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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSPIRE

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Bethlehemof our Lord and upon His teaching can alone inspire in this Twentieth Century that ferventDiscipleship1, 213:invocation: "May the energy of the divine Self inspire me and the light of the soul direct. May IDiscipleship1, 304:Then say: "May the energy of the divine self inspire me," and feel your entire nature vitalized byDiscipleship1, 306:Degree: "May the energy of the divine self inspire me and the light of the soul direct. May I beDiscipleship1, 452:clearly and in their true relativity, and can inspire the young ones also to see. The process ofDiscipleship1, 478:may the strength and the light of your soul inspire you and may that deep love which is your soul'sDiscipleship1, 548:invocation: "May the energy of the divine Self inspire and the light of the Soul direct; may I beDiscipleship1, 698:may not work alone; he cannot work alone. He can inspire, teach, ask for cooperation and giveDiscipleship2, 444:power of identification with those you seek to inspire, for this leads to direct transference ofDiscipleship2, 595:the other ray workers qualify and modify. You inspire substance with the energy and purpose andDiscipleship2, 665:Find your own people, and write that which will inspire and help. Let love speed your fingers andExternalisation, 272:be able intelligently to invoke Those Who can inspire to right action, thus bringing succor, andExternalisation, 313:May the love of God and of your fellowmen inspire you; the light of your souls direct you and theExternalisation, 329:all men and women of goodwill. This group must inspire, promote and strengthen wherever andExternalisation, 442:to implement these plans and are endeavoring to inspire Their disciples with the same vision andGlamour, 150:Under their influence he is helpless for they inspire all his thinking, all his aspiration and hisGlamour, 271:of the PRESENCE may make His nearness felt and inspire you to pass courageously through [272] theInitiation, 46:if unknown, their destinies; they impress and inspire statesmen and rulers; they pour forth mentalInitiation, 163:of the general outline of the subject may inspire the applicant for initiation to a more carefulMagic, 164:which he has created, and with equal steadiness inspire it with needed life, so that it can fulfilMagic, 419:personality lives of the aspirants they seek to inspire. This is a basic rule and will serve toMagic, 607:will work through the outer circle. They will inspire them, and will place increasingMeditation, 71:lead to the development of the intuition, and inspire the seeker after light to more earnestMeditation, 123:willingly cooperates with the One Who seeks to inspire, or to occupy or employ his lower vehicles.Problems, 6:a perspective and a background which will inspire hope for the future and confidence in theProblems, 146:come in the sense also that He will over-shadow, inspire and directly guide and personally conferPsychology1, 107:world is full of teaching and of books able to inspire and help all true seekers after spiritualPsychology1, 108:accepted disciples, and Their effort is to inspire these disciples, who are active in world work,Psychology2, 387:through the development of the "power to inspire" adds to his innate qualities certain definitelyPsychology2, 739:religious affiliations can be strongly held and inspire his true loyalty, and yet need in no wayRays, 114:the Path of Discipleship - the factors which inspire all hierarchical effort would begin to beRays, 132:at present inaccessible truths may serve to inspire your minds, evoke your intuition and give youRays, 230:as it has been called, and from there They inspire Their workers, and these latter in their timeRays, 230:workers, and these latter in their time and way, inspire the New Group of World Servers. Rays, 233:the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, to inspire. To hold the vision of the Plan before theReappearance, 76:from the secret place of the Most High to aid, inspire, reveal, lead and direct. It is the history
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