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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTANCE

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Fire, 1036:the appearance of Egos on the astral plane, for instance. This fact has bearing upon the statementFire, 1069:or a solar system. The moon is an interesting instance of the transmutative or liberating processFire, 1071:of ever-higher types of mineral energy. For instance, the type of energy which plays upon iron ore,Fire, 1076:of the chaos and turmoil of the World War, for instance, and the weight of metal undergoing violentFire, 1077:it will be found that it demonstrates one more instance of the unity of all life, and furnishes oneFire, 1077:of the entire evolutionary process. In every instance that which radiates from each kingdom ofFire, 1086:has at times to be taken into calculation. For instance, the interest awakened in the public mindFire, 1088:be remembered that in this solar system, for instance, certain developments are onlyFire, 1105:and motions different from its brothers. For instance, through withdrawal of energy and not throughFire, 1126:The mental unit or the mind aspect of a man, for instance, is after all but the sixth sense, andFire, 1150:will utilize the body of a disciple. We have an instance of this in the manner the Christ used theFire, 1164:that occult students go astray. It is, for instance, correct to say that the planetary schemeFire, 1172:but not the highest. It emanates in the first instance from the physical sun and the heart of theFire, 1174:Evolution. It does not affect, in any way, for instance, those members of the human family who haveFire, 1185:to work out. The seven Heavenly Men, for instance, are a few out of the great band of associatedFire, 1189:of negative energy of the lowest kind. Such, for instance, is the heart. There is the heart center,Fire, 1200:of man in the scheme. The hierarchy, for instance, which is the essence of the intangible Life ofFire, 1217:the developed heart energy of a human atom, for instance) of furthering the interests of theFire, 1218:of a group. In relation to the human family, for instance, the truth must ever be borne in mindFire, 1235:connection with all atomic forms. There is, for instance, that unit of energy which we call theGlamour, 7:forms - by which I mean its arrangements, for instance, of cubes, triangles and of stars and theirGlamour, 8:understanding and love. In the first instance, the objective of the study of symbolism is to enableGlamour, 14:that a peculiar series of lines (such as, for instance, the three lines forming a triangle)Glamour, 37:door through which group glamor can enter. An instance of this can be seen in this group, whenGlamour, 64:its way to materialization. It finds itself, for instance, integrated into a group thought-form ofGlamour, 75:reached by an individual. For some people, for instance, the possession of that which is materialGlamour, 77:human relationships such as those existing, for instance, between husband and wife, parents andGlamour, 119:the astral and the mental bodies. There is, for instance, a definite correspondence between theGlamour, 132:the warrant and the sanction of LOVE. It is, for instance, no illusion that the idea which findsGlamour, 183:the second, the time cycle is short. A very good instance of this process is demonstrated by one ofGlamour, 186:systems were built up which we call, for instance, the Christian Church and the Buddhist system.Glamour, 187:along the line of science. The presentation, for instance, of material substance (scientificallyGlamour, 192:of awareness and new fields of service. For instance: The Technique of the Presence, whenGlamour, 194:generations. The word "faith" is a good [194] instance of the method of rendering "blind" some ofGlamour, 199:These are the sixth ray people in the first instance, aided by aspirants and disciples upon theGlamour, 200:towards high personal achievement in the first instance and spiritual achievement later. They haveGlamour, 224:use the formula for a given length of time (for instance, once a week for two years or more)Glamour, 251:[251] It is through this triplicity, for instance, that the trained initiate works when dealingGlamour, 262:right use of the Sacred Word, the OM. When, for instance, a disciple in meditation sounds the OMHealing, 19:out of an automobile or railroad accident, for instance, are not to be considered as coming underHealing, 21:runs through much of the teaching on Karma, for instance, because men seek a plausible explanationHealing, 26:disciple? How few realize that no disciple, for instance, can place himself in the hands of theHealing, 40:diseases can emerge, necessitating, for instance, the removal of the gall bladder or thoseHealing, 49:accidental. To these a man falls heir when, for instance, he succumbs to some infectious orHealing, 69:is much. When, therefore, I say that cancer, for instance, has its roots in an astral condition andHealing, 79:weakness in some part of the physical body. For instance, impotence is such a difficulty and aHealing, 83:medium of the awakened centers. There is, for instance, no true clairvoyance until either the solarHealing, 84:of force through the appropriate center. An instance of this might be found in the correct controlHealing, 86:to disease and its cure can be ascertained. For instance, lack of vitality and the common subnormalHealing, 89:which govern the Mind of God. One interesting instance of this failure is the fact that man doesHealing, 91:in these mental conditions. They lead, for instance, to furious activity and overwork, due to theHealing, 92:based upon a mental realization of the Plan, for instance, plus a recognition that those plans areHealing, 94:forces which constitute the physical body, for instance, and which pass through and play upon it,Healing, 129:this inflow of force. The disciple becomes, for instance, over-stimulated, and thereforeHealing, 167:synthetically, to grasp a landscape, for instance, in its broad and salient outlines and to do thisHealing, 175:fall heir. It will be obvious to you, for instance, that the transference of all the accumulatedHealing, 227:to some aspect of their subtler natures; if, for instance, physical desire conditions them, theHealing, 249:limitations; it is these limitations, [249] for instance, which promote epidemics as the aftermathHealing, 257:physician; he will apply a tourniquet, for instance, and take the measures which orthodox medicineHealing, 273:the etheric counterpart of the nerves. I would instance the removal of some organ. Definite resultsHealing, 283:physical body where the trouble lies. If, for instance, the patient is suffering from such aHealing, 283:- reduce the vitality of the lower. If, for instance, there is disease or trouble in connectionHealing, 284:with the organs of generation [284] (as for instance disease of the prostate gland), then theHealing, 298:is Himself, from the angle of a Solar Logos for instance, far from perfect; this is the reason whyHealing, 300:exoteric physical form. Other results are, for instance, the appearance of tumors, of cancers, ofHealing, 310:cause except those superficial ones such as, for instance, that worry and intense anxiety canHealing, 317:of adjustment. Such individuals may suffer, for instance, from what is called idée fixe, or theyHealing, 318:(which undoubtedly has its place, as, for instance, in the administration of glandularHealing, 320:of men cannot yet grasp them. Such causes, for instance, may have their effects as a fierce andHealing, 321:and there will not be the risk of infection. For instance, scarlet fever is contagious, but not allHealing, 328:and moves and has the focus of his being is, for instance, predominantly astral, then the majorHealing, 337:of the Soul has a bearing here: "The brain, for instance, is the 'shadow' or the external organ ofHealing, 339:from a combination of such causes, as for instance a combination, let us say of the causes in 1, 2,Healing, 345:interest in, the ray types (as represented for instance in a group) may itself lead to a subtleHealing, 356:All energy is from the soul in the secondary instance, but in the primary sense all energy isHealing, 367:of the New Group of World Servers. I know, for instance, that such areas are to be found (asHealing, 368:and endeavored to discover in my books, for instance, or in The Secret Doctrine, those paragraphsHealing, 374:definite healing work, taking some case, for instance, of known physical illness, of obsession, orHealing, 377:as it is at present applied. This is an instance of the inaccurate statements passed on by ignorantHealing, 403:and H.P.B. in The Secret Doctrine gave none. An instance of this inaccurate and foolish attempt toHealing, 448:we call death. In cases of death in war, for instance, it is not then a case of the individualHealing, 458:hands I commend My spirit." And we have another instance in the words, "Lord, now lettest Thou ThyHealing, 472:established in past lives. When I say, for instance, that on occasion the "soul may leave the doorHealing, 501:is evoked. This demonstrates in the first instance as the sense of responsibility; it is this whichHealing, 510:of intelligent service, motivated in the first instance by mercy, then by conviction of itsHealing, 521:will follow later. In The Secret Doctrine, for instance, H.P.B. (under my instruction) madeHealing, 522:form aspect of manifestation - that aspect, for instance, of which a human being is pre-eminentlyHealing, 542:cases of disease of the heart; embolisms, for instance, which prove fatal are frequently due to aHealing, 547:like me to indicate what should be done, for instance, to cure cancer of the liver, or pneumonia orHealing, 552:and dare not go. There are conditions, for instance, in which an advanced disciple or a highHealing, 561:of the life force upon the astral plane, for instance, could produce. I shall but list them; I willHealing, 572:of the human eye when focused on a person, for instance, is known to attract attention. One hint IHealing, 592:those difficulties which are brought about, for instance, when the energy of the astral body makesHealing, 602:disease or physical trouble is stomachic, for instance, or related to the liver, the healer willHealing, 624:all stimulation which he may be able, for instance, to convey to a center in the patient's body, orHealing, 637:the very coarsest up to the very finest, as for instance the quality of the substance which makesHealing, 647:they make fewer mistakes. They do not, for instance, attempt to heal patients for whom there is noHealing, 652:there. There inevitably comes a point, for instance in the case of malignant disease, where theHealing, 661:of view), the war (1914-1945) was a striking instance. Millions died; more millions sufferedHealing, 714:engineer or of the automobile draftsman, for instance, would have been entirely meaningless to the
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