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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTANCE

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Astrology, 11:as in the case of individual man. There are, for instance, in our solar system, seven sacredAstrology, 19:found in the human family at any given time. An instance of the latter can be seen today in theAstrology, 21:heavens, the solar Logos. I refer in this last instance to their effect as it makes itself felt inAstrology, 35:chart may seem obscure and even erroneous. For instance: Sagittarius coming between Capricorn andAstrology, 42:of man in the scheme. The Hierarchy, for instance, which is the essence of the intangible Life ofAstrology, 55:the fusion of the pairs of opposites, for instance, upon the physical plane can be seen in theAstrology, 59:is to the planetary Logos of the Earth, for instance, what the personality (or form nature) is toAstrology, 63:do not really coincide. When we state, for instance, that the Sun is "in Aries" it conveys anAstrology, 63:of humanity and of this the outstanding instance is the statement in the Bible that the prime dateAstrology, 69:certain forces and enable the individual, for instance, to be in touch with great reservoirs ofAstrology, 100:of the Gods. This mediatorship, in the first instance, produces an inevitable opposition betweenAstrology, 103:in Capricorn? Subsidiary questions would, for instance be: For which death is the man preparing? IsAstrology, 104:their symbolic significances interpreted. For instance, it is well known theoretically andAstrology, 114:which come to him from Uranus or Pluto, for instance, which affect the soul life far more than theyAstrology, 118:selfish instincts and though he may be, for instance, friendly and kind, it is through a desire forAstrology, 125:indicate the awakening of the mind, in the first instance, and eventually that there was a shift inAstrology, 125:Causes the lure of the Path, in the first instance the path of evolution and later the lure of theAstrology, 141:a dominantly esoteric effect. In Capricorn, for instance, the influence of Saturn is both exotericAstrology, 142:Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross will be, for instance, a faithful employee, the adherent and workerAstrology, 171:also immense spiritual possibilities. India, for instance, expresses a widespread degradation, butAstrology, 238:of India really took place in the first instance in mid-Atlantean days and in the sign Libra. TheAstrology, 249:or intended will into physical expression. An instance of a person, equipped to do this, can beAstrology, 269:rays express themselves through two planets. For instance, the fourth Ray of Harmony throughAstrology, 278:appearance, and special effort will be made, for instance, to gain certain aspects of controlAstrology, 285:national life, aims and intentions. A typical instance of this attitude is that of Hitler. NoAstrology, 313:which is divinity in motion." When you, for instance, read that the keynotes of this sign can beAstrology, 336:of the One Life and that Capricorn, for instance, marks not only the point of the deepestAstrology, 339:or consummating sign. Much that I could, for instance, say in connection with the sign, Cancer, hasAstrology, 347:will have to consider their potency. For instance, in the case of an initiate whose Sun is in Leo,Astrology, 348:of the two," as it is sometimes called. For instance, the Leo subject who has an initiatedAstrology, 359:theoretically it is not possible. Study, for instance, what I can still further add as to theAstrology, 409:the process of passing from sign to sign, as for instance [410] transiting out of Pisces intoAstrology, 412:upon which it impinges. The effect, for instance, of zodiacal and systemic force upon a sacred or aAstrology, 415:a particular cycle - are conditioned by it. For instance, you have an interesting illustration ofAstrology, 417:only one point of the great triangle - as for instance one point of the Great Bear - constitutesAstrology, 424:cell or atom in one of the abdominal organs (for instance) to the soul on its own plane willAstrology, 441:interlocking triangles also emerge, as for instance the zodiacal triangle of Leo-Pisces-CapricornAstrology, 450:and personal. First ray disciples will, for instance, respond to the Shamballa influence,Astrology, 453:will disappear. What is true of humanity, for instance, during the third root-race, may not be trueAstrology, 488:minor expression. Leo, as we have, seen, is for instance a most important transmitting agency inAstrology, 489:in producing world results. I cite this as an instance of the interrelation of planets,Astrology, 510:realities for which the houses stand. For instance, I will give you some idea of [511] theseAstrology, 511:for yourselves. It is interesting to note, for instance, in connection with the second house (andAstrology, 520:being profoundly affected as are buildings, for instance, in blasted cities; the vegetable kingdomAstrology, 529:will be investigated. Let me here give you an instance of what I mean: the influences of New York,Astrology, 561:in connection with the Mutable Cross, for instance, that the [562] synthesis of evolution, itsAstrology, 564:meet." The man whose Sun sign is in Gemini, for instance, is subjected to the forces flowingAstrology, 610:the non-sacred planets as they are, in this instance, blinds or veils. The origin of the hour glassAtom, 14:perforce explain. This it is which has led, for instance, to the evolution of the Christian andAtom, 33:seeking for the definition of the atom, for instance, you will usually find Newton quoted. HeAtom, 38:American for October 1920. In the earlier instance he is quoted as follows: "I do not believe thatAtom, 48:it is true that all the cells of our bodies, for instance, are the electrons which we holdAtom, 49:The point of view of the medical world, for instance, will be changed, and people will study theAtom, 57:If you take any noun, or similar word, for instance, and study its objective significance, you willAtom, 57:in connection with an atom of chemistry, for instance, but nevertheless the root meaning of theAtom, 59:well be worked out in connection with man, for instance. For the purpose of our lecture, man can beAtom, 60:a snap in the region of the head. In this last instance we have a corroboration of the statement inAtom, 65:be more satisfactory and adequate. Take, for instance, the old religious form of the ChristianAtom, 68:We have seen that the atom of chemistry, for instance, demonstrates the quality of intelligence; itAtom, 68:form, and preserves its homogeneity. Take, for instance, the atom that goes to the building of aAtom, 70:grades of consciousness, extending, for instance, from the atom of the chemist and physicist, up toAtom, 71:we see happening around us in the world. If, for instance, we realize that we have the building upAtom, 90:he is himself a cell. Our physical body is, for instance, made up of innumerable lesser lives, orAtom, 106:of a little child you will become aware, for instance, that a baby develops the five senses in aAtom, 120:yet even [120] the conclusions of science, for instance, such as were so much spoken of andAtom, 123:as due to human activity. The world war, for instance, is frequently regarded as the result ofAtom, 126:of those matters which concern the group, for instance. But both stages are equally right. We canAtom, 129:of the group in all parts of the planet, for instance, will be our consciousness, and when it willAtom, 138:a thing. The fifth dimension is the ability, for instance, to take an eye, and by means of that eyeAtom, 146:of organization. When the scientist, for [146] instance, speaks of force, or energy, and theAutobiography, 4:than the perpetuation of the Victorian era, for instance, with its ugliness, its smugness, and theAutobiography, 27:confined to the house to read. This may be an instance of the paternalism and the feudalism ofAutobiography, 68:kind of things could happen to girls. Once, for instance, I was suffering from excruciating [69]Autobiography, 84:and show a sadistic nature. In one place, for instance, he talks of the babies who die unbaptisedAutobiography, 108:I owe it all to Mrs. Schubert. Here is another instance of somebody for whom I had [109] doneAutobiography, 208:to accept what they need from anyone, for instance, who could write and say as I could write andAutobiography, 260:much to be desired. The Treatise is a very fine instance of the real telepathy. It will be apparentAutobiography, 294:this matter through. The Arcane School, for instance, makes no charge for its services; the work isBethlehem, 13:it is given in both the East and the West. For instance, the fourth event in Christ's life, theBethlehem, 65:life-story of other teachers sent from God. For instance, we read: "Among the thirty-two signsBethlehem, 112:animal, are not so regarded. A man or a fox, for instance, may raid a chicken coop, but in the oneBethlehem, 153:Concordance may supply a clue. Take, for instance, the meaning of the names of Job's friends. TheyBethlehem, 184:the doctrine of the Virgin birth. [184] Another instance can here be given to illustrate theBethlehem, 236:and finally ascended into Heaven. We find, for instance, that "the Obsequies of Adonis wereDestiny, 14:kingdoms in nature as they do in the human. For instance, one phase of the destructive aspect ofDestiny, 15:impulse. Such cases can frequently be seen. An instance of this can be noted in the history of theDestiny, 53:stabilizing tendency of Germany showed for instance in her futile effort to preserve a racialDestiny, 58:two earlier pattern-producing processes. If, for instance, the energy of the fifth ray, which isDestiny, 64:not be synonymous. The British nation is, for instance, a great synthesis of people, as is theDestiny, 69:minds as vitally explanatory. Capricorn, for instance, seldom appears as a sign governing the egoicDestiny, 71:no means, as yet, of determining the date, for instance, of the birth of a nation or of a race.Destiny, 71:are entities and demonstrably so, as, for instance, France or Japan; others have been great andDestiny, 71:are, relatively speaking, very modern, as for instance the German nation, yet the strain is veryDestiny, 88:countries. Of this there is one curious little instance, which demonstrates an almost uniformDestiny, 103:will be investigated. Let me here give you an instance of what I mean: the influences of New York,Destiny, 120:to the nature of dynamic force. The quality, for instance, of the explosive and dynamic nature ofDestiny, 127:between science and religion are a striking instance of this and have been clearly and forcefullyDestiny, 129:and movable. For the bulk of humanity, for instance, astral impulse is the highest energy to whichDestiny, 135:points are often forgotten. If a man is, for instance, upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, it mayDiscipleship1, XIV:will prove particularly enlightening as, for instance, in the cases of P.D.W. and K.E.S. where the
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