers also the power to pass intoMagic, 527:mind, so the planetary Deity, working under the inspiration of the Universal Mind, can impressMagic, 594:of the Master, and may get much real good and inspiration from contact with the reflected reality,Magic, 603:to the world of souls and in that high place of inspiration and of light, discover hisMagic, 624:clear truth appears. They then work on without inspiration, and because they know it to be rightMeditationonward towards the goal, and prove to many the inspiration and aid it already has to a few. AliceMeditation, 54:this solar system, the Logos gathered through inspiration the matter needed for manifestation, andMeditation, 65:[65] free from obstruction, and the higher inspiration will be possible. This is the aim of allMeditation, 122:to the divine and rapid reaction to the higher inspiration has never been so great. DivineMeditation, 122:inspiration has never been so great. Divine inspiration or that "divine obsession" which is theMeditation, 156:body, by forms of breathing (respiration and inspiration), and by certain rhythmic currents set upMeditation, 265:scale in the cosmos itself. In this thought lies inspiration and development and not despair orMeditation, 270:the ideals touched in meditation, and for inspiration those downpourings from the higher mentalMeditation, 329:and the akashic records. Study of mediumship and inspiration. Study of past lives. Study of theMeditation, 343:service to my indications comes correction and inspiration. A life of much service opens up to manyMeditation, 347:stillness of the mental body leads to the higher inspiration. Having sought to control and wiselyPatanjaliparticipation; the purpose, through inspiration (or bliss) ; and the soul, through indentification.Patanjali, 33:participation; the purpose, through inspiration (or bliss) and the soul, through identification. ItPatanjali, 37:Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, Inspiration. It is of value here to note that the studentPatanjali, 112:there follows right control of prana and proper inspiration and expiration of the breath. 50. RightPatanjali, 217:there follows right control of prana and proper inspiration and expiration of the breath. HerePatanjali, 218:body this is symbolized for us in the necessary inspiration and exhalation of the breath. ByPatanjali, 227:attitude of positive receptivity to the higher inspiration and downflow of egoic life and energy.Problems, 8:they would endeavor to convey spiritual inspiration - something which humanity sorely needs at thisProblems, 126:on oral teaching. The doctrine of the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures of the world (deemedPsychology1, 232:influence the pioneers of humanity, become the inspiration of the thinking public in the succeedingPsychology1, 233:augoeides. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration. [234] Process: Conformation, or the powerPsychology1, 234:food, and the thinking entities to draw from it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mentalPsychology1, 336:radius of influence of a solar system, upon the inspiration of love, expressed in wisdom. Love isPsychology1, 367:to them by their own souls, working under the inspiration of those great and liberated souls wePsychology1, 424:augoeides. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration. Process: Conformation, or the power toPsychology1, 424:food, and the thinking entities to draw from it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mentalPsychology2, 70:distinction, viewing one world as the world of inspiration and the other world as constituting thePsychology2, 70:subjective etheric body (or the body of vital inspiration) and the dense physical body are symbolsPsychology2, 113:constitute subjectively One Group) light and inspiration and spiritual revelation can be releasedPsychology2, 213:to emerge. A creative act is ever the result of inspiration being seized upon, recognized for whatPsychology2, 213:discussed. In this way, through a response to inspiration, the animal kingdom came into being.Psychology2, 249:of brain and hand and voice through which the inspiration must flow, so that there may be rightPsychology2, 250:seeks not to understand the way in which the inspiration comes, or how the externalization of thePsychology2, 282:requires also the aid of the Buddha and the inspiration of the Christ, and it is "occultly guarded"
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