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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSPIRATION

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Psychology2, 312:in the personality, prior to illumination, to inspiration and to initiation. The personality perPsychology2, 322:of a higher force. The intuition. The source of inspiration, the monad. A few students may get thePsychology2, 322:the Monad is the source of inhalation or of the inspiration. In the process of exhalation or of thePsychology2, 383:and responsibility); it brings likewise inspiration to the physical life, to the physical body, viaPsychology2, 384:response to the world soul in all forms. Bring Inspiration, through the evocation of thePsychology2, 393:that spontaneous illumination, creativity and inspiration which is the result of the use of thePsychology2, 439:of the superconscious self, the soul, carrying inspiration, higher knowledges and intuitions. ThesePsychology2, 489:leaders of groups and organizations get their inspiration from these sources. There is, in them, noPsychology2, 493:There are other sources of guidance, of inspiration and of revelation but, for the psychologicalPsychology2, 559:Extension through hearing. Telepathy. Inspiration. c. Mediumship. Intercourse. Speech.Psychology2, 566:of the communication, as in the case of inspiration. It is interesting to note (and instructivePsychology2, 620:time (as does the mother of a child) the guiding inspiration, the loving protecting force and thePsychology2, 636:might appear, are working selflessly under the inspiration of the new era. They are dedicated toPsychology2, 658:Rightly or wrongly, they are working under the inspiration of an idea; they are bringing aboutPsychology2, 664:them all. Yet all drew their light and inspiration from this central focal point. The members ofPsychology2, 698:constitute subjectively One group) light and inspiration and spiritual revelation can be releasedPsychology2, 704:it. The planetary Hierarchy, working under the inspiration of the Divine vision as it is embodiedPsychology2, 715:if we might so express it, under hierarchical inspiration. The second is in closer touch with thePsychology2, 715:of men and works more definitely under the inspiration of ideas. The first group is occupied withPsychology2, 720:today who are learning to think. The Aquarian inspiration is being registered by all who come underPsychology2, 724:and outer understandings (based on the inner inspiration) which will end this cycle of dangerPsychology2, 731:right use. The general method employed is one of inspiration and of the presentation of moments ofRays, 11:time comes the necessary contact and the inspiration for the work that has to be done. In theRays, 57:purpose, and functioning in its place under the inspiration of a self-initiated inner program.Rays, 67:with the Hierarchy. He works now under the inspiration of and identification with the life aspect -Rays, 146:the Light-bearers, the Masters, and under the inspiration of the Lights which carry out the will ofRays, 179:forces, but that is only because they get their inspiration from levels of [180] divine awarenessRays, 183:work of the initiate, acting under hierarchical inspiration, is to change the present forms intoRays, 213:the work is then carried forward on the basis of inspiration, coordination and practicalRays, 222:Word, now emitted by them as a group under the inspiration of the Master (and I use the wordRays, 222:inspiration of the Master (and I use the word "inspiration" advisedly), has gone forth; it hasRays, 229:is that which concerns the present. Pisces - The Inspiration of the World Savior, and also theRays, 230:technique of the Hierarchy is that of conveying inspiration. The Masters are not openly lecturingRays, 233:from the kingdom of souls. To receive inspiration from the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, toRays, 233:power and then using both of these, under the inspiration of love, to build the new world ofRays, 237:all levels of the human consciousness, plus the inspiration of disaster and suffering, are blastingRays, 266:the Spiritual Triad within the monadic Life will inspiration come, just as they learnt to makeRays, 276:to the higher impression and the inner inspiration. The vertical life of the spirit and theRays, 388:exists, and all these are working under its inspiration and through the effect of the second rayRays, 412:Paths, but They can move forward under Their Own inspiration and with greater freedom. The cosmicRays, 443:soundness of that which he has created under the inspiration of the Spiritual Triad and with theRays, 445:distinction, regarding one world as the world of inspiration and the other world as constitutingRays, 445:subjective etheric body (or the body of vital inspiration) and the dense physical body are symbolsRays, 508:word that would best express its mode of work is Inspiration. The Father inspires response from theRays, 526:into human equivalents as much of the divine inspiration as was possible. Many of Them have beenRays, 553:mass of men take part, under the influence and inspiration of a regenerated intelligentsia. ThisRays, 585:this period - a struggling aspirant, under the inspiration and the stimulation of the Hierarchy ofRays, 684:mind, but seldom under the influence of inspiration. Nevertheless, the good work goes on. TheRays, 729:as our planetary Logos conceives it under the inspiration of the solar Logos. He can now expressReappearance, 36:has lost none of its freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement and example. TheReappearance, 63:orthodox Christianity on those who accept the inspiration and the teachings of the Buddha or ofReappearance, 65:who know that through the instrumentality, the inspiration and the instruction of those sons of menReappearance, 144:They sense God to be the Creator and the Inspiration of all that is. The Eastern faiths have everReappearance, 154:the minds of men, convincing them and carrying inspiration and revelation. Thus has it ever been inReappearance, 159:will be built by many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ. Churchmen need toReappearance, 184:are concerned; its members work under spiritual inspiration. The second group is in closer touchReappearance, 184:of men; it works more definitely under the inspiration of ideas. The first group is occupied withSoul, 139:is what he is, and acts as he does. The force of inspiration, the highest power of them all, worksSoul, 148:soul and brain. This latter form has been called inspiration and has brought into being theSoul, 148:and scientists, poets and artists. Telepathy and inspiration are as dependent upon the individualTelepathy, 12:of higher symbols, vibratory contact, telepathy, inspiration and illumination. I have, however, inTelepathy, 91:the sublime art which every Master practices on inspiration from Shamballa; it is a technique whichTelepathy, 91:with the plan and with the secrets and the inspiration which are hidden in the Mind of God. To thatTelepathy, 92:the inflowing energies (arriving on the wings of inspiration) becoming a reservoir ofTelepathy, 93:- for further and greater impression and inspiration in order to increase his ability to serve.Telepathy, 107:and finally upon the soul nature under the inspiration of the Spiritual Triad which is eventuallyTelepathy, 175:using the heart or the throat centers, can carry inspiration to hundreds. These are points well
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