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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTANCE

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Rays, 400:Who are on the first, third and fifth rays, for instance, follow the Path numerically the same;Rays, 424:the sixth root-race had come into being. An instance of the expansion of the information given canRays, 436:initiate and also by the presenting Masters. An instance of a slow permeation of information fromRays, 533:plus certain little-practiced degrees, as for instance that of Mark Mason degree and one or twoRays, 549:not aware of this. They are not conscious, for instance, when they succumb to irritation and findRays, 600:achievement. I may not give you more than one instance of such illusion, but that should proveRays, 613:values has been made clear. In politics, for instance, the two-party system is based upon a correctRays, 635:material one, and we have here an outstanding instance of the prophetic knowledge of the Christ.Rays, 635:suffered as they have suffered and that - for instance - there are eighty per cent of other peopleRays, 643:the use of this form of light that I, for instance, found A.A.B.; I was searching for a secretaryRays, 679:is everywhere realized that the demagogue, for instance, who sways public opinion, is one who alsoRays, 695:to some particular initiation. The Buddha, for instance, in His Four Noble Truths, stated inRays, 723:significances of the third initiation, for instance; in like manner, even high initiates fail toRays, 730:men deal with effects and not with causes; for instance, mankind is concerned with war and withRays, 744:democracies. A man born in Central Russia, for instance, knows nothing but Communism; he cannotRays, 744:is fundamentally wicked and evil. We have, for instance, the great crisis in the world todayRays, 745:even in democratic countries; the Negroes, for instance, lack their constitutional rights in partsRays, 749:countries, particularly in the United States. An instance of this can be seen in the fact that theRays, 751:other peoples what they should do. Why, for instance, should the U.S.A. deal with the problem ofRays, 756:of the Roman Empire, the Christ came. Another instance of a notable and most ancient invocation isReappearance, 45:as the Scriptures would appear to indicate. For instance, He will come indeed in the "clouds of theReappearance, 106:was responsible for this emphasis. A paralleling instance of a similar distortion was also ofReappearance, 156:or constellations influencing those months. For instance, Capricorn will call attention to theReappearance, 156:the life of the individual man. I give this one instance to you in order to indicate theReappearance, 178:worker must practice what he preaches. If, for instance, the millions of people who love the ChristReappearance, 182:[182] relation of His group was, in the first instance, to Him and not so much to the world of men.Soul, 15:Wolfgang Köhler in Gestalt Psychology says, for instance: "It is the layman's belief that inSoul, 15:now and then another, because, in the first instance, certain nerve paths are most available, and,Soul, 15:paths are most available, and, in the second instance, certain other paths are most open. FortunateSoul, 25:cast; and we may take behaviorism as the pure instance, because it is the extreme instance, of thisSoul, 25:as the pure instance, because it is the extreme instance, of this character." - Hocking, Wm. E.,Soul, 67:Life Force. Let us suppose that in the first instance the universe was purely material. It wasTelepathy, 10:work which will be fruitful of results. For instance, an emotional person, using primarily theTelepathy, 15:sacred book, such as the Bhagavad Gita, for instance, has various interpretations, dependent uponTelepathy, 17:It is this process which is pursued when, for instance, some mother "feels" that some dangerTelepathy, 44:are swung into this type of activity. For instance, one such time would be the Full Moon period,Telepathy, 44:by the Hierarchy as well as by Humanity; an instance of the second type of activity would be theTelepathy, 68:our entire planetary life and includes, for instance, the rapport being established betweenTelepathy, 89:and the age of the soul. Sixth ray people, for instance, are very slow in making this transition,Telepathy, 90:to an expanding environment, as for instance man's recognition of the distinction betweenTelepathy, 104:upon which they normally function; mediums, for instance, are exceedingly prone to receiveTelepathy, 104:has made impact. One of the difficulties, for instance, facing the aspiring disciple and theTelepathy, 136:of Attribute shift and change constantly; for instance, humanity as the planetary throat center isTelepathy, 141:men. The teaching on the etheric body is an instance of this. H. P. B. was largely responsible,Telepathy, 159:physical correspondences. All the Masters, for instance, do not work through a physical vehicle.Telepathy, 172:or unconsciously, the life of every day. An instance of this can be found in the fact that aTelepathy, 184:conditions where the units of life are, for instance, in the vegetable or the animal kingdom, but a
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