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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INSTEAD

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Patanjali, 193:instead of incontinence, Contentment instead of avarice or covetousness. No excuse is left to thePatanjali, 207:fulfilment of his dharma, or obligatory work. Instead of repining, and clouding the issues of lifePatanjali, 244:to arrive at the life side of manifestation instead of the form side. He begins however with thePatanjali, 339:sense of the archaic terms used is preserved instead of academic correctness. The reason for thisPatanjali, 350:usually divided by Hindu philosophers into ten instead of five. They divide the five senses intoPatanjali, 399:for the achieving of knowledge of the soul-realm instead of the matter realm proceeds. Thus againPatanjali, 413:vision (the third eye) begins to function, and instead of mind, brain, and two eyes, anotherProblems, 17:upon the importance of France to the world, instead of the importance of the international attitudeProblems, 96:in a spirit of criticism or of anti-Semitism instead of in a spirit of love, as is attempted here.Problems, 135:Many are refusing altogether to think and are instead filling their lives with relief work. All areProblems, 171:of money into right educational systems, instead of their use by the forces of war and theirProblems, 177:possible. Sharing and cooperation must be taught instead of greed and competition. There must bePsychology1, 46:which is striving towards a love of the formless instead of desire for form, and the wisePsychology1, 171:the New Group of World Servers came into being. Instead, therefore, of seven groups of workers inPsychology1, 219:out of the offering of the vegetable kingdom instead of out of that of the mineral kingdom. EachPsychology1, 268:and as a topic to be shunned by decent people, instead of being regarded as an instinctual andPsychology1, 298:God-given faculties to selfish physical ends, instead of their consecration to divine purposes. ManPsychology1, 302:fanatical intolerance, and regulated appetites instead of license. The two laws I have proclaimed,Psychology1, 313:the physical plane in an organized group form, instead of through the instrumentality of the fewPsychology1, 333:psychology of a more sure and accurate nature, instead of the speculative science it now is. AtPsychology1, 384:one federated state with many subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These two powersPsychology1, 393:and the acquisition of the things of the spirit instead of those of the form. Psychology2, 74:night, only it is carried over a period of years instead of hours. This thought meritsPsychology2, 129:into a love of power which hinders true service instead of into love of our fellow men. There is aPsychology2, 159:and of obedience to Masters and leaders, instead of service of, and obedience to, the soul in all.Psychology2, 169:in ruins lay around. His friends were gone. Instead of harmony, there was dissonance. Instead ofPsychology2, 169:gone. Instead of harmony, there was dissonance. Instead of beauty, there was found the darkness ofPsychology2, 170:he reached the person whom he loved and found, instead of visioned beauty, a person like himself.Psychology2, 250:no life discipline or self-control but instead there are flights of genius, stupendous achievementPsychology2, 276:Way that many very well-meaning disciples fall. Instead of standing in spiritual being and taking aPsychology2, 353:the heart; a change of method takes place, for, instead of moving straight forward, he waits inPsychology2, 357:concern of the psychiatrist and psychologist. Instead of treating the difficulty as a sign ofPsychology2, 357:as a disease of the mind and of the personality. Instead of regarding the condition as onePsychology2, 406:and a life directed by purpose and planning instead of desire. 3. That human unfoldment proceeds byPsychology2, 416:used as an analytical, integrating factor instead of as a critical, discriminating, separativePsychology2, 430:for it then serves to increase the cleavage instead of being recognized as a moment of opportunity.Psychology2, 473:by him in terms of spiritual phenomena instead of in terms of psychical phenomena. He regards itPsychology2, 512:condition by the imposition of applied thought. Instead of drawing upon the resources of vitality,Psychology2, 514:to have their origin in over-stimulation; instead then of being handled (as they now are) byPsychology2, 531:of desire and attraction, of divine relationship instead of human relations. But this whole subjectPsychology2, 532:may be much disturbance of the solar plexus (instead of sacral disturbances) and consequent gastricPsychology2, 536:center unduly stimulated and rendered a danger instead of an aid to expression by the enforcedPsychology2, 540:that "which is below into that which is above". Instead of this, there is set up a tremendousPsychology2, 542:of any transference which is forced into effect instead of following the natural course ofPsychology2, 600:vision absorbed the mystic's whole attention and instead of indicating to him a goal to which heRays, 16:units of light. Their work [16] becomes dynamic instead of being attractive and magnetic, and isRays, 32:blame the evoking sources for their discomfort, instead of learning the needed lesson of receivingRays, 60:consciously and by the use of the dynamic will instead of making "application in triple form" asRays, 117:realizes beauty and he knows that That exists. Instead of time and space and all the richRays, 173:He made a preliminary effort to serve Shamballa, instead of the Hierarchy of which He was even thenRays, 234:Joy and strength will take their place. Instead of sorrow we shall have a joy which will work outRays, 312:say) subject his personality; they are related instead to the work which he has to render. ThisRays, 396:He was in reality ordained to follow; He chose instead the Path of Earth Service - which was notRays, 399:the cosmic astral plane there is no glamor, but instead a great vortex of energy - the energy ofRays, 429:to become spiritual in her life and attitudes, instead of grossly and intellectually (thoughRays, 448:the various aspects of man's nature, so that instead of differentiation there will be unity, andRays, 448:of differentiation there will be unity, and instead of a fluid, moving attention, directed here andRays, 565:process which has up till now governed his life. Instead of his being impelled forward on the pathRays, 598:this relationship becomes a dual one instead of a triangular one, through the destruction of theRays, 604:The symbol of fire was this time involved, instead of water, and this fire led to the destructionRays, 654:into expression throughout the solar system. Instead, therefore, of the statement which explainsRays, 669:sex is only the symbol, becomes apparent. Instead of male and female, there emerges the magneticRays, 750:terminology which will express good relations, instead of these, already [751] exists: Union,Reappearance, 50:work for the welfare of humanity, use love instead of emotion as their general technique, andSoul, 56:this outline, we shall make positive statements instead of continually repeating that "the EasternSoul, 142:the relation is between the soul and the body, instead of between man and woman. Telepathy, 58:that much overworked word "vibration" and use instead the more simple and more easily understoodTelepathy, 85:to train and develop invocative groups. Instead of working in lower mental substance with pickedTelepathy, 173:is frequently confused with the health aura. Instead of the word "frequently" I had almost said
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