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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTEAD

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Astrology, 13:this suggestion I have made anent the moon and (instead of working with the moon) let them workAstrology, 25:the sun around the zodiac from Aries to Pisces instead of the reverse movement, from Aries toAstrology, 52:to Pisces, via Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, instead of moving from Aries to Taurus viaAstrology, 129:and to creation upon the mental plane instead of only upon the physical plane. This higher creativeAstrology, 140:and steadily all his activities. In the future, instead of speaking of the orthodox planets whenAstrology, 154:out-thrust like a single spear upon his brow instead of the two horns of the scavenging goat. It isAstrology, 231:will then blend, veiling the past which has gone instead of the future as is now the case. EarthAstrology, 295:to the soul as the conditioning factor instead of sensitivity to the environing world as theAstrology, 319:and the dualism of soul and spirit emerges instead of that of soul and body which has hitherto beenAstrology, 342:wields as he seeks to render mass service instead of being involved and lost in the mass. The powerAstrology, 374:humanity to the "fiery heights of self-interest" instead of to the mountain of vision andAstrology, 394:be almost painfully conscious of duality but, instead of its producing a struggle for unity, itAstrology, 394:side of Vulcan and so of the first ray and instead work as a "fashioner of souls," including hisAstrology, 440:is finding direct entry into the human center instead of indirectly via the Hierarchy as hasAstrology, 446:been made and the spirit of Masonry is grasped instead of the letter, then we shall see a new formAstrology, 471:to the medium. It is intuitional control instead of the intellectual instead of the intellectualAstrology, 471:intuitional control instead of the intellectual instead of the intellectual overlordship of Leo andAstrology, 543:A dark period of civilization will ensue. Instead of the dark cave of initiation wherein the lightAutobiography, 140:If they had taught about the law of rebirth instead of the doctrine of reincarnation and if theyAutobiography, 140:they had presented the Law of Cause and Effect instead of the Law of Karma, we might have had aAutobiography, 195:objected to my not putting people into the E.S. instead of into my own group. I looked at him withAutobiography, 198:service as the road of approach to the Hierarchy instead of the road of selfish, spiritualAutobiography, 252:their taking no action or decision of any kind. Instead of "my country, right or wrong," it wasAutobiography, 267:in which the beginner should be instructed. Instead, they have held out to the beginner theAutobiography, 280:you constantly aware of the universal Whole, instead of identifying yourself with a tiny fractionAutobiography, 291:himself or calls attention to himself. He is, instead, intensely preoccupied with the "things ofBethlehem, 164:and who desire to become conscious knowers instead of faithful believers, is that they shouldBethlehem, 188:ancient tenets which were founded in fear, and instead, courageously faces the facts and theBethlehem, 197:with the theme of love and loving service instead of with this constantly reiterated emphasis uponBethlehem, 198:the true mission of Christ was long ignored. Instead of His being recognized as embodying inBethlehem, 210:good of the world, and the service of humanity instead of the service of one's own desires. In theBethlehem, 232:Cross. Christ had apparently failed them, and instead of being the divine Son of God, and King ofBethlehem, 282:except by a manifestation of the spirit of God. Instead of waiting for God to take action and sendDestiny, 34:who followed his lead made the same mistake and instead of holding before the people of theDestiny, 35:and its subjective causes are considered instead of the superficial objective reasons, then realDestiny, 52:state with many [52] subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These two powers function inDestiny, 58:light and we shall look for future racial light instead of the many separate national lines. AtDestiny, 145:which will reveal to him group relations instead of his individual and self-centered personalDiscipleship1, 76:pass through the Portal of Initiation together, instead of alone and singly as has hitherto beenDiscipleship1, 107:is to become an "extrovert of the heart type" instead of being, as you are, an "introvert of theDiscipleship1, 126:of your soul in your sixth ray astral body instead of in your mind, so that intelligent love may beDiscipleship1, 205:you later discover that you initiated conflict instead of having instituted harmony, as had beenDiscipleship1, 236:focused on the personality and on its doings, instead of being focused upon the inspiring soul. TheDiscipleship1, 246:time carry on the work entirely in the heart instead of in the head. Discipleship1, 258:area" and from there control the physical body instead of controlling it (as is now the case) by aDiscipleship1, 301:knowledge need evoke criticism and resentment, instead of love and understanding? This you couldDiscipleship1, 304:it you see a radiant sun of golden light. Instead of sending forth the disks of colored light,Discipleship1, 326:impact upon people to throw them away from you. Instead, you will draw them magnetically to theDiscipleship1, 361:What therefore, shall we do? First, instead of constant meditation, you must employ the time soDiscipleship1, 385:putting a foot upon the field and finding, instead of the mud and water which had been anticipated,Discipleship1, 386:ancient the rhythm by which they hold you. Turn, instead, outwards in the effort to aid yourDiscipleship1, 399:do I close my eyes and hold on, and feel my way instead of seeing it? Those who can see are full ofDiscipleship1, 412:use the word "friendship" during the third month instead of the word "integration." I am going toDiscipleship1, 431:do I close my eyes and hold on and feel my way instead of seeing it? Is the mind the organ ofDiscipleship1, 460:third point and the use of the Lord's Prayer. Instead of pondering on the words of that prayer, IDiscipleship1, 461:phenomena into spiritual realization; then instead of the constant registering of that which isDiscipleship1, 468:lead to a quick reaction to the existent forms instead of leading to a long range vision of theDiscipleship1, 496:minimum of work for us in these times of stress, instead of the maximum. Yet, my brother, out ofDiscipleship1, 597:years. Now practice the truths learnt thereby. Instead, study with close attention The BhagavadDiscipleship1, 597:Gita, and use that as your textbook of guidance. Instead of studying my writings, will you serveDiscipleship1, 611:chosen to select the work that you should do instead of cooperating in the service which youDiscipleship1, 612:You have tried to organize your own activities instead of cooperating in the work already begun andDiscipleship1, 626:being telepathically sensitive to other people. Instead of so much "will to love," why not justDiscipleship1, 704:and its life is only an occasional inspiration instead of a fixed habit of life. The ability toDiscipleship1, 709:so that they become eventually an asset, instead of something to be avoided. He learns to fearDiscipleship1, 735:minor preoccupations which produce extension instead of tension. If you are (to give a very usualDiscipleship1, 738:them upon work done and progress made. He has instead the task of watching closely their note orDiscipleship1, 784:their taking no action or decision of any kind. Instead of "my country right or wrong," it wasDiscipleship2, 144:provide the seed thoughts for twelve years' work instead of twelve months. Words are living things,Discipleship2, 147:on one of the planes of the Spiritual Triad, instead of the mental plane as do their disciples,Discipleship2, 263:to cease gauging your capacity to understand and instead simply to brood and reflect. Let meDiscipleship2, 264:by you to eventuate from the work. Therefore, instead of concentrating upon exactitude of work andDiscipleship2, 296:now before disciples in training for initiation. Instead of the past objectives - contact with theDiscipleship2, 296:1. A sense of planetary relationships. Instead of the emphasis [297] being laid upon the relationDiscipleship2, 329:first the disciple may have little to share, and instead presents a great deal for senior disciplesDiscipleship2, 335:will take place now every three hundred years, instead of every one thousand years, as has been theDiscipleship2, 336:- which is seated in the mind and brain instead of in the soul and heart. It is obvious that ifDiscipleship2, 402:essential Trinity, of which man knew nothing, instead of in terms of the second Aspect, theDiscipleship2, 460:impressions, via the solar plexus, and seek instead to register only those impressions and contactsDiscipleship2, 514:but are apt to express this through devotion instead of through wise identification. I have forDiscipleship2, 621:and so in his consciousness. He says to himself instead: "What is my brother feeling and thinking?"Discipleship2, 679:Headquarters where I have established my work, instead of working out the plans as proposed to you.Discipleship2, 733:plane will result in a more dynamic life, instead of the basically negative life you at presentEducation, 30:the various aspects of man's nature, so that instead of differentiation there will be unity, andEducation, 30:of differentiation there will be unity, and instead of a fluid, moving attention, directed here andExternalisation, 13:must avoid the present negative methods, and instead of "sitting for development" in a blank andExternalisation, 16:cooperate with the membership of other groups. Instead, they should recognize that all students inExternalisation, 65:this is not true of the world aspirants. They, instead of working actively to bring about theExternalisation, 77:rules of marriage and the preparation of food instead of being dropped (as it should have been)Externalisation, 113:costs, man must learn to stand and act alone. Instead, having done all that was permissible, TheyExternalisation, 250:used it turned it into a peace prayer. It was instead a great spiritually militant invectiveExternalisation, 259:of this world at this time through fire - instead of flood. Which of the two methods - divineExternalisation, 310:little affairs and with their own small efforts, instead of relinquishing everything in an endeavorExternalisation, 341:out on mental and emotional levels of warfare, instead of physical. The task of rehabilitation.Externalisation, 373:national civilizations exist side by side, but instead of being regarded as contributory to oneExternalisation, 385:Let them be the recipients of loving goodwill instead. The problems of economic rehabilitation, ofExternalisation, 398:a potent call that life may be released on Earth instead of death and the love of God play itsExternalisation, 447:intention to gain individual and national ends instead of those international purposes which willExternalisation, 519:of life and focused itself on the mental plane (instead of the physical) during the days of ancientExternalisation, 519:which will eventually be carried on exoterically instead of esoterically: The Hierarchy stands as a
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