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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTANCE

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Externalisation, 683:karma or form of service. St. Paul, for instance, was in the initiate stage of learning rightly toExternalisation, 692:every form. It is wise to remember that, for instance, as the Master works with His disciples andExternalisation, 696:would like to touch upon one or two of them. For instance, some of you are asking: How will theseFire, xiii:and of chemistry. The study of medicine, for instance, will eventually be taken up from a newFire, 51:fires of the system, and demonstrates, for instance, as solar radiation and inner planetaryFire, 59:that approach - such as planetary bodies, for instance - will be affected by the akashic current,Fire, 60:of the planet - such a planet as the Earth, for instance - are the internal fires that occupy theFire, 67:are many, but their names matter not save in one instance. It may be of interest to know theFire, 71:Nature, in ordered cycles. The stimulation, for instance, that is the result of the action of theFire, 90:resistance, or of solar repulsion comes, for instance, the menace of sunstroke. When the ethericFire, 103:fire of matter (as seen in volcanic display, for instance) and the radiatory fire of the systemFire, 109:extent, and this thickening may prevent, for instance, contact with the higher Self or principlesFire, 142:as that aspect itself. In much the same way, for instance, the different incarnating jivas carry aFire, 145:of its Own Self. The reincarnating jiva, for instance, lost in the maze of illusion, begins inFire, 150:fire of matter, and in the emanation, for instance, from the central sun, from a planet, or from aFire, 160:angle than that of the purely material. For instance, we are applying the symbol of the pointFire, 164:which has been achieved in the earlier five. For instance, in this root-race, the sixth and seventhFire, 186:on the plane of the gross physical, for instance; the means whereby he buys his experience, wherebyFire, 191:of the body. If the note of nature, for instance, were to strike but once upon the ear of a man (aFire, 237:D. I, 308; S. D., II, 107. Such devas are, for instance: The deva Lord of a plane. The sphere ofFire, 246:in their totality form the atom itself. For instance, we are told that the physical atom containsFire, 252:that of the egoic ray of the human being for instance in whose body it finds place. This, ofFire, 276:the form together. The note of the Sun, for instance, holds in just attraction the circlingFire, 280:with other men; these contacts are governed, for instance, very largely by his likes and dislikes.Fire, 281:Whose body he is a cell. Space for the atom (for instance, the atom in the physical body of man)Fire, 284:on its cosmic opposite. These two centers, for instance, our solar system and its cosmic opposite,Fire, 291:our planetary Logos has not the control, for instance, that the Heavenly Man of the Venus chain hasFire, 294:objective form, and that we are considering, for instance, the synthesis of the principles or theFire, 301:of a planetary Logos in a root-race, for instance, it must be remembered that the sumtotal of humanFire, 313:the psychic nature, which (in a solar Logos, for instance) we speak of in terms of quality, andFire, 314:is easily to be seen on the mental plane, for instance, in connection with Man. Theoretically, theFire, 323:enough, anent the planes themselves. For instance, in connection with the earth scheme we have aFire, 326:relate to the four solar physical ethers. For instance, the fourth ether (which is even now beingFire, 328:its analogy on the buddhic plane. The place, for instance, of violet in the spectrum is of primeFire, 339:and information is being developed. A man, for instance, acquires facts, and application, and setsFire, 348:procedure. This is a recognized fact, for instance, in the building of man's physical body, for theFire, 352:grasps the fact that each planetary scheme, for instance, serves as the body of a Heavenly Man WhoFire, 358:Man Who stands for the kundalini center, for instance, will work differently, and have a differentFire, 359:will be consciously employed. When men, for instance, know The quality of the force flowing throughFire, 365:and with the scheme of a similar number. For instance: Globe 2, Chain 2, and scheme 2 during roundFire, 365:round 2 in any scheme such as the fifth, for instance, are aligned or connected esoterically withFire, 368:that this help came in Lemurian days. This is an instance of a partial truth and itsFire, 382:in the great cycle of a Heavenly Man. For instance, in the present Earth chain which concerns usFire, 386:in the fourth globe, D, of which our earth is an instance. The fifth globe, E, on the ascending areFire, 394:accurate. 39 Man's physical body, for instance, considering it [395] as a corporate whole composedFire, 404:existence. Outside a solar ring-pass-not, for instance, and as far as our evolution is concerned,Fire, 427:warmth or stimulation, and when pictures, for instance, glow or reveal the subjective within theFire, 435:the chains and globes. In the fifth round, for instance, the fifth chain (a center in the body ofFire, 438:it will be seen that a deva Lord of a plane, for instance, works through force centers, manifestsFire, 450:of the group whose consciousness is theirs. For instance, an adept can work with forms and forceFire, 460:is the expression of a Life or Being; man, for instance, being the expression of one or other ofFire, 463:Indications of this already can be seen; for instance, in all our current magazines at this time,Fire, 464:of group consciousness. The vibration, for instance, of a planetary Logos has a peculiar effectFire, 465:corresponding advance in the whole. No man, for instance, can make definite and specializedFire, 468:of the higher levels of the mental plane, for instance, and of the systemic planes from there on toFire, 468:and during plane manifestation they are, for instance, the only unit in form [469] permitted toFire, 482:atom, whether it is the atom of chemistry, for instance, or the human atom. They deal with the soulFire, 488:or is the vital substance of deva entities. For instance, a plane, and forms built of thatFire, 491:the cooperation of the devas in the first instance, and the application of external agents to theFire, 496:As time progresses, the transmutation, for instance, of coal into diamonds, of lead into silver, orFire, 503:or group consciousness it is occurring NOW. For instance, such an event as the obscuration of theFire, 546:Ray of the Monad, so will the petals unfold. For instance, if the Ray of the Monad is the secondFire, 573:The fourth law, Magnetic Control, for instance, holds sway on the fourth subplane of each plane, inFire, 598:Law of Karma controlling the interweaving. For instance, Ray I may pass around a scheme (if it isFire, 606:apprehended, bodies on the physical plane, for instance, will be purified, developed and beautifiedFire, 634:as the etheric centers of our Heavenly Man, for instance, come into full activity, the force isFire, 640:of the war man wages on the fire devas for instance is very real in connection with the fireFire, 664:to the profane in such a phrase, for instance, as: "The triangle of... of... and of Group... of theFire, 674:schemes, as regards their watery aspect, for instance, will be found to be connected with aFire, 675:phenomenon - such as the weight of water, for instance, upon a planet - and an initiate of theFire, 695:standpoint of conscious energy. The Triad, for instance, is usually looked upon by our students asFire, 704:energy of the atom, cell or subhuman form, for instance, while the electrons or lesser lives withinFire, 751:planes of the cosmic physical plane. A striking instance of this can be seen in the case of theFire, 757:and conscious mediums (such as H. P. B., for instance) will be very great [758] if the Master'sFire, 793:in considering the figures where a scheme, for instance, is concerned, much latitude has to beFire, 812:working hypothesis, and then begin to note, for instance, the powers of endurance shown by theFire, 818:employ other terms to express the same idea. For instance, the body of the Ego may be viewed in theFire, 824:be the tendency of the petals to unfold. For instance, in the case of the majority of men, beingFire, 830:where every type of energy is concerned. For instance: The Ego synthesizes or gathers in the lifeFire, 833:themselves embody the two types of energy. For instance, the solar Pitris are the substance of theFire, 840:to their varying stages of development. For instance, up till the middle of the Atlantean root-raceFire, 861:dense physical centers, such as the mouth, for instance, [862] are transmitters of some type ofFire, 870:is frequently selfish in character, as, for instance, that which the union worker displays, but itFire, 894:which have a serpent appellation (such as, for instance, the Dragon), much [895] illumination mayFire, 920:from the central spiritual sun in the first instance and from one of the three major constellationsFire, 920:of the three major constellations in the second instance. Systemically they fall into three groups:Fire, 920:the seven stars of the Great Bear in the third instance. In these triple emanatory forces may beFire, 922:will be apparent that in the Vishnu aspect, for instance, which manifests upon the second plane,Fire, 938:All the building stages overlap. When, for instance, the coordination of the mental body is in itsFire, 940:to the building of the dense physical body, for instance, of a planet, or of a solar system. ThisFire, 958:two types of energy: That emanating in the first instance from the Ego on abstract levels. ThatFire, 970:it is the thing to do. In this may be seen an instance of the ability of the Great Ones to utilizeFire, 976:in activity upon the physical plane. A man, for instance, is thinking a kindly thought; he hasFire, 979:doing a most occult work. A good lecturer (for instance) is one who is doing work that is analogousFire, 987:under the direction of certain group Heads.. For instance, the Brothers of the White Lodge workFire, 991:Entities, six in number, who are spoken of, for instance, in the Christian Bible as having theFire, 1007:is the basis of the "work of transmutation," for instance, when the human substance is transmutedFire, 1020:point of equilibrium, as on our globe, for instance, confusion ensues in the mind of the studentFire, 1030:basis of the occult fact that all in nature, for instance, will be, is, or has been, through theFire, 1033:we have the triple activity of the Ego, for instance, which is rotary-spiral-cyclic, and that which
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