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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSPIRED

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Psychology2, 570:in adoration and mystery. Hence some of the inspired writings and illumined visions of the mystic.Rays, 148:temporary and fleeting expression of the ideal, inspired by the idea) came into being; three greatRays, 154:greater seven, and later the free flow of life (inspired by purpose) from the planetary seven. HeRays, 535:eighth and ninth initiations are occultly "inspired" by the first divine aspect, that of the Will.Rays, 662:episode, made possible because of the self-inspired discipline to which the disciple has forcedReappearance, 11:to some inflowing divine energy, to some inspired leader, or to some Avatar. An Avatar is atSoul, 87:in consciousness, and the knowledge of this fact inspired the hypothesis of a sensory center toSoul, 148:into being the Scriptures and the so-called "inspired" writings of the world, and has guided theTelepathy, 6:one terminal of expression in the mind of some inspired Thinker, and the other terminal in the mindTelepathy, 12:world Scriptures, the illumined utterances, the inspired speakers, and the language of symbolism.Telepathy, 45:as the attractive force which impulses the Plan inspired by the Purpose. In other words, it is theTelepathy, 54:ability to use this mechanism at will, and then inspired interpretation. Telepathy, 76:percent (85%) of the so-called telepathic or inspired writings so prevalent at this time.Telepathy, 140:occult teaching made its appearance through the inspired activity of H. P. B., a number (an
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