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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTANCE

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Patanjali, 216:which is below." The desire nature of man, for instance, seems to respond to the lure of the greatPatanjali, 351:to certain vibratory impacts. He knows why, for instance, the organ of sense called the eyePatanjali, 379:to note that we have in these words an instance of the fact that the Yoga Sutras can still be theProblems, 34:reactionary attitudes so strongly endorsed, for instance, by the Catholic Church and theProblems, 43:be eliminated. In the teaching of history, for instance, are we to revert to the old ways whereinProblems, 57:selfish presentation avoided. If history is, for instance, presented on the basis of theProblems, 68:no such inherent capacity. They are not, for instance, successful colonists and are moreProblems, 95:in the international field [95] and deal for instance with the struggle of the little nations forProblems, 97:which he makes no allowance; the Jews are, for instance, the product of centuries of tent-dwellingProblems, 104:of Jewish school children in the U.S.A., for instance, who are discriminated against, hooted at andPsychology1, xxv:in the crucible of life experience. If, for instance, there are indeed seven rays, embodying sevenPsychology1, 8:When, through our study, we ascertain for instance that the tendency of our soul ray is that ofPsychology1, 26:close numerical interrelation between (for [26] instance) the Lord of the seventh ray and thePsychology1, 79:reverse aspect or the form side. This ray, for instance, is shown to be the revealer of the way,Psychology1, 121:by a particular force and life. There is, for instance, a definite reason why the bulk of the wildPsychology1, 122:forms whose keynote is blue - those people, for instance, who with devotion (misplaced or not)Psychology1, 160:a problem most difficult to handle. When, for instance, psychologists realize that it is the playPsychology1, 172:by such an organization as the Red Cross, for instance, might also be evidenced internationallyPsychology1, 190:may be only a temporary aspect. For instance, the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Organization is nowPsychology1, 191:these rather advanced occult teachings. If, for instance, you study the first proposition, you willPsychology1, 198:form of the human being in the Great War, for instance. In the war the blood of thousands wasPsychology1, 219:the divine Plan. The vegetable kingdom, for instance, draws its vital strength from three sources,Psychology1, 222:and these warrant careful study. It is, for instance, apparent that if the seventh ray is nowPsychology1, 232:our seeing consciousness, the fact that, for instance, our nails and teeth and bony structure havePsychology1, 240:In the major initiations at this time, for instance, in connection with humanity, not only is thePsychology1, 246:and that they change from cycle to cycle. For instance, a disciple who is upon the path is stronglyPsychology1, 247:entry, whereby they can contact each other. For instance, the human and the vegetable kingdoms findPsychology1, 261:They are comprehensive and revealing. Note, for instance, that at this time the seventh ray governsPsychology1, 265:by their numerical figures. The first ray, for instance, governs all cycles such as those of onePsychology1, 279:when working in the realm of brotherly love, for instance, would produce naught but good. Let mePsychology1, 323:in the low grade slum dwellers, for instance, and in the petty criminal who is instinctual enoughPsychology1, 328:an alignment has been produced between (for instance): The physical body and the emotional body.Psychology1, 349:sectarian and theological attitudes, for instance, which mark the decline and consequentPsychology1, 353:forces of the physical plane is an outstanding instance. These three important developmentsPsychology1, 354:angle of vision of the seventh root race, for instance, but it will be far ahead of that achievedPsychology1, 355:forces of the planet. One rather striking instance of the similarity of the ray forces should bePsychology1, 371:systems; not enough attention has been paid for instance to the fact that the brain of the animalPsychology1, 386:stabilizing tendency of Germany, showing, for instance, in her futile effort to preserve a purityPsychology1, 389:and egoic of the different nations. Take for instance the emergence into manifestation of the egoicPsychology1, 392:life of the nations in the world today. If, for instance, the fifth ray of the solar angels, thePsychology2, 29:tiny unit, man, no free will. He is subject, for instance, to what we call "acts of God", andPsychology2, 60:in the West. The divinity of Christ, for instance, is frequently illustrated by reference to HisPsychology2, 61:those many qualities and that purpose which, for instance, animate the aspirant. This is - brieflyPsychology2, 95:the minerals and chemicals of the earth are an instance in point. They are needed by other forms ofPsychology2, 101:determining the type of a man, a person, for instance, whose Monad is presumably upon the thirdPsychology2, 136:the physical plane glamored by the idea, for instance, of his amazing personal contacts, whereas hePsychology2, 145:quite distinct from an organization. A striking instance of the use of such a Word of Power beingPsychology2, 148:repulsed by that which attracted it in the first instance. This law is one which primarily beginsPsychology2, 163:name of that third or central way which is, for instance, neither light nor dark, and neither lovePsychology2, 164:or the trend of ideas which link, for instance: The beatitudes (enunciated by the Christ) and thesePsychology2, 235:side of these emerging qualities. He will, for instance, in his daily life, work toward at-one-mentPsychology2, 252:The phenomena of the vegetable kingdom, for instance, and that of the animal kingdom are vastlyPsychology2, 317:of experience which we call the soul. Take, for instance, the emphasis which is laid by certainPsychology2, 325:the standpoint of time. This means, in the first instance, the right use of time and opportunityPsychology2, 358:the cosmic physical plane. We will suppose, for instance, that a man's egoic ray is the third rayPsychology2, 368:ray personality, emphasizing stillness, for instance, might find himself descending into thePsychology2, 369:be equally stimulated. This statement means, for instance, that if all the emphasis of the soulPsychology2, 426:the Observer, the higher aspect of himself. For instance, a man suffering from dissociation betweenPsychology2, 439:of these constantly attracts him. When, for instance, the gap between the astral or emotional bodyPsychology2, 457:are employed in only one direction, such as, for instance, the achievement of business success orPsychology2, 474:[474] lights reveals upon the astral plane, for instance, is naturally of a very high order. It is,Psychology2, 487:end of this century. Two factors today are, for instance, having a deep psychological effect uponPsychology2, 492:interpretative response developed. As, for instance, a man becomes aware of the Plan of God, he mayPsychology2, 502:when passing by. A shocked horror can, for instance, induce a person to relate, quite innocently, aPsychology2, 505:symbols of man's unfolding consciousness. For instance, the recognition of the point, the line, thePsychology2, 506:in the human consciousness, and lead, for instance, to the constant use of the cross in its manyPsychology2, 513:great rapidity. More and more people are, for instance, becoming clairvoyant and clairaudient, andPsychology2, 518:nation which is governed by the sign Taurus, for instance, or by Sagittarius, or Pisces? In comingPsychology2, 529:complicating it unduly. There are energies, for instance, pouring into the spleen from planetaryPsychology2, 530:difficulty and pathological results. For instance, these ideas may clarify themselves in your mindPsychology2, 548:area controlled by the higher center. When, for instance, the sacral energy is raised to the solarPsychology2, 563:may be. The herd instinct of the animal is, for instance, the embryonic unfoldment of what is laterPsychology2, 567:of inclusiveness. This measure will govern, for instance, the relation of the dog or otherPsychology2, 567:possessions and other material objects, for instance - we tend to make a magical performance out ofPsychology2, 597:dire results must eventuate. The mystic, for instance whose thought is focused on the Christ,Psychology2, 605:desire for peace and satisfaction. There is, for instance, little in the writings of the mystics ofPsychology2, 621:peculiar problems. The sounding of the Aum, for instance, by the unprepared or by groups who arePsychology2, 624:under law. One ambitious, disloyal person, for instance, can wreck a group; one selfless,Psychology2, 726:the Hierarchy upon the inner side of life. For instance, each department and section of theRays, 17:training disciples - in such an experiment, for instance, as externalizing the Ashrams of theRays, 39:help. This led (in the case of the Christ, for instance) to that appalling moment in the Garden ofRays, 50:the formulation of ideas. Here you have an instance of the inadequacy of modern language; ideas areRays, 71:which separates him from the soul, in the first instance, and from the Hierarchy, in the second.Rays, 98:dedication, which led the Master in the first instance to recognize him and incorporate him intoRays, 119:closer to humanity than ever before. This is an instance of the ability of the initiateRays, 165:we call death. In cases of death in war, for instance, it is not then a case of the individualRays, 172:of identification. This concerns (in the first instance) the relation of the self to the Self andRays, 203:proves incapable of registering them. What, for instance, do the words or phrases, "Divine purpose,Rays, 240:but the relation of His group was, in the first instance, to Him and not so much to the world ofRays, 250:and consciously in touch with my Ashram. An instance of this is that book by C. W. Leadbeater onRays, 250:you that the instructions given by me as, for instance, those in A Treatise on White Magic and ARays, 255:different [255] to yours. Forget not, as an instance of this, that the great Labor Movement in theRays, 271:by three Masters all upon the same ray, as for instance, the Master K.H. and his Ashram, myself andRays, 294:for the race at any specific moment in time. For instance, humanity believes today that its majorRays, 300:easiest things in the world to say (as has, for instance, Krishnamurti) is that life is one; thatRays, 310:the man in the three worlds. Does this instance somewhat clarify the difficulty of this subjectRays, 311:Understanding of these ideas may come if, for instance, you realize that the expression of buddhi,Rays, 338:to remedy. Each of the seven initiations, for instance, is an exemplification or a revealer of oneRays, 381:This is only superficially true and is an instance of a man-made interpretation, giving us theRays, 388:Ashrams are in the making. The second ray, for instance, has five affiliated Ashrams and one of
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